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    In the coasts of Africa, The USS Enterprise Carrier. Feel free to add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vonchez/
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    Airplanes, rockets, space, aerodynamics, jet fighters, bombing stuff.

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  1. Planning on getting back ASAP. I've been really busy.






      Hey thanks man, I'm debating on whether on not I really should put it in KerbalX since I still use 1.2.2 and it might not be compatible with 1.3. Anyways glad you liked my replica, It's really fun to do low altitude stunts in mountains with it haha :cool:

  2. Thanks for the follows guys :D, However, I'll be inactive for now until I find some free time. Due to school and me being easily tired :( .

  3. It's about damn time I made something like an F-22 in this game. This warplane features good fuel economy, maneuverability, high TWR, and can supercruise at Mach 1.5 Dry at around 50-60% Thrust. Would anyone like some freedom? Load em up Bill! \ It's even powerful enough to go to Laythe! jk , but why not try flying in it's atmosphere ?
  4. So I made my first ever MiG Replica, a MiG-21, in KSP with FAR Installed (I'll be having FAR from now on ) It has actual Russian heat seeking missiles, but the AMRAAMS are made in the US of A. It can pull 9+Gs no problem. Bonus, MiG-21 Buzzes US Aircraft Carrier with Harrier Jets. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come next. (Really proud of the Internal Weapons Bay)
  5. Made an F-15 and flew it in KSP's version of the Mach Loop. I got FAR installed, got the hang of FAR and I have to say, the aerodynamics are really better. Spot the difference xD
  6. Today I made a space station. and its one of the most Huge space stations I ever made.
  7. It's shape and design is inspired by the ISS. It's one of the most huge space station I ever made.
  8. Make sure in the SPH you pitch up the whole plane to see if theres any deviation of the CoL from the CoM. If the CoL is above the CoM, I tend to move the CoL backwards by adding more mass to the front (since you don't want to move the wing) or, really just sliding the wings back, so that the effective lift is reduced and reduces flippyness. Now, I don't quite get what you meant by "proceding around the prograde marker" but I'll tend to assume that means it has an exceeding AoA (You can do the Cobra Manuver if that's the case), but if you want to fix that, you can use the first solut
  9. Some constructive criticism here, the way your plane flies in my game might not be same due to some mods like SMURFF but here are some things I noticed. Your craft was quite flip happy because the CoL is above and behind the CoM when it's perfectly flat but when you pitch up the CoL deviates (I will show in pic below), also the landing gear is way too back the CoM which makes it hard to take off and makes the flipping quite drastic on take off. So when the plane pitches up this is what happens to the CoL. It causes it to flip due to the CoL being in front of the CoM It
  10. Today President Jeb is traveling to Kerbistan to have diplomatic discussions. Tensions between the nations in between Jebistan and Kerbistan is quite high, so President Jeb requires escorts.
  11. Those are some really beautiful SSTOs.
  12. Just click the circle thing next to the IVA image. Oh and sorry about the large white space in my post. It seems the format has a bug with gfycat.
  13. Today I did some attempts of a Pugachev's Cobra on my F-16 with engine gimballing enabled.
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