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  1. In the map view, if I wobble around.. even slightly with my mouse, the earth is doubled (seems like the usual Kerbin and the scatter overlay aren't in the same position or something^^ Sadly no pics, but probably already known.. Also it kinda doesn't seem to work too perfectly with Astronomers Visual Enhancement v3 pack :S Love the look of it tho!
  2. makes me kinda sad.. always thought, being born in the 19th or 20th century (well, I konow I was born at the end of it) would suck, because of the scientific progress at that point.. but seems like living right now isn't THAT crazy either.. it's probably a feeling ppl in 2100 will have as well, but I'd like to know where all of this goes.
  3. Have fun at what you do, interact with viewers, don't get frustrated. You are going at this completely wrong if you ask me, if you want to have lots of viewers and lose motivation that fast because you don't have any.. then this isn't your thing I guess. It is not easy and takes time, so try to have fun. Also, playing KSP for viewers is not easy as it doesn't have a lot of viewers overall. If it is the game you want to stream and have fun with, then I guess you still should stick with it. The start really is hard, can't tell you this enough^^ EDIT: also, don't advertise, just.. don't^^
  4. I don't know how mechjeb works Most missions take to much time for me, so I keep doing short things with success feelings like building a mun base :S I get easily demotivated and stop playing for a while mostly because my time is limited :/
  5. I have over 150hours and most of my missions are one way tickets to a planet.. I rarely implement fuel and parts to go back home Q_Q
  6. I haven't really seen much about this mod.. but it seems there are much too many achievements.. It's not achievement if it isn't even close to a challenge to get it..at least in my opinion. Launching, landing, landing again with everybody alive.. I get why they are there, but I probably would easily get annoyed by too many pop ups.. Well but that's just my opinion, if people like it like this it's alright
  7. seriously I love you guys! These animations are just so cute and fun to watch
  8. wow indeed! This is really impressive! Also the song is amusing
  9. Wow, please optimize and give it to us stock sometime?
  10. This is just awesome What pack should I download? The original with astronomers update or what? :S Sry I only use stock until now
  11. I put one of these big things in space, I don´t need 2 times the same thing^^
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