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  1. I just wanted to create a request thread to revive this (for me) must have mod. Then I stumbled over this. Awesome, all my 3 thumbs up! Shame something like this wasn't part of the original KSP, I find it way more interesting and immersive to be in a room with monitors, controlling a probe, rather then being up there myself. thank you for updating this!
  2. I'm not really working on this at the moment. If I'll update it in the future, I'll add it.
  3. Nah, kinda my fault. For whatever reason I forgot to create the main mod folder so you have to do it yourself, like "CorporationFlags" and in that one you put the flags folder - then it works, just tested it myself. For clarity: KSP/GameData/CorporationFlags Also, I just updated the file and replaced the download link.
  4. *waking up* Wha... what!? Oh... Uh. Sure! No really, it should still work like a charm. Regarding flags, nothing was changed. Let me know if you do encounter problems though.
  5. Not to be rude, but can we expect something to happen here in the future?
  6. I never really used KOCMOC (a matter of preference) but this was and is one of the finest and high quality mods KSP ever had and it is great to see it back!
  7. That was fast! Horizon Aeronautics, no wonder I didn't find it directly... thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I remember there was a next to perfect Zenit rocket available for KSP a while ago. I was looking for it, but can't find it nowhere. Any clues? Also, is there a "I'm searching for a mod" thread? Regards!
  9. Never was a fan of russian tech/rocketry at all, never. But this thing: Just looks awesome!
  10. I HATE the current "science grinding" so much that I still play sandbox instead of science/career. So I a gree with your post, the science systems can needs alots of love. A more authentic R&D department would be great.
  11. Gotta say, I was convinced this mod is obsolete with official contracts being released... I was so wrong Vanilla contract system is brainless, spammy and gets boring quickly, surely cause it is in early development and more is sure to come. And until this happens, I will definitely use MCE again. Thank you for creating this great mod by the way!
  12. This! I wondered this as well after watching this (@0:40): Also, engines meant for usage in vacuum should not have exhaust effects at all, like flames etc. When you look at footage from real launches, there's mostly nothing to see at all. Spcae X example: