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  1. Just an official word : Following the excellent work of Igorz on the new features and fixes for KIS, he is now part of the team and will work as plugin maintainer while I'm busy
  2. KIS v1.2.3 released ! Just a small update for KSP 1.0.5. Enjoy !
  3. I just updated KAS to KSP 1.0.5, so this is normal You can now download KAS 0.5.5 from the main page.
  4. KIS 1.2.2 released! Here is the changelog: Hopefully there will be no more issues when transfering kerbal to a pod without internal (mods). Also a workaround has been found for the command seat icon, big thanks to mongoose!
  5. Just saw this. So the problem was caused by a broken shader! As squad didn't seem to fix this issue, I implemented the fix for the next update in KIS You can thanks mongoose! - - - Updated - - - Removing the helmet with KIS disable light and flares. If you use TextureReplacer, only the flare are disabled (I didn't change the way TextureReplacer work). For KIS it's a design choice, without helmet the headlamp cannot work. Hopefully a flashlight will be available later
  6. I made a mistake in the dll, please download KIS again. To hear the music playing at 100m you need to add the parameter sndMaxDistance=100 in the ghettoblaster .cfg.
  7. KAS 0.5.4 released! Changelog: Take note that KIS is no more mandatory. However by using KAS without KIS, you will not be able to : •Attach/detach connectors from EVA •Store hooks in containers •Mount hooks on winches from EVA •Attach hooks from EVA •Attach ground pylon on the ground To get all this features, you always need to install KIS.
  8. Because of you I'm not posting here often, but I follow the thread as much as I can. Also, It was a really simple request to do
  9. It simply disable ground attachement handling in moduleKISItem, to let KAS use his own KASModuleHarpoon. That can be used for others mods too if needed (KIS send events to the part on drop and attach). - - - Updated - - - When you move a carried container from a kerbal to another inventory? If yes the exception crashed the evaTweaker module leading to this :
  10. Is not that simple, calculating the boundary of parts to safely drop it behind or in front of the kerbal is pretty difficult. I let you imagine all the problems that can lead (dropping in another part in front of the kerbal, long part overlapping with another one or the kerbal...) I rather prefer to let the player control where it drop the part. I added two news keys in KIS 1.2.1 to set the position (up/down) above the surface targeted. I hope that will help to drop objects without colliding with the kerbal or a part.
  11. Re-download KIS. I made a mistake on the first release. - - - Updated - - - It's the pickupmodule parameters of kerbals. By default a Kerbal cannot attach (attach tools change those parameters when equipped) - - - Updated - - - You cannot drag a subassembly into a container (it's something planned for later). You right about dragging from editor screen... It didn't work anymore. I will fix this. Thanks for the report.
  12. Just saw it. I re-uploaded the mod with the fix.
  13. Did you try with equipMode = part in ModuleKISItem ?
  14. KAS 0.5.3 released! This is a small update for KSP 1.0.4 and the new KIS 1.2.0. Here is the changelog :
  15. KIS 1.2.0 released! This new version introduce a dedicated key to attach/detach parts (H). Hopefully this will prevent confusion and add new extra features like detaching a part without grabbing it. We also added a new container type, the ISC-6K (made by Winn75) : Hope you enjoy it Here is the changelog :
  16. Just for information, KIS should work fine on KSP 1.0.4. You can ignore the warning message. I'm working on a major update for KIS (v1.2), which mainly aims to improve attaching & detaching function. Here is some info on this : A dedicated key to attach/detach will be added ("H"), to attach/detach "special" part without any tools (for example :explosives, ground base) You will be able to detach part of its parent with the "H" key too (without grabbing). The "X" key will remain to use the right hand tool as usual (so for the wrench and the screwdriver that will be a shortcut to the "h" key
  17. Just for information, KAS should work fine on KSP 1.0.4. You can ignore the warning message. I have an update for KIS pending, so it's delaying the KAS update. Hopefully it will be released soon
  18. I can't compare part "state" before stacking. It's just to difficult to do... Don't forget that many mods can add their own state information. - - - Updated - - - Nice work! However, Winn75 is working on new containers so I will stick with his work. Anyway, it's nice to have some good alternatives! I added your mod on the main post
  19. Exactly. "Y" key is from the old KAS system. The idea is to use the grab key "G" in the future, but that will need a major overhaul of the winch module, so I postponed this update to KAS 0.6. Thanks for your feedback. I will take a look. - - - Updated - - - Ho my god ! This is beautiful ! I'm always impressed by the imagination of players Keep posting things like this, we really like to see what you do with KAS ! Edit : Do you mind if I add one of your screenshots in our imgur album ? I'm looking after some example use of KAS/KIS. - - - Updated - - - Some parts has been merged/removed yes.
  20. KAS 0.5.2 released ! Changelog: [Enhancement] Converted parts textures to DDS [Enhancement] AVC is now used for version check [Enhancement] Added a KIS version dependancy check [Fix] Added stacking to connector port [Fix] Fixed a compatibility issue with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement [Fix] Updated OnKISAction to use BaseEventData (prevent KAS crash if KIS is missing) - - - Updated - - - Male port connector is integrated in the winch. There is no dedicated part for it - - - Updated - - - If you want to attach vessel in space more permanently, I recommend to use a connector port instead,
  21. KIS 1.1.5 released ! Changelog : [Enhancement] Disable jetpack mouse input while dragging [Enhancement] Converted parts textures to DDS [Enhancement] AVC is now used for version check [Enhancement] Added a KAS version dependancy check [Enhancement] Added more stackable module (KASModuleHarpoon, ModuleRecycleablePart, CollisionFX) [Fix] launchID is now correctly set for stored parts [Fix] Prevent removing the launch vessel flag of stored parts [Fix] Stored parts must now be recognized by contracts [Fix] Fix static part not attaching when dragged from an inventory [Fix] Prevent vessel
  22. Ok. I added onPartUndock event when the part is physically detached from the winch (but not undocked). I tested with KJR and it work. Thanks for the information. Hope that will not break something else (stock game should be fine, but another mod can use this event for something else). This fix will be included in the next release of KAS
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