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  1. I've run into an issue with a modded install whilst using Realplume and smokescreen etc. The various Rcs thrusters Call module FNModuleRcs, but this seems to default in game to ModuleRcs, which doesn't work properly with realplume or might actually be depreciated completely. Would it be possible to update this to use ModuleRCSFX? Edit: They work, but the Fx is messed up in that the rcs thruster effect fires in the opposite direction of the indicated movement. Edit2: Doing just that breaks the rcs effects completely, so it seems something more might be needed but I'm not someone who knows all that much about this at all. go ahead and ignore my comments!
  2. Doesn't graphite burn at high enough temperatures when within a oxygen enviroment though?
  3. I don't know if it's intentional, but once you've gotten all science from observing a body you end up with 0 data to be transmitted back and thus, if you get a later contract mission to make an observation you can't complete it as it doesn't really transfer any data.
  4. I believe all you have to do is use the stockalike configs and not make any changes to the true fuel value = false, and it should have the performance and weight of real engines and thus, is suited to working on the actual real world earth.
  5. I've run into an odd glitch where by using the MMH + NTO fuel mix in a procedural parts fuel tank, the tank will cause the ship to experience the kraken or become a floating object that experiences lift for no reason. I've set the use realistic fuels to false in my game, perhpas there's something odd with the mass when that flag is set to false? Edit: Apparently I did something to the probe body itself further up causing it to, very often glitch out under odd circumstances. Possibly I did some odd shenanigans when building the probe.
  6. Something seems to be off with a few of the upgrades, for parts, particularly weight and antenna power upgrades seem not to appear in the CTT, and some of the dishes seem to have incomplete info in terms of what the new antenna rating should be. *
  7. @Lack they said it was set to -1 or something to show that it wasn't supposed to be used by the mod maker.
  8. When playing on Rp-0/RO the Airbags in the lander node exists, but doesn't have a category, I believe this might be a bug of some sort..?
  9. I'm curious as to how the R&D (Use R&D teams to improve a part) part of the mod works as currently, that screen seems to be blank.
  10. To me it seems to work just fine, sure, it doesn't lock onto that direction and hold onto it with nails, claws and wrenches, but it does it a lot more gently, and with a lot less wobble.
  11. No more planets will be added until they at the very least get a campaign mode working.
  12. A de-orbit from that altitude would require approximately 90 m/s of delta-v and depending on the size of your station, and any attached engines, that might be very difficult to achieve. if you're worried, just check your altitude after each docking and adjust with a small tug or built in engine. Unless you decide to "Dock" at 90 m/s, at which point there won't be much of a station to dock with afterwards, then you should be safe.
  13. When is it that you eject the lower central stage on the flight? In orbit around kerbal? if not, at what altitude and what Apoapsis/Periapsis. From what I can see, there might not be enough fuel in the central stack to take it far enough into orbit to avoid wasting the fuel of the lander. Also are you doing any of the following: Gravity turns during atmospheric ascent. Doing a 90 Degree heading. Doing excessive orbital correction burns. "Brute forcing" your orbital transfer.
  14. There's a debugger tool that exists somewhere for that. Check the kethane thread.