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  1. Holy crap!! This sounds awesome! I can't wait to see documentaries on the Kraken! Anyway welcome back. The huge KSP blackout only hindered us, we will be back fighting fit soon.
  2. Hmm, odd. It isn't being removed from my ship when I jump (and I am meaning the space "built" part). I do have many mods on however so if it isn't occurring for you it might just be some conflicting mod. I will see if i can do some troubleshooting.
  3. I'm Almost certain this has been suggested and apologies if it has but Have you thought of making a quick plugin that when you click a button teleports your ship into the water? It will save on having a load of debris in the water because you wont need to decouple any wheels. P.S This is seriously an epic mod and i cant wait to see the new version. - Labamba
  4. It occurs when I load up in game and stays with me the whole time even after I have transported it up into space. The only way i can get around it is by decoupling the part from my ships which I don't want to do because debris...
  5. I'm getting some serious frame drops when i add the "space built identifier" onto my ship. It roughly quarters my fps from 60 down to about 15. anyone else getting this?
  6. I would also recommend the rather new KerbalSpacePodcast which can be found at www.kspod.com and at twitch.tv/kerbalspacepod if you want to literally hear the latest news . I'm glad you have found such an awesome game. Good luck with your future and hopefully successful missions
  7. Anyone know how I can stop the flag from shooting outwards when I deploy it? It's very annoying and almost always makes the flag fall over. i just want it to drop without any force from some sort of radial decoupler.
  8. Thanks man one more question, how do I distinguish a basic jet engine from a scram/ramjet?
  9. Quick question, do I use less fuel the higher I am (not sure if its in the game). Oh and I agree its a little annoying having to change the axis every time but it's amazing that I can actually do it so I'm not too bothered.
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