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  1. It might be just a steam related issue or incorrect set of parameters for steam keys from T2/Squad. Same issue happened in my previous workplace, so I guess that this could happened also to other companies. I hope that they will fix it shortly.
  2. Hello again, We have added hundreds of new translations strings and made thousands of changes in current translations. Currently we have about 90% of the game translated. So far, so good. We are still translating parts (and theirs descriptions) and tutorials. Current version of our localization is Alpha 1.41.
  3. Hello, I translated Contracts Window + [8.0] to Polish and uploaded it today onto spacedock site. However this translation needs our base Polish localization to work properly for now. I'm thinking how we should deal with this kind of problem.
  4. @DMagic Probably link to files would be the best thing, as Github is not my king of thing yet. Here it is. I translated three .cfg files and changed "en-us" to "pl", as with our translation you can also have polish font in main menu and the game will automatically load first localization files with "pl" if our localization is installed.
  5. Hey, I prepared Polish localization of CW+. Is there any way I could send it to you? We are also preparing full Polish version of KSP 1.3.0 and we are very close to finish, so it would be a great thing to also add Polish translations support for this kind of mods.
  6. @Z-Key Aerospace Thanks for updating this mod to KSP 1.3.0! Do you plan maybe to prepare release with localizations files in future?
  7. Hello all! Me and bunch of folks are preparing Polish localization of Kerbal Space Program, as it is quite easy with the recent 1.3.0 update and I'm sure that many Polish folks will appreciate this kind of endeavour. Translation is currently in early alpha stage, however most of the game is localized in Polish. There are still few things missing, but I think that it is a good time to present our work and maybe ask for small feedback. There are still "few" things untranslated, but we are hard working to finish the translation: Parts names and descriptions Many trainin
  8. @DMagic Well ok, at least rest of text can be translated. However if you ever would like to allow to translate that, then I will be waiting. Thank you very much, man!
  9. How I can translate buttons like Projection, Map Type and Celestial Body?
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