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  1. It adds There is a lightning effect that is added, which explains most of what you're seeing. As for the white pixels, that sounds like a visual glitch.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Texture Replacer installed. Alt+0 to open the EVE settings, navigate to the clouds layer and you can change density in there.
  3. Just find and delete the City Lights folder, done and dusted - don't worry with how the mod is it's easy to think it's more complicated than that, but it's simply as easy as removing the folder.
  4. Hello all, I've attempted to fix this myself and I searched the topic, but I've come up trumps. When I enter Jool's atmosphere, the base texture has these huge black/dark discs all over, and it frankly looks crap. Has anyone see this? Any suggestions? I've got a pretty stock AVP install with latest updates, I've had this problem for several KSP versions now. I have modified the jool cloud layers to have volume but that's not affecting this. What is going on here? (Pic)
  5. No struts of any kind, and no KJR. It's an odd thing.
  6. I apologise if this has been mentioned before, it's become a very long thread! Attempting to use this with 1.4.3 (I'm aware not really supported) and I've an issue with hinges where when attempting to turn them in-game they seem to be "stuck" together when using symmetry, or even when manually placing them. The result is that if I try and use them they pull against each other and do little more than rip the vehicle apart, if they turn at all. Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?
  7. For a start, if you're not willing to put in a little effort to tell us what is out of date, we have even less want to help you out. Besides that, it's Kopernicus, which doesn't work for 1.4.4. There is no work around yet, you'll have to roll KSP back to 1.4.3 in steam. @themaster401 Great work on the newest release! CKAN update is always a bit slow so grabbed off the git and it's solved a few issues I had and hated. Thanks!
  8. @Papa_Joe Thanks for adopting this mod, and I'm sorry for asking this, but is there any plan to migrate this upkept version to the CKAN index?
  9. Thanks toadicus, sorry that I missed it. Lots of pages to scan through!
  10. So, I read through the entire thread but couldn't see answers to the following, so forgive me if there are known fixes/these are known issues, but I wouldn't mind some advice. Firstly, there is odd behaviour in that quite often, for a given array of satellites, the system won't use the best available. For example, I have several satellites around Minmus, but only one of them has a dish - the rest have the bog standard antenna. I would assume that given direct line of sight to Kerbin, the satellite with the dish would take precedence over those with antenna in establishing a link - the idea being that those with an antenna would prefer to relay through the most powerful connection. Note: I only have a stage two upgrade on the dish station. Instead, quite often the system would relay through one of the shorter ranged units, despite line of sight, resulting in a yellow signal. Is this a bug, expected behaviour, or other? The "long" range unit will correctly serve as a relay if I switch to it, but this would be ignored if I switch away. If it is expected, any way of tweaking it so that this is not the case? Secondly is a bug I'm unsure is even a bug, and I am pretty sure is not related to Antenna Range (but figured I should ask). Antenna/Dishes keep marking themselves as "clamped" or "locked" after transmission of data. Anyone have any experience with this? Outside of these two issues I am very happy with the mod, well done toadicus!
  11. Ah thankyou. I'll see if I can play around. Trying to avoid B9 if I can for now, though.
  12. Has anyone managed to solve the problem that the inflatable heat shield always drags the ship so it faces the wrong way? I've got a functional design for a ship but the fact that I can't use that shield it means aerobreaking is a no go. Searched the topic, either I failed or the search did!
  13. Please do link that low-key field. I always find the current skybox a bit too much.
  14. The problem with that is twofold. If Squad host them, it'll bring up costs in hosting and bandwidth for a feature that is great in theory but, frankly, most of us will only use occasionally. Secondly, if they allow players to distribute the older copies, it opens up piracy concerns using the abandonware defense - "It's an old version, the devs wont care if it's pirated as this version is abandoned!"