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  1. How so? Looks pretty similar to me. That said, landing gear technology hasnt changed all that much
  2. Those all look fantastic. I think that on the cockpit, the 2nd window piece, ought to extend the whole way back, a la F-86(
  3. But the missiles in game use vectored thrust to guide themselves onto the target. Making a single part with the correct aerodynamics might be impractical. - - - Updated - - - 1. .24.2 2. Retail
  4. Propellers work like this: Efficiency of a propeller, is inversely related to the number of blades it has. So a 2 blade prop is the most fuel efficient possible, however, you get massive performance increases as you up the blade count. Contra-Rotating(Technically, counter rotating props are only on multi-engined craft, where 1 prop turns one way, and the other prop turn the opposite direction, to counter adverse yaw) props are way to pack as many propeller blades onto the same drive shaft as possible. The british experimented with it prior to WWII, and produced a fairly successful aircraft with them( There's even a raced-out P-51H( that uses them.
  5. So I'd like to submit a Core Vehicle Mods: MechJeb, RasterPropMonitor, and while no parts on, KAS is installed.
  6. Launch Escape System. Thing on the top of a rocket that throws the crew capsule free of the rocket in case of launch failure.
  7. Isn't the Sparviero an Italian bomber from the 1930's?
  8. I staged a final decoupler and parachute when I though I was switching from lin to rot in docking mode. The resulting collision with my station solar panel rendered it pretty much useless.
  9. Ladies and Gents, after an inspiring bout of Train Simulator 14, I was moved to build my own locomotive in KSP. As such, I present (to my knowledge) KSP's very first Pacific Union Big Boy inspired vehicle: Is it incredibly useful? No. Does it steer as well as one might expect a train to? Unfortunately, yes. But is it cool? YES. Now, I understand, that this is KSP! So before you even ask, yes: it CAN fly! (After some minor modifications of course.) But can it fly well? About as well as one might expect a 109 tonne train to fly. Can it land? NOPE. Doesnt matter, flew train.