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  1. Is it possible to use IR pistons and rotatrons as springs? I'm trying to work out independent suspension for a superheavy rover, and this video caught my eye. I duplicated a rotatron and set its jointSpring to a couple values between 1 and 200, but it just went limp every time. I know the video is ancient, but I really hope something similar is possible.
  2. I'm working on my first SSTO in nuFAR. It flies beautifully below ~mach 2 and has a very hard time decelerating to land, but has a bit of a problem at high speeds. When it gets to be around 15km up at 800m/s, it decides it no longer wants to go to space and sideslips to death. I assume this is because I have too much drag on the nose, but I have no idea how to lower this without dramatically increasing my wave drag. Actually, a big problem in every plane I make is that I can't bring my CoL to the back of the plane. I always need some absurd amount of wing area in the back, or some tricky CoM shifting to get things to fly straight.
  3. I'm guessing this has probably been asked before, but does anyone know how to set the throttle response on the HX-HPD engines to instant? I'm trying to build a VTOL and the delay is causing a feedback loop in TCA. After rooting around in the B9 parts folder, it seems the engine doesn't exist, so I can't quite get at the CFG.
  4. Not sure if this has been addressed or not, but I'm having an issue. After delivering the module into orbit and docking with my fuel tug, I can supply it up to about 30%. That part is fine. On the second fuel dump, instead of going to 60, it says that the orbit has shifted too far and resets. I have replicated this several times, each with no fluctuation in my orbit. This has been going on in a 200k orbit of Kerbin with an eccentricity of less than 200 meters. Edit: Burning a bit with my tug to increase eccentricity seems to have fixed the issue. I guess calculations get a bit weird when the periapsis and apoapsis trade places several times a second.
  5. It seems that (at least with FAR) wing lift is a bit low. Replacing working planes' wings with these ones set to the same size result in a rocket powered rock. On the topic of rocks, these wings also have a very high impact tolerance. Edit: stupid me didn't read the rest of the forum. I excitedly await FAR support.
  6. Thanks for replying. I have build almost 20 planes since I got the mod, and all of the ones with more than about 5 pieces fabricated into a wing had an offset COL. I was experimenting and found that it is completely random. It can be going well for the first 3 pieces, but at the fourth the COL kicks right about a meter, and upon removing the fourth piece, it stays about 3/4 of a meter to the right. Of course, when I try to replicate issues I fail horribly. It seems when moving about large chunks of wing, some pieces decide to become horribly off balance and can only be fixed by deleting and replacing the part. I would make a video of the process, but I don't have the money for fraps. All I did to cause this was place wings down in symmetry mode. The COL changes are definitely physical, as once I get into the high atmosphere my plane acts like I lost half a wing. As of now I have only tested large craft with the B9 pack wings. Are there any mods that are known to conflict with FAR? I have at least 10 plugins right now.
  7. I recently installed FAR as I was getting fed up with the unrealistic flight model, and had a good bit of fun with smaller planes, but now when I try to build something a bit bigger, I run into problems. As you can see, although my plane is entirely symmetrical, my COL is off by a small amount. I have rebuilt this plane several times over, with the COL being off as far as one of the wingtips. As far as I can tell, FAR is having trouble detecting what is part of the same wing, and what is a new wing. Are there any fixes, or am I doomed to uninstalling this great mod? (this is kind of gamebreaking)
  8. Something that might be useful to you guys is http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/21822-0-17-Multiversal-Mechatronics-LaunchPad-Runway-Obliterator-1-1. It can nuke the scroll limits for infinite size ships, which seems like it would be great for this project.
  9. I have no idea what's causing it, but this makes Tosh's cart mod wheels have massive drag on the ground. I find often myself capped to 10 KPH or even stopped at the pad.