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  1. Thank you! I'll set up a download for it soon, do keep in mind though that you will have to add some parts to DCK (mainly the I-beams as they're not supported by DCK for some reason), and perhaps some decals to SM_marine if you wish to have the same stuff (honda logo, marlboro etc)
  2. Hello. Here's an mp4/6 i built over the past 2 days,it's currently at 1133 parts but it's gonna go up by a bit since i want to add decals and whatnot. The "pushrod" suspension actually works, although right now it's very stiff because i've placed a bunch of struts. Front suspension: Back suspension: There are some minor things i have to fix, but overall it's pretty much complete. Mods used: Mechjeb/IR SM_Marine (engine/decals) DCK WheelsCollection Tweakscale
  3. Really wish there was a slick F1 tyre skin for DCK Nose is a bit too pointy as well, gonna fix that later on.
  4. Here's two gifs showing the suspension being pushed down because of downforce. https://i.gyazo.com/6099f8f1958eceac35567a3b55f9634a.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/f1457cbaaa21e99f876619f4778a808d.mp4 Also an updated pic of the McLaren MP4/6
  5. It's at about 1170 parts as of now. I still haven't finished the interior and some minor visual defects though
  6. Been working on this lancer evo V ever since my skyline craft file got corrupted. Hope this thread isn't for 100% stock crafts only :s
  7. Thanks! I'm actually working on another car at the moment, can you tell which?
  8. Thanks for the help! I've updated the op with pictures of the final-ish™ version.
  9. Thanks for the tip! Is there any way to enable auto-strut for all parts simultaneously, or do i have to do it one-by-one for all 1,4k~ parts?
  10. Doing some more detailing: ( (ignore the weird i-beams)
  11. Wheels are stock just retextured with DCK, engine is from SM_AFV.
  12. EDIT: OLD Heres some updated pics, i tried to get the right bayside blue but it's a lot brighter in-game: Quantum struts also caused a really weird bug The whole part tree would rotate around its node, have to remove basically all of them.
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