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  1. In RT1 you could edit that number somewere in the settings file, and with the in-game settings UI. Can I do it in RT2?
  2. nevermind, i'm just stupid, got it. I didn't realize you had to press enter to set the delay. Sorry for wasting your time...
  3. Or i'm just utterly stupid, or there's something wrong with my version, because i've been trying that since yesterday and the command executes in the moment i press enter....
  4. In RT2, how exactly do I set a burn for t minutes in the future?
  5. About the delay thing: i saw the artificial delay box, but couldn't figure it out The "if x then y" system sounds amazing, really looking forward to it!! And by import manoeuvre node I mean, if you set a manoeuvre node for a 30s burn, 60 seconds from now, the function will create a corresponding entry in the queue.
  6. Ok, ive been playtesting a while and here is my feedback: -I know you can add hiatuses by making 0% throttle burns, but a "wait" button would be nice -I think that the computer button should toggle it, not always open another window -The "x" button on the queue is a little confuse... -maybe a parameter for "execute when altitude/true altitude is" (would be nice for landings) -Would a function for "import maneuver node" be too cheaty? Thats it so far, sorry if some of those things are already been worked on
  7. Okay.. Well, i can open your plugin on the loading screen. You should call that a feature!
  8. Amazing mod!! My feedback: -Solid fuel price is too high -Should be visible in VAB -???
  9. well, somewhere in jeb's positronic brain, there is a line that says: "if overheat bar > 95%, reduce throttle" or something like it. Someone must know where it is and how to change it to 50% 5
  10. Yup, didn't know that. By redlining you mean "almost overheating" or just making the overheat bar appear damn you mech jeb.... Does anyone know how to change the max temperature for mechjeb's auto throttle?
  11. okay, I'm gettin damage on my mainsail while I launch, was that supposed to happen? I'm not getting above 3 Gs...
  12. Guys, i think im doing something wrong, i just CANT EXPLODE ANYTHING! Despite of the orbit i try or the >1200 temperatures on fueltanks and nuclear reactors, nothing explode!!!