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  1. It is for animations (cargo bays) if I remember correctly. Lots of mods use the plugin.
  2. I decided to start a space station in my career save, but them I remembered that people were coming to paint my bathrooms.... Plans on hold due to the excess fumes.....
  3. I think this is just so damn cool. Now wouldn't it be cool if a moon orbiting a ringed gas giant had rings, and that moon had a satellite which had rings........ RING-ception. Unlikely I believe but would be so damn cool.
  4. 1. Why do you take so many cows? 2. Did you travel to Earth with an FTL capable spacecraft or a sub-light craft while in stasis and if so, could you fully explain FTL travel to me? 3. Can you take me home with you? I'm sick of this planet full of nut jobs.
  5. My 3 kerbal Duna mission finished its stay at Duna after one kerbal landed with a rover. After a long burn home I discovered I didn't bring enough fuel, so I had to ditch my small 3-man transport and what was left of the lander to drop the mass. Tomorrow I see if I remembered enough life support and then aerobraking, putting her in a stable orbit to wait for transport back to the space center.
  6. I would love like that "too low terrain" alarm for when gears aren't deployed or something like that.
  7. I started on my own and then tried out mechjeb early (prior to docking I have no idea when, it was a while ago) and didn't care for it. Once docking came out I was horrid with rendezvous so when mechjeb had the autopilot, or at least I heard that it did, I began using it again for that. After I used mj as a crutch to learn how to do things I stopped using it for everything except the information displays. In my opinion it is a great learning tool but you can become too dependent on it.
  8. First time I landed WAY back when, my command pod just fell off.
  9. 0.21 is working perfectly for me. I think people just wont f**king listen about how the new SAS works. The SAS units WILL fight your pods torque.
  10. Didn't C7 (think it was him during a live stream) say that the whatever-they-are-called parts that replaced the SAS modules apply torque on the part they are attached to or something like that? It seems fine to me but it could be slightly stronger imo.
  11. I had the same idea to stick a station out there. My idea was to use the extraplanetary (think that's what it's called) on one of the outer moons/planets then launch from there.
  12. Since I heard about the save breaking all I've been doing is R&D, testing out new rover and colony designs that I've been wanting to do for quite some time. "Modular is your friend" , (Someone probably said that at some point )
  13. Aerobraking is skimming the atmosphere to slow down where you would normally spend a lot of fuel to slow instead. "Aerobraking is a spaceflight maneuver that reduces the high point of an elliptical orbit (apoapsis) by flying the vehicle through the atmosphere at the low point of the orbit (periapsis). The resulting drag slows the spacecraft. Aerobraking is used when a spacecraft requires a low orbit after arriving at a body with an atmosphere, and it requires less fuel than does the direct use of a rocket engine."
  14. All I use mechjeb for is holding course for planes when I get bored of constant course corrections, and more importantly the information displays. Love 'em.
  15. I found out about KSP from FyreUK, err umm "acquired" a copy (torrent.... yeah I know, BAD) cause I didn't have the cash. Two weeks later when my new PC arrived and I had some spare cash I bought a copy. Been playing ever since, I'm seriously shocked that I haven't gotten bored of KSP yet. Gotta thank this awesome community for my great time playing
  16. I'm very glad others were able to see this. Damn, I feel like the intelligence of the general pop. is just going down and down...
  17. Could a relatively intelligent person elaborate here? My brother believes that SQUAD had ceased development on KSP FOREVER and is now just doing bug fixes. Anyone want to prove him wrong? My "proof" so to speak: "New Milestone Reached! Squad is proud to announce that Patch 0.21 officially ends development and enters the Quality Assurance Phase!" [Patch 0.21 officially ends development and enters the Quality Assurance Phase] [Patch 0.21 ends development---->enters Quality Assurance Phase]
  18. I listen to music or watch Bones. Because you know..... Bones. (Good show)
  19. This is just awesome. Now I can add the finishing touches to my moon bases and such without dozens of small, or a handful of massive launches.
  20. I will only calm myself when the Yogscast dies. I know, I can be mean......... But I just really don't like them, well some are okay but not all.
  21. If that Yogf**k tries to claim credit for KSP's popularity I will lose it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the Yogscast tried to claim credit for ALL of Minecraft's popularity.
  22. That or a button to toggle the deployment status of things like the legs, solar panels etc.. That would be great.
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