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  1. /cheer squad I have always been impressed how stable each version is, all the way back to .15. It has set my expectations high, such that when I have tried playing other in-development games, my reaction is well... huh, what da heck, what's with all the bugs!
  2. It can be done reliably using the visual distance to target. See http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/8915-Tutorial-Orbital-Rendezvous-Made-Easy
  3. Hmm, yeah. Pretty sure once the bend is past 90 degrees it should break! Seen that happen on a re-entry that went bad but no... Nothing broke.
  4. There is a Japanese term for this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poka-yoke
  5. Problem is, all the good ones are on subscription.
  6. That's if the site uses cPanel. The configuration to send a 301 or 303 redirect depends upon the particular server and/or web application technology. If you can't get the redirect to work like that, then do what kerbiloid suggested, but set the delay to zero. It's not the ideal, but will work fine.
  7. Some suggestions... The 100 - Not really that space related but quite good. Continuum - It's not bad. Though becomes less sci-fi as it processes (at least season one which i have yet to complete) American Horror Story - Ok, so not sci-fi at all... but damn gripping viewing. Definitely a show for mature audiences though. The Walking Dead - Same as above. and some classics if the show doesn't have to be current... Firefly - This is a must see. Andromeda - First few seasons are good. Farscape - Again, first few seasons are good.
  8. Failure is always an option. IMO Career mode should be harder, so that you do fail unless you have some grasp of the game mechanics.
  9. Without knowing what you want to do there I would suggest a high-dV single stage craft with the nuke engines. Have the launcher get that craft into a transfer to Jool fully fuelled (or close enough). Then plan and explorer the Jool system when you get there, as your dV allows. Small tip: you can EVA to surface and back to orbit on Bop and Pol to save fuel. Though Pol is cutting it fine.
  10. Well, once upon a time there were many search engines, without any real dominant one. Personally I used and like Alta Vista. Google became more popular and the de facto standard because.... a) it started to provide superior search results compared to the others it focused on search and didn't clutter the site with crap and stuff you were not interested in (unlike, say, Yahoo which was one of the worst offenders)
  11. Isn't it more that Hollywood keep making the same movie?
  12. I think the 3.75m parts should be a separate mod you d/l from Squad. So stock 5m parts... I don't think so.
  13. Linux is great. However the driver support is still a weak point. Also be mindful that just because there is a driver, doesn't mean it works, or that you will be able to get it to work.
  14. Have a look at some existing designs that are known to work well, and emulate them as a start. Once you have something, if you have problems with it, come back and post some pics. Plenty of peeps around here willing to help get it going.
  15. That is what NASA is planning! As for me, I have used Tylo and Vall once each. Those are the only planned assists I have done.
  16. Asteroid capture would be an obvious contract mission I would think. Or at least collecting science from one.
  17. So are we finding faults with the areo model in the game? It's going to be a looong thread.
  18. Well, IMO the OP aerospike should return, now that it has a price.
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