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  1. It's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the news headline tonight. https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/28/entertainment/coolio-obit/index.html Aside from that, Weird Al parodies were the first version of many songs I heard. The man can perform so many different styles in impressive ways, and he's known for doing "funny songs".
  2. Exactly. Everyone is doing activities that contribute to the same goal, the building of whatever is going to exist on that site. I'm questioning how Player A doing a Mun Colony supply run while five years later Player B is mining resources on Duna to build a station in the Jool system fits into "toward the same goal". How is that playing together, when both players could be playing their own games and sharing videos on Youtube while chatting on Discord, without changing the dynamic of their activities? Edit: Everyone is in the same environment, the house. They're using the same tools, cards and some method of tracking value (chips/cash). There's sharing of resources (beer/borrowed money). Everyone's goal is presumably the same (to have fun and hopefully come out ahead). But they're using those tools in very different environments, separate rooms. They're using the tools with different sets of rules. The gameplay and experience of each player is different, based on the rules they've chosen to follow. Further, there's the assumption that the multiplayer KSP is a coop. I have seen plenty of arguments about how KSP MP should work based on not forcing players into a coop mode.
  3. I go to a friend's house. I'm at the kitchen table, playing poker. My other friend John is hanging out in the garage where someone's dealing blackjack. John wanders in, grabs a beer from my six pack, asks to borrow $5, and goes back to the garage. Are we playing cards together?
  4. I still don't get why people are attracted to calling playing in widely separated time "bubbles" where they can't interact with each other or have any affect beyond showing up on the map1 is "multiplayer" rather than "multiple players with chat". 1Unless they synch to the same time and actually go into multiplayer, of course.
  5. College would have been so much easier if all classes were like that.
  6. Jeb, Bill, and Bob. Because there was no other choice. Sounds familiar:
  7. No, WWI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hewitt-Sperry_Automatic_Airplane https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kettering_Bug
  8. Pluto is not a planet. Pluto is not a star, whether or not it wanders. In fact, none of the so-called "planets" are wandering stars, or stars of any sort. Simply put, planets do not, in fact, actually exist, and any planets you may think of are merely the figment of a deranged mind.
  9. My first reaction was "Oh, it's gotta be Gandalf!", but that's just too easy an answer. I'm expecting a twist to it.1 As I said before, I'm not familiar with the lore, but I've heard2 that it's too early for him to show up in the story3. Much like the movie, though, I don't really care if it exactly matches what existed before. The movie was a different interpretation of the story4, and the one and only movie of The Hobbit was a different interpretation, as well. Further, Tolkien himself wasn't exactly breaking new ground. Much of his stuff was taken from existing material, just rearranged. 1(Which probably means it is Gandalf, since they'll flip everybody's expectations by expecting that everyone will expect them to flip their expectations.) 2There is nothing of note here. 3Why do you keep reading these? 4The rotoscoping was kind of odd, though And they left out the third volume of the book, too.
  10. I enjoyed it enough to keep watching. I don't really know much of the lore it's based on, so I can't complain about that at all.
  11. Kind of makes me miss the days when information was posted across a dozen different unlinked sites, and people had to rely on threads that consolidated the updates if they wanted any sort of coherent idea of what was happening.
  12. I get: Which, I will admit, is something I've never seen in KSP before.
  13. I'm actually curious. How would it change anything to know more about the game now? If the devs suddenly opened up the books and told you every detail about every system that currently exists in the game, what changes? It doesn't change the release date, it doesn't prevent future delays, it doesn't change what actually gets released on whatever that date is, it doesn't give you any more input into the game's development than you have now. So what does knowing more than the devs have already said gain you? What do you get out of knowing details about a work in progress that is very likely to change before you ever get a chance to interact with?
  14. How would your life change, right now, if they released every bit of information about the game they possibly can?
  15. They could be delaying showing off multiplayer because they know it will generate a lot of hype, and want to hold until closer to release when they can ride that wave into high sales.
  16. There are two of them. One is oxygen, the other is hydrogen. From what I see, the one pictured is the hydrogen tank. So yes, it's fuel. And also water (some assembly required).
  17. 3. Exterminate both through not choosing 1 or 2 I misread that.
  18. It would have all the stuff I like and add in the stuff I wish it had, but wouldn't have the stuff I don't. Also, it would be so perfect that I wouldn't have to describe what those things are.
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