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  1. I'll give it a try next time I play. I'm particularly interested in the atmosphere decay feature of the plugin, because it bothers me a little that any stages I shed with a Pe < 20km or so seem to remain in orbit indefinitely.
  2. I'll be looking forward to that update for sure. In the meantime, how do we make those calculations by hand?
  3. Brilliant! Thank you for this addon, nothke. My spacecraft look a whole lot better now without all the extraneous crap bolted to the exterior.
  4. stupid_chris, I'm getting an error when I try to run the RealChute calculator. Says it's not a valid Win32 application. Am I missing a DLL?
  5. Nice! I'm inspired to fiddle around with the interstages and see what I can come up with. Edit: Does anyone else get a little bit of lag when they use these fairings? I seemed to get a little bit after I added an interstage/fairings under the second stage of one of my rockets. It's no big deal, just wondering.
  6. It does fit 2.5m parts, but it looks best on 5m parts. Very well done, btw. Looks beautiful and still runs great on this outdated workhorse computer. I rarely put anything into orbit that weighs more than 15-20 tons, and after running a couple of quick test flights earlier today I think the F-1 may be able to power an SSTO capable of lifting same. Will have to do some more testing once I reinstall the 5m LFTs from whichever addon they are in.
  7. Not sure if it's a glitch, but Gemini seems to submerge almost entirely after splashdown.
  8. Nice. Those new fairing walls look great, frizzank.
  9. Is there some special thing that I have to do to get MJ2 to work with 0.21.1? The part won't attach to anything and it breaks the VAB until I start a new craft. Edit: It's the only addon that I have installed at this point. Edit2: Resolved. In case anyone else is having the same problem, try using sarbian's DLL.
  10. Oh sweet Gemini, at long last I have found you! A simple upgrade of KSP and an updated Novapunch, was all it took to steal you away from me. For months I was lost, and my heart so wept for thee... Uh... something something........ lalala doo-bee-doo wah-waah? Thank you, frizzank. Glad to see that Gemini is still alive and kicking.
  11. Just a quick question: How do I put three satellites into geostationary orbit around Kerbin all nice and evenly spaced? Edit: Er... looks like there might be some answers above. Sorry. I just jumped in here in a hurry.
  12. Taken in the context of launch operations at my facility, that phrase is usually followed by "start running".
  13. PeriapsisPrograde, is there a chance you could post skin templates for these? I could probably create some textures.
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