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  1. Chasing some magic smoke on Gentoo Linux? /me high fives steve Join us on Freenode buddi :-) (btw I'm here because I have the bug too)
  2. Hey djungelorm, Just wanted to thank you for the awesome mod, I made a neat little autopilot with it: http://imgur.com/a/wQC6m (source: https://github.com/Cheaterman/kautopilly ) I'll add support for orbital maneuvers and more neat stuff in the future. Stay tuned! :-)
  3. "only" 20 passenger space although you could easily make it 36, and more fuel than needed to fly around Kerbin four times or so (call it unlimited range). Can land anywhere too (17.5m/s vertical speed tested, nothing broke) :
  4. Hello, Settings aren't saved in my fresh install of KSP (from zip file). I tried removing settings.cfg, changing its permissions, etc... to no avail. I wouldn't say no settings are persisted at all though - when I start the game, it's fullscreen, at my desktop resolution... and half the time I don't get the "send statistics" dialog. Even though I don't get the dialogs, still important settings such as terrain quality (which is the main setting to lower in my situation, Intel HD 4000 is so slow whenever I have terrain in sight) aren't kept after I closed the game. Please help! Thanks in advance!
  5. Weirdly I feel the same, it's like my Evian system missions always go right, my Duna missions are okay, my Joolian missions are good, but my Moho/Eelo missions always fail! I didn't try a Dres mission yet and will actually do it immediately, just to know how it goes.
  6. Build cheap and small rockets like the MNMS from the americans - but even smaller, I want payloads in the hundreds of grams and I want operating costs to be as low as the price of a good car. Make it affordable enough to sell "NASA KITS" to KSP users to have their own satellite and run a space program from their garage. Earn loads of money contributing to the Kessler syndrome. Use this money to design lower weight life support systems, and send them into space using the R&D you invested for your small rockets - scale them up a bit (even JPL scales things down in the wind tunnel), and put a few humans into orbit. Oh and earn 10 extra millions as a prize if you can make it happen again less than two weeks later IIRC. Since these persons would be tourists, they'd pay much more for their ticket anyways.
  7. I used to support such threads, but nowadays I'm more like "okay put L1 and L2 [for each body that needs it] as invisible SOIs": you get in there using Hohmann, do a capture burn, and voilà.
  8. I actually posted a thread myself explaining RK4 and showing the solution to a n-to-1 body physics problem. However the issue here is that you'll need to be able to change the current ("on-rails") trajectory while warping - assuming you can do it, you'd simply need to integrate enough. And to solve the potential CPU performance issues, just consider the bodies in the adjacent system - ie, Duna doesn't affect you in Kerbin's SOI while both Kerbin and Duna would while you're orbiting Kerbol (this is to ignore Jool's Moons most of the time - they would not influence you as long as you're not orbiting Jool itself).
  9. Make it do a round trip to Jool and post screens. That's how you become famous here
  10. Thou shall avoid cross-bracing moar than once even if it looks awwwesome, for this very reason. Keeping the part count low in general is an extremely good advice - when you're ready for it, see Scott Manley's smallest interplanetary vehicle. Oh and very important: as someone mentioned above, when you found better ways of doing things, screw the rules and do it your way. If you can handle lower simplicity for instance, go for efficiency, etc - shaving off the 300kg of that handy reaction wheel you used on your interplanetary spacecraft for instance (not a great example though - rather lower the delta V budget of your payload/interplanetary stage to ~10% fuel margin first if you can).
  11. Brotoro - nice, but I think we should rather assume that non-weightless fundamental particles basically weight 10 times heavier in the Kerbol system. As such, consider Jool as being a Jupiter-massive-planet. Other than that, Laythe doesn't have a moon (a protoplanet collision would melt the planet and force heavier elements near the center), and its ground colour (when not standing in the sand) suggests that heavy materials exist on the surface, therefore not forming a huge, rotating, conductive core like Earth, that would deflect whatever radiation Jool would throw at it (that is - according to the Solar system - about 1.5 times as powerful as whatever Kerbol would carry from such a distance). Indeed, life in the oceans of Laythe is non-optional: it resides too close to the Kerper Belt (HarvesteR said long ago they will put asteroïds in KSP) for not having experienced comet/asteroid collision, leading to amino acids presence in the water. However, radiation would destroy nucleic acid if life was to come out of the oceans, so I guess it's indeed confined there.
  12. Most valid if Jeb - or any orange suited. It's really funny how this turns into a flame war so quickly. The case you presented has a low probability in itself, and honestly I'd rather launch the rescue mission if I can. Other than that, I like the idea, and it's cool that a mod is planned since its drawbacks will prevent it from being added to the stock game (namely - low interest/challenge and high development time to make things deep and proper).
  13. If he needs a hand coding/bugfixing, I'd be glad to help, as everything is on GitHub, I'd just need a few tips to get started as not to waste time reading the whole code if I can avoid it
  14. Haven't tested the mod yet - love you already for being an IT engineer and would have had developed this myself if time constraints allowed! THANKS A LOT!!!
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