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  1. Saw a thread about it on /v/, caught a Vinesauce stream of it, saw Kurtjmac make some videos about it, saw Yogscast Sips play it, decided to try it out. No regrets.
  2. You can click and drag the staging order of you ship, and that does, with the press of the space bar, do exactly what you want.
  3. Ya just gotta do what Nasa does, attach the rocket/shuttle proper to giant rockets full of fuel and let THEM carry you.
  4. I think you are confused. This Tombstone guy is completely unrelated to Vinesauce, except for him favoriting one of Joels videos, which has already brought stupid 'tombstone bring you here?' comments, which was immediately beaten with negative votes. Ah, i see where you may have been confused. On my first post I must have misunderstood what you were saying, or vice versa. This tombstone guy is NOT Joel.
  5. Is this Tombstone guy supposed to be popular or what? I really hope he doesn\'t attract a bunch of idiots to Vinesauce acting like one of those 'fan armies.' I see he has pony videos, that cannot be good, most of Vinesauce does not like bronies at all.
  6. Vinesauce is a group of streamers who play games. Joel is the guy who made that video, he is one of the Vinesauce streamers.
  7. Joel has played KSP before, relax. Vinesauce is popular, but pretty much all of their fans are /v/irgins and already knew about KSP. I\'ve never heard of this Tombstone guy.
  8. I have no problem getting up to the Mun and back just by strapping a spaceplane to a rocket made of the new, bigger, tanks and rockets.
  9. I tried out that music, unfortunately for me, I have very acute hearing, and pick up a very annoying high pitched noise that spans the entire thing, making it entirely unbearable. Guess I\'m stuck listening to Rocket Man, Space Oddity, and other things of such kind.
  10. I tried making the smallest space plane possible pre-.16, this led to many failures and a craving for Johnny Cash, so I made a video.
  11. Simple, you use the larger command module, then have 2 of the 3 go on EVA and clear the launch pad a safe distance, then have the remaining Kerbonaut pilot up to the stranded Kerbonauts and pick them up, multiple trips may be necessary.
  12. Thanks, turns out it was a bit overkill though, I was able to get a much better result with only two large external rockets and a specialized 'shuttle' spaceplane sandwiched between them.
  13. My first .16 rocket. Leaving the launchpad. Leaving the atmosphere.
  14. Well eventually we are going to be able to go to other planets, and besides I thought part of the allure of the game was to be able to build and fly anything your imagination can cook up. I agree the launch pad needs a little bit of a bump up in terms of size, or have a second launch pad for larger spacecraft.
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