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  1. Duhya

    [1.4.x] CraftHistory - 2.2.1 - 28.04.2018

    Nyancats flew around on it for a few seconds. I just installed crafthistory so i assumed it was that, but it hasn't happened since, so I don't know what caused it.
  2. Duhya

    [1.4.x] CraftHistory - 2.2.1 - 28.04.2018

    Hey SpaceTiger just wanted to say thanks for the continued support for your awesome mods. Crafthistory is a must-have for me now, and playing without it was a pain. What have you done to my loading screen D:
  3. I think i'm confusing people. The whole of post processing was off by default. Meaning scatterer was doing nothing, and was effectively off, leaving the game looking like vanilla. I've fixed it since. Unless scatterer is supposed to do nothing by default, I don't think i've changed any settings from default by clicking the 'toggle post processing' button.
  4. So the discrepancy isn't an issue. The reason i'm even looking at these settings is because scatterer post processing is off by default when i start the game for some reason. The change i make is i click 'toggle post processing,' but i thought this discrepancy might be somehow related, so i set out to fix it since it's the only lead i had. I ended up fixing post processing not defaulting to on by deleting SVE and scatterer, reinstalling scatterer, booting the game, and finally reinstalling SVE. Thanks for the help.
  5. When I install SVE kerbins scatterer atmosphere config is set to something called 'urlum'. I'm sorry for asking for help but I searched the thread for 'urlum' and google for 'ksp sve urlum', and can't find help. How do i change it to kerbin? It won't let me edit the field. Should I just delete the urlum config? I've tried reinstalling scatterer, SVE, and dependencies. I don't have the outer planets mod that urlum seems to be a part of. I do have SVE, SVT, scatterer, eve, distant objects, planetshine. I'm guessing it's some sort of mod conflict so if anyone sees one here I'd appreciate your help. All mods are updated as of a week ago.
  6. I reset my password just to say thank you for making this mod, and continuing to develop it. I saw a picture of the block II or evolved shuttle recently, and went searching for as much information as possible, and you wouldn't believe how excited I was when I saw your WIP screenshots of the CERV. You're doing gods' work.