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  1. Yes, I\'ve thought about the thing with the stages, however it doesn\'t matter because the fuel from the center tanks flows into all the other engines on the first stage, and I don\'t know how to work around it.
  2. I have recently built a new rocket to attempt to go to the moon for the first time. I\'ve done many designs to try to make a functional rocket with a lot of fuel. Up to this point, my rockets were working fine but not enough fuel. I\'ve changed my design with more tanks but all of them start shaking all over the place messing up my direction. I\'ve attached a picture of my rocket. Help would be appreciated.
  3. Alright I attached a couple of pics to help clear it up. In the first pic that\'s the point at which I begin to burn at a more steep angle to cause the orbit trajectory to go all the way around Kerbin. In the second pic that\'s the point at which I fire up the engines near the apoapsis but it won\'t move at all.
  4. I don\'t think that\'s it. I loaded my plane up with 4 tanks of liquid fuel so I think that\'s sufficient.
  5. Thanks for your help guys. I added a couple of rocket engines and it helped me make the orbit a bit bigger. However, I can\'t figure out why it happens that whenever my orbit is getting bigger and bigger at one point it just suddenly stops increasing and I end up reaching the apoapsis and I\'m screwed at that point. Any solutions for that?
  6. I\'m new with KSP, so I haven\'t had much time to play around with the space planes. However, whenever I start leaving the atmosphere I know I have to raise the apoapsis (I think) so that it will create a circle around Kerbin. I remember from a video that to do this, at the right moment I need to start a steep climb upwards and it will work. When I do this it doesn\'t move. Any help would be appreciated.
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