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  1. Hello, I\'m Dr Anonymous, but call me Steve. I\'m looking for some creative members to join my project. It\'s a project about KSP, a pure movie-project. I\'m trying to tell a story via KSP, plot and story are already vaguely drawn, I would like to depict the Kerbals\' uprise into the space age cinematically. How this will be done is up to my projectmembers and the forum of course. My plans were uploading it onto Youtube, but we can talk about that later. I\'d love to integrate the project into this forum and I\'d equally love support from same. If you want to have fun and know a bit about KSP, you are welcome. Everybody is welcome. Just message me. Just one thing, I haven\'t played KSP since version .11 or so, so I\'ll need to get into it again. But until then I\'m open to any plans, spacecraft designs, questions and suggestions. Sincerely, Steve