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  1. Trollkowski

    RAH-66 Comanche

    Couldn't find any backup of my 0.24 crafts unfortunately, the only chance to get it now is if someone still has the zip file and is willing to upload it.
  2. Trollkowski

    RAH-66 Comanche

    I haven't been on these forums for quite some time, but I'll see whether or not I still have the craft file. I wouldn't get my hopes up since this was made in 0.24 and I've reformatted all my drives since, but there's always a chance.
  3. Trollkowski

    Bell AH-1Z Viper (build log) [Pwing]

    It's not flight ready yet, so i haven't tested them in motion. I could probably set up the test rig with some wheels and some jet booster and try it, but im gonna wait with that
  4. Trollkowski

    Bell AH-1Z Viper (build log) [Pwing]

    Decided to update the ejector seat, to ease the launch of it, and also to save some space inside the cockpit just in case. Also built a test rig to see why the ejector seat failed previously, turns out it's mostly the size of the old seat, and the fact that i accidentally attached the turret to the decoupler of the front seat lol Before ejection: Cage blown off (with the help of tiny boosters): Pilot seat launched: Co-pilot seat launched: ta-daa!
  5. Trollkowski

    Bell AH-1Z Viper (build log) [Pwing]

    Updated OP EDIT: Updated again
  6. Trollkowski

    Bell AH-1Z Viper (build log) [Pwing]

    there's more to come : P
  7. Been inactive for a while, and need to take a break from counter-strike due to a major slump, so i decided to fire up ksp for some craft building. Making it mostly with pwing, as i have done with my other crafts. Will update with more pics as i build. For now, the further down you scroll, the more progress will be seen. I'm going to update the OP with recent pics a bit later Can't get kerbpaint to work properly, some pwing elements can be colored, some can't, and some only get updated with new colours when coloring another part (mostly when i add paint to a stock piece), if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Some additional angles and further progress: ------------------------------------------------------ OLD ------------------------------------------------------------ Decided the ejector seats (which actually work, just not right now because they get blocked by the dash, will fix though) didn't really look the part, so i modified them and replaced the existing ones. I do realise the upper seat part is slightly too long, but im going to focus on finishing the craft and deal with it later on, should be a pretty simple fix. Not really pleased with the way the turret section turned out, will smoothen and fix later on. It looks alot more 'blocky' than it actually is, the panels blend into each other in the screenshot. Some vent detail
  8. Trollkowski

    Formula 1 Williams FW37 replica

    Yeah, mostly procedural wings and struts. I will have to add that it's still not finished, gotta refurbish some stuff and fix the cockpit.
  9. Something i built when i was bored, around 370 parts. Hosts one kerbal and is faaast: Sorry for the wall of pictures and bad quality pics, will take new ones later. It also comes in red.
  10. Trollkowski

    [Showcase] Showoff Your Rep-Worthy Crafts

    My god that is amazing, +rep for sure.
  11. Cousin accidentally deleted my career, along with every craft i made, so no downloads for any of the crafts here, should have uploaded the .craft files sooner, but meh :/
  12. Well i could upload the craft files for you, but a variety of mods have been used on these, and the engines they use have been modified for a higher power output so they won't be as efficient, i'll fix that later though.
  13. some updated pics during flight: EA-18G: - - - Updated - - - F-16: - - - Updated - - - Mig-29: - - - Updated - - - Dassault Rafale: Also, i chose not to include the f-35 here since it's absolutely terrible, i can barely get it off the runway let alone keep it from crashing into the sea. One thing i noticed with all of these though (besides the f-35 ofc) is that they're all capable of performing the pugachev's cobra.
  14. Part count ranges from around 180 - 260, with the mig-29 being the most part heavy. Unsure about mass though, no idea how to check it - - - Updated - - - Thanks!