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  1. Not every homeschooled kid is held to the same standard. It really depends on whoever is in charge of the school.
  2. I really hope y'all are able to get the patch out on Thursday, and then take a long weekend to rest up.
  3. They can be mining and processing ore, converting it to parts, and using parts to construct ships. It doesn't necessitate life support.
  4. Are you denying that "the new UI, the new parts, the music, the tutorials" exist?
  5. Can you define what you mean by "finished" when used in the context of Early Access?
  6. So why are so many finished games not Early Access?
  7. Okay. Which has nothing much to do with the situation presented in the op, which set up a specific case, however unreal it may be.
  8. I know that. This has nothing to do with KSP or real life.
  9. That's not what it says. It's "A fully charged kilogram battery would weigh 2 kilograms for example." So, a 1 kg empty battery plus 1 kg of electricity gives a 2 kg charged battery. Whatever a kilogram of electricity is...
  10. We will either never get an answer, or get multiple answers (because every person involved has their own view on what happened). Knowing what might have (or even what actually) happened doesn't change the past, present, or future. How does wild-ass-guessing about what may have happened resolve anything?
  11. Obviously, they are electronics. When you let the smoke out, they stop working.
  12. Either a docking port for in-flight refueling, or a pod for the tail gunner.
  13. I don't really want Steam to interfere in the first place, either. I've got my own collection of every version of KSP I've downloaded. But if enough people are running the Steam version outside of Steam, it could be skewing the numbers. I've seen complaints about the launcher causing issues, with the resolution being to directly run the executable. Also, You can save those versions still. I copied KSP2 out of the Steam area and into it's own directory.
  14. Same here. But I run it directly from the .exe, rather than Steam, so Steam has no idea when I'm playing it.
  15. I'm not making excuses, just wondering a little "what if". Sure. I have no idea what "Sons of the Forest" or "Forst" are. Neither does being obsessed over a failed game. It'll get fixed or it won't. Nothing short of learning to perform all the tasks needed, obtaining the source code, and doing it all yourself is going to assure you that you are ever going to get the game you want.
  16. How would the player retention look if KSP2 was not a sequel? Many of the players have been around a long time and have invested a lot into a game they already know, with a much richer set of features already implemented, mods galore, and save files going back years. How many of the retained players are new vs former KSP players?
  17. I'd really like to know the context here. Not disagreeing, just wondering. It wouldn't be the first time the forum has been disregarded; just that I haven't seen this yet.
  18. After eating 50 eggs, I've decided eggs are inedible. On the other hand, I've decided that after 5 hours playing, the game is unenjoyable.
  19. Ah. Macrotransactions only, then. Pay 1000 to get 5 more likes today!
  20. What's the going rate to get downvotes? (As if y'all aren't having enough fun with keeping the place in order...)
  21. After focusing on a target in map view, switching out and returning to map view refocuses on the currently active craft, rather than remaining on the focus I had set. Where's the farkin' screenshot key?
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