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  1. An ISP of 1 means that if the engine produces 1 N of thrust for 1 second, it will burn 1 kg of fuel. An ISP of 500 means that if the engine produces 1 N of thrust for 500 seconds, it will burn 1 kg of fuel. Modern rockets have an ISP of anywhere from 250 to 400 ISP.
  2. This thread posted on Orbiter-Forum. It announced the first release, 0.7.3
  3. Slightly more than 33200000, in SI units.
  4. When I did all my calculations in smoots (~1.7 m), slugs (~14.6 kg), and seconds. Another is confusing m with mass. Ended up with an energy instead of a velocity...
  5. Universal Grappling Hook (UGH) equipped spaceplanes are currently not possible in KSP.
  6. 4.217 m/s^2. Then, when you multiply by x s, you get a speed in ms/s^2, or just m/s.
  7. A Munostationary orbit, which would stay over the same spot on the Mun\'s surface, is impossible. You would be captured by Kerbin.
  8. It\'s possible to make an orbit look that way in 3D space, however if constained perpendicular to the reference plane, then no. Images make more sense.
  9. It\'s hard enough if you assume that everything will work. If we have learned anything from previous flights, Murphy likes to hitch a ride on spacecraft.
  10. The first KSP beta (0.7.3) was released on June 24, 2011. It\'s amazing what\'s happened in just a year.
  11. Implementing 3 body solutions in the Kerbin system would destabilize any orbits. The force of gravity F = mMG/r^2. F = ma, so ma = mMG/r^2 Solve for a is easy: a = MG/r^2 Plug in the values for the Mun: a = (9.76e20)(6.67e-11)/(1.2e7)^2. The acceleration caused by the Mun is approx 4.52e-4 m/s^2!! That is a dV of 1.627m/s per hour in LKO, or ~0.07% of the total orbital speed. To compare, earth\'s moon only exerts 0.119 m/s dV per hour, or ~0.0015% of total orbital speed. Munar orbits are even more unstable because of Kerbin\'s influence. Also, that 0.07% is significant. That means your entire
  12. I can laugh at little green men on my screen doing this. Knowing that there were real people doing this dampens the humor considerably.
  13. KSP\'s release on Orbiter-Forum Orbinauts received the game well, but read the first few pages of comments. Bug reports galore! KSP has come a very long way.
  14. June 24th, HarvesteR posted this thread on O-F. Tried it, still play it. It nearly cut my Orbiter time in half.
  15. I remember the days of 0.7.3. There was no SAS toggle. :\'( ??? I would have liked to know that our only instrumentation was the navball. Orbiter spoiled me there.
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