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  1. Thank you! I'll set up a download for it soon, do keep in mind though that you will have to add some parts to DCK (mainly the I-beams as they're not supported by DCK for some reason), and perhaps some decals to SM_marine if you wish to have the same stuff (honda logo, marlboro etc)
  2. Hello. Here's an mp4/6 i built over the past 2 days,it's currently at 1133 parts but it's gonna go up by a bit since i want to add decals and whatnot. The "pushrod" suspension actually works, although right now it's very stiff because i've placed a bunch of struts. Front suspension: Back suspension: There are some minor things i have to fix, but overall it's pretty much complete. Mods used: Mechjeb/IR SM_Marine (engine/decals) DCK WheelsCollection Tweakscale
  3. Really wish there was a slick F1 tyre skin for DCK Nose is a bit too pointy as well, gonna fix that later on.
  4. Here's two gifs showing the suspension being pushed down because of downforce. Also an updated pic of the McLaren MP4/6
  5. It's at about 1170 parts as of now. I still haven't finished the interior and some minor visual defects though
  6. Been working on this lancer evo V ever since my skyline craft file got corrupted. Hope this thread isn't for 100% stock crafts only :s
  7. Thanks! I'm actually working on another car at the moment, can you tell which?
  8. Thanks for the help! I've updated the op with pictures of the final-ish™ version.
  9. Thanks for the tip! Is there any way to enable auto-strut for all parts simultaneously, or do i have to do it one-by-one for all 1,4k~ parts?
  10. Doing some more detailing: ( (ignore the weird i-beams)
  11. Wheels are stock just retextured with DCK, engine is from SM_AFV.
  12. EDIT: OLD Heres some updated pics, i tried to get the right bayside blue but it's a lot brighter in-game: Quantum struts also caused a really weird bug The whole part tree would rotate around its node, have to remove basically all of them.