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  1. Congrats to everyone involved in the revival of this wonderful mod! I look forward to watching the continued development of this. The updated and additional plumes look amazing. Hope everyone continues to enjoy this wonderful mod
  2. I'll just be releasing the pull requests we receive on Github with updated dependencies
  3. v1.3.1 Better Late than Never Update - Updated Module Manager to v3.1.3 - Updated Making History configs - Updated Sounding Rockets config - Updated .version file Download Here
  4. Woops, will do! I'll try and have a repack out by tommorow at the latest
  5. Happy New Year!!!! v1.3.0 Update - Updated Module Manager to v3.1.1 - Updated Squad configs - Updated Making History configs - Updated Ven's Stock Revamp configs - Re-added .version file Download Here
  6. Looks like, from the screenshots, they already have configs in place for real plume RPS already has configs for Ven's (I think ) so this shouldn't be a problem
  7. I may come out of retirement just for a quick second after the holidays ;-)
  8. hey i have installed the RealPlume mod for 1.5.1.  could you make the mod compatible with this mod (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhEd_zWd_II&t=869s. i have it installe3d and it seems not to work. that would be wonderful.

  9. The things being changed are the lines beginning with the @ symbol. The only value you should have to worry about is the [vol *= X] line where you can adjust the multiplier accordingly. I believe it takes the volume based on the plume config adjusted by the specific engine plume size and multiples it by X. I'm not 100% on that however as it's been a while since I looked at that stuff. By the way regarding your load times. It may be easier for you to use a separate install that only has the mods you are working on to play with the values. It makes testing a lot easier.
  10. For your first issue try adding the following code to your config and adjusting the volume parameters until it meets what you desire. @PART[partName]:HAS[@PLUME[Cryogenic-UpperLower-375]]:FOR[zzRealPlume] { @EFFECTS { @Cryogenic-UpperLower-375 { @AUDIO { vol = #$volume,1[1, ]$ @vol *= 10 @volume,1 = #1.0 $vol$ !vol = DEL } } } } Make sure you add this separate from the plume section of the config. For your second issue, try looking in the engine config and looking for different engineID names for the separate modes on the engine and follow a config structure similar to something like the multi-mode engines for the SpaceY mod. (see below). @PART[SYengine5mM9]:FOR[RealPlume]:NEEDS[SmokeScreen] // SpaceY M9 "Heavy-Moa" Engine Cluster { PLUME { name = Kerolox-Lower transformName = thrustTransform localRotation = 0,0,0 flarePosition = 0,0,1 plumePosition = 0,0,1.3 flareScale = 0.75 plumeScale = 0.45 energy = 1.2 speed = 1 } PLUME { name = Kerolox-Upper transformName = centerTransform localRotation = 0,0,0 flarePosition = 0,0,1 plumePosition = 0,0,1.2 flareScale = 0.8 plumeScale = 0.5 energy = 1.2 speed = 1.2 } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[#engineID[AllEngines]] { !runningEffectName = DELETE %powerEffectName = Kerolox-Lower } @MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[#engineID[CenterOnly]] { !runningEffectName = DELETE %powerEffectName = Kerolox-Upper } } Notice how the @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] nodes have the :HAS condition based off of the engineID that is activated for the mode. Let me know if any of this helps. Yes
  11. You can see what all the plumes look like on this page. There is some variations to the colors and looks but they are mainly there to match a real world counterpart.
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