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  1. The RCS plumes should scale already. My testing shows that it works and doesn't look bad. You can try using the Hypergolic-Vernier or Hypergolic-OMS-White plumes on RCS blocks if you don't like the look of stock plumes.
  2. Would you mind taking a recording of it and posting it? And giving me your system specs. I have never seen this in my own testing and haven't received any reports before.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce that, thanks to @sarbian, RealPlume-Stock now supports TweakScale on all engines. This long awaited feature is finally here and I'm very happy to pass it along to you all. Enjoy your 100m engines RealPlume-Stock v1.1.0 - TweakScale support added (thanks sarbian!!!) - Updated Module Manager to v3.0.1 - Updated SmokeScreen to v2.7.6.1 - Added engine configs (thanks @eberkain) Download Here
  4. If the engines use the same engine ID names, yes it should.
  5. LFO engine plumes do not have smoke effects. Only SRB plumes have them. This is by design, not an issue.
  6. What KSP version are you using? Are you using the dependencies included with the RealPlume download? Do you have logs? Pictures?
  7. Yeah, make sure you double check with the actual mod engine config and see what transform the engine uses. If the plume and engine config don't match, the plume won't be applied. I don't have KSPI-E plumes bundled with RPS. It looks like the mod comes bundled with configs so report this on their thread so they can look into it
  8. Ah I see... Well I can't give you much more help than what was said there, your computer just isn't built to run KSP to the limit that you're wanting it at. The issue you're seeing is in fact from your game running at 6 FPS.
  9. It's hard to tell but you can try the following: Either install the toolbar mod and add the SmokeScreen settings to the toolbar and check the particle settings there. Try raising it to a higher number and seeing if that works. You can also go into the SmokeScreen folder and opening the settings.cfg file and doing the same. Sidenote, looking at your timestamp I can see that the font is yellow meaning the game is running slower. What are the specs on your computer? Running in physical warp and having a slower computer can cause this.
  10. I'm sorry, I can't really help without seeing a picture of the bug, what your gamedata looks like, and some game logs. Please look over the following forum thread on how to get help with your game Imgur is a great website to upload screenshots of your game to.
  11. You'd have to add the proper information back into the configs of the LFO plumes. Which then need to each be customized to match the plume. Possible? Yes. Easy? More than likely, not.
  12. That's what I assumed as well but you said that it doesn't seem to be working that way correct?
  13. Thanks for bringing this up! I'm not 100% sure what each of the values are honestly. When I was working with the actual RealPlume stuff I was just winging it, lol. All I had for reference were the initial plume configs that Felger made and I was teaching myself as I went along. All I know for sure is that the two digit values correspond to the atmosphere density and the power level the energy/speed are at for that given density. I do have an idea for a permanent fix but it'll have to wait to be tested until after the holidays.
  14. The patches will work with any (recent-ish) versions of KSP but you will need the correct versions of SmokeScreen and ModuleManager that reflects the version of KSP you are using. The core RealPlume mod should work with most of the recent versions as well but I'm not 100% on that.