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  1. That's only for rocket engines right? Because I don't see the reliability tab for either Basic or Turbo jet engines
  2. Oh yeah that makes sense, i suppose that isn't something we can edit through the injection right? Either way this mod is awesome! I like flying and building planes a little more so I had to ask. Do you think it will be added?
  3. Hey is there anyway to add the Jet engines and new fuselages to the mod via the Injection config file?
  4. Hey with the .rar do i put it in the parts or plugins? Thanks
  5. Hey I got all the mods you listed and it says im missing AirBrakes, where did you get those?
  6. Hey heads up either im being really stupid and hitting the wrong download link or the link isnt working anymore. [move]Happy Flying[/move]
  7. Hey I love this mod and it opens up new doors and many impressive creations . One of my ideas was to make a folding compact Jet that i can board onto a cargo plane and drop it from the sky . One problem I\'m having is when i pull up or down all the parts that are connected to a door-hinge or anything like that it wobbles like no mans business. If you are still planning to add new parts can i suggest either Adjustable Struts or another set of parts that holds the parts better so the wobble goes away? Thanks and Happy Flying! 8)
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