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  1. Is there a way to take this mod, strip away the features you don't want (megajoules, wasteheat, etc) and only have a set selection of features? Cause the waste heat system and dozens of resources you need really ruins the mod for me.
  2. I present to you, the Mammoth Tank Mk1: Uses the 200mm cannons from the Kerbal War Program Expansion for Skillful
  3. Suggestion: It would be a good idea for there to be a version of this mod with only the Alcubierre drives and its dependencies. This would be ideal for KSPers who download the mod only for the alcubierre drive(s) and not for the other content.
  4. A question on the 88: Will it have two forms of firing? As in it would have an AA mode, but then you could switch to AT shells and then go pop tanks with it. (Also, any chances on a non turret version of the 127mm being in the game?)
  5. Welp, that's that. I always thought Oculus was a bit overrated anyway. You get to look around the game with silly-looking headset on: Oh goody! But that's just my two cents.
  6. The excitement... is PULLING ME APAAAARRRRT!! (explodes in an unspectacular fashion) Congrats with finishing the project, ID! Best wishes for R2!
  7. Hmm, my prediction was wrong... (excuses self to bathroom and sobs to self) On topic: Nice to see the mod in its final stages, ID! For future reference, what do you plan to be in R2?
  8. Or you could just slap a bomb or three on the nose of the craft/missile.
  9. Based on ID's posts and such, I estimate that the next "spoiler" may or may not be a release, but I can't say for sure. (Please don't rely on this prediction.)
  10. Question: will objects flying into something at high speeds cause damage to parts with Skillful, or is it just specialized bullets?
  11. The Lazor mod by Romafer now has EVA welding. Haven't tried it yet but it sounds useful, just keep some spare spacecraft parts on the ship and use KAS or an orbital tug to maneuver them to the damaged craft, then weld.
  12. From my experience, time-warping for a moment fixes conundrums like this as it disables physics temporarily. So the moment you dock, prepare your forward warp button if things get nasty with wobble! In the immortal words of danny2462, "Time-warp fixes everything!"
  13. Talk about your dependence on Mechjeb here! (If this is in the wrong section, please don't kill me!) Personally, I only use it for Hohmann transfers and (rarely) landing
  14. I know almost nothing of modding, but making it so the entire wing acts as a control surface, like a winglet, sounds like a quick fix, but that's just my 2 cents.
  15. The original Transformers cartoon Skywarp? Or is it Gundams? Anyway, do you think we could expect a release soon? Not asking for exact dates, just curious. (Apologies if breaking the forum rules.)
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