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  1. This craft is as much a WIP for the custom parts I have for it as it is for the overall design, but it's in a state I'm happy enough with to share. Unsurprisingly, the debut of Top Gun's Darkstar has inspired a good few of us, and here's my take on the design, project "Shockwave": Aside from the custom parts I made, featuring a true dual-mode scramjet - the "holy grail of hypersonics", the craft just uses Procedural Wings and Tanks. It flies much like the one from the movie, just barely able to get to Mach 10 at 35km (~120k ft), and melting if it goes any faster than that! Had to use JNSQ to get a good rescale for it to stretch its wings, using stock would have it pitching down too much to stay in-atmo. I may release the custom parts in future, but the engine model needs to be re-meshed, and I need to get good at texturing (I only have a mouse, yikes!).
  2. First off, I just want to echo how amazing Waterfall is at what it does, it really is a step up from the particle-based system stock uses. Moving on, I've been trying to get a custom mesh working for an engine I'm working on, but I can't seem to get the full mesh to display in-game. Been trying to use the bundled meshes as an example but it's just not clicking in my head at the moment. See screenshots below for the progress I have at the moment. Any help would be really appreciated! I also have a question regarding how the face culling works for the deform meshes. Having read the discussion here and the documentation on the GitHub, I gather that most people mainly use the simple cylinder mesh to get good plumes from all angles, especially looking from straight behind, but I wonder if there's a way to enable that kind of behavior on the deform meshes as well, as being able to better control the shape of the plume is something that sounds really appealing. It might be possible but I haven't found it yet, once again if there's something I missed do tell.
  3. Hey everyone, making a start on weapons for BDAc, have made a fixed weapon already, am now trying to move to articulating turrets but I've hit a bit of a brick wall on how to set up the model in Unity. Have searched around for documentation about its structure but haven't found anything unfortunately. If yo u have any pointers or maybe even a screenshot of the hierarchy window in Unity that would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Was that the Tier IX evnt? If so then yes, it was really fun to play, although it would take some time to learn the helicopter controls
  5. I finally have some form of free time to get back into the game, and boy have I some screenies for you guys!
  6. I actually have two candidates for this one, so I'll see which ones you deem "better" Now I tend to put aesthetics over raw speed, but that doesn't mean that I can't claim my Velocity badge all over again! First off is the Raven, coming in at 48:43, cruising in at a hair under 1400 m/s - surprised a big bird like this can go sub hour actually Secondly is the Peregrine, a much prettier craft in my opinion, but I would think less of it as it clips a pair of wings in the centre for looks (you can probably spot it with a good look at it.) Another thing about this craft was that I found a way to cool the cockpit by transferring the fuel from the ncs adapter to the intakes, which would cool the fuel down and then be pumped back to the nose to cool the cockpit when things get a little too toasty up front - it allowed me to cruise quite comfortably at around Mach 4.7, at least according to KER. And here's an example of the "active cooling helping to keep the plane from the exploding on the descent back to KSC: Remember folks, you can have speed with a little bit of style, just see what you can come up with!
  7. We are planning to build an intra-city tram line to serve the city itself. We have plans as to how we're going to build it, so just designate the sides you wish to place your stations and we'll see what we can do!
  8. @max_creative, quite a bit of the spaghetti down there was courtesy of myself and Florid, but I came on to check earlier today to find that everything was working fine. What was the issue you were having exactly? PS. Just don't go anywhere near that thing -- it's so compactly wired together that breathing on it might break it
  9. Right now we have to wait until the corrupted save has been deleted from the server and this one replacing it, which is when MK is up and ready to do so. As for when, I can imagine that by the evening the server's going to be up and running again. Check back around 18:00 UTC, good chance the server's up by then.
  10. Maybe you could delete the save that's in the server right now and insert the correct one?
  11. A slime farm? I think I have a slime chunk dug out under my house, but that's still in its infancies - do go ahead with the farm though!
  12. He already has, but people keep missing the link for some reason. Either that or they don't want to join for whatever reason. I just don't want the drama to spill over to here again.
  13. A path? We've built a train line going from Sanctuary to Paradise City already, surely a path isn't needed, right? Also here's the link to the Discord server, will be posting this every few pages so people can go there -- get some of these discussions off of the forum. https://discord.gg/UmwCpDJ
  14. What's causing the prettification is a shader called Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Medium Quality) , which also uses Optifine as a dependancy to run. Other shaders are available as well but that's the one I'm using, along with Sildur's Enhanced Default for more everyday use.
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