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  1. I always end up adding this to my KSP install. Cool to see you still adding to it years later.
  2. All we know is there were negotiations, and they were at a standstill, and T2 decided it would be better to basically reform the studio under a different name than to come to a solution with their employees. I've said my piece. KSP2s goodness seems MUCH less certain. Our fears of T2 based on it's history might come true, we'll see.
  3. You are reframing the problem. T2 had a dev studio for ksp2, T2 held that dev studio by the balls in negotiations, and the dev studio didn't give in to every demand. T2 creates a new dev studio with a new name, with the intent of cannibalizing the old studio into the new one. They aren't getting a better deal, they are being forced to take the deal, or be without a job. Disgusting. This isn't poaching it's corporate domination.
  4. What if that offer is only better because your current job is dissapearing. What if that job is only dissapearing because of the offer. Shady af.
  5. This is sad. KSP2 was the only game I was looking forward to. I had an unusual amount of confidience that it wouldn't be ruined, but if T2 is cannibalizing the dev studio, i'm sure they'll cannibalize the game as well.
  6. You should consider having a way for people to preview the music, or provide a link to your soundcloud. I searched it up myself, and downloaded to preview, but it'll help others decide to download. Also I can report the same error as above. Eve 1 and 2.ogg have an error while unzipping in both windows default unzip, and 7zip. With 7zip it does create the files but they won't open in any audio program. The rest of the files work fine. Impressive work on the soundtrack though. Reminds me of Stellaris.
  7. It's important to me that the game doesn't have any strings. No always-online, no MTX. As far as wishes; full IVA interactivity, and VR support would be amazing. It would be even cooler if we could move around IVA, but it would be amazing even as a cockpit sim.
  8. I can't thank you enough Pizzaoverhead for enabling me to overhaul KSP with music from Cosmos. I used to leave music off before I found this mod.
  9. I think the covered docking port for the new 1.25m pods isn't working properly. I tried docking one with a docking port jr, and couldn't target the docking port for use with Docking Port Alignment Indicator, and when i tried to dock by eye, they wouldn't connect. Luckily I didn't need it for the mission, and could just EVA transfer crew.
  10. I ended up using all my rcs fuel to deorbit, and lost control about 40km up because it was probably too forward heavy without any monoprop. The plane flopped around knocking everyone out but somehow not ripping apart, i tried to fight it but it wanted to fall backwards. Decided not to fight it and gained a bunch of speed around 20km. So I landed it backwards. https://imgur.com/a/n6va7dd What an amazing vehicle.
  11. There are a few mods out there that handle this, but my favourite is CraftHistory. I use it to organize craft into folders, and more importantly autosave the last craft I worked on(without overwriting.)
  12. I was playing on classic stock resources. I also noticed changing templates between classic stock, and CRP(which i have installed) doesn't change what you can reconfigure storage containers as. They stay configurable only to classicstock resources even in CRP mode after restarting the game. My workaround is to use the omnistorage because it lists every resource ever conceived.
  13. I gotta thank you for this mod it's becoming my new favourite. Besides the whole concept being awesome, it's actually very useful for someone like me who doesn't like to build aircraft. I was using a modified stock Spearwings a300 to haul around your also awesome buffalo to do kerbin contracts, and mining for money, but it was very expensive if it crashed, and it isn't very good for landing in rough terrain(which is how I found out it is very expensive to crash. The plane.) I considered powered vtol, but that's beyond my skill. With the airship I can build something that is relativel
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