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  1. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/44135-0-22-Universe-Replacer-v4-0/page164 I can't find the instructions right now, but you should be able to google and find them. They're somewhere there, I just can't find it. Edit: Here you go: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/44135-0-21-x-Universe-Replacer?p=577857&viewfull=1#post577857 Ignore the part about putting in his sun flare, unless you want his instead of the one I linked you. If you can't get it to work, let me know, I know how to do it.
  2. #1: The suit SHOULD come with normal maps, otherwise you can probably just copy and paste the one from the Default folder #2: For a fully customized suit, including custom visors, you need the files: EVAhelmet.png EVAjetpack.png EVAjetpackNRM.png EVAtexture.png EVAtextureNRM.png EVAvisor.png [color of visor, not mandatory] kerbalHelmetGrey.png kerbalHelmetNRM.png kerbalMainGrey.png kerbalMainNRM.png kerbalVisor.png [color of visor when you're inside a pod, not mandatory] Edit: I think your problem came from me not being very clear: The suit needs an EVAtexture and EVAtextureNRM to work, and I
  3. Hmm, do you think you could post an image of your Heads directory? If I see it directly I might be able to point out the problem.
  4. Renaissance thing: That's either distant objects mod glow being too strong, or you didn't update to the hotfix that came out on the 19th of April. Getting the suit to work: You're going to need to have normal maps for any textures you put in. So putting in an eva texture, make sure it has an EVAtextureNRM to go along with it. The helmet too. Any jetpacks, helmets, suits, all need normal maps. Though the helmet only needs one normal map, you need a second texture for it, named EVAtexture. So basically, not including any custom visor colors, you need 9 files inside a suit directory. Edit: Found
  5. The basic idea is: The @Default config is where you choose who has what head and suit, what suits can only be assigned to kerbals you put them on, what heads are female only, what heads shouldn't be randomly used, toggle eva visor [fake] reflections, so-on-and-so-forth. The Default folder has...all the default stuff. Without a selected head/suit/evasuit/jetpack/etc. it will use what files are in the Default folder. The Default folder is also where you put any custom planet textures. Envmap is the skybox, nuff said there. Heads is where you place your head textures and normal maps. [if you don'
  6. Although that specific change didn't work, disabling the texture replacer module for ATM did! Thank you very much! Without your help, I probably wouldn't have found any fix. By the way, I love your suits, and look forward to your future projects.
  7. Yes, I read the whole thing. [Thanks, by the way, it was quite helpful for other things.] Even putting the correct normal maps and textures doesn't do anything, it still has the odd look.
  8. First of all: Love the mod, and all the texture packs the community has made, everything looks amazing all thanks to a number of very talented people! Second of all: I'm having an issue with Kerbal-specific suits, no matter the suit, they all look very off-shaded and don't look good. I got 2 pictures, both times with me facing directly towards the sun. If it helps, I'm using the KSPRC mod [You know, the renethingy compilation one]. And as I said, it's only for kerbal-specific EVA suits. They look fine in IVA, and if I put them in the default folder, they look fine, the problem comes when I m
  9. I am having this same problem. I installed the hotfix over a previous installation, if that helps to find a fix.
  10. That only opens the hatch, that doesn't take me directly to EVA. Thanks for the help though.
  11. I have a question, but I also have something to say: Wonderful work done here! Every part here is well done and beautiful! The IVAs in particular look amazing, and the level of interaction is even beyond what I've seen out of RasterPropMonitor! All the premade craft fly beautifully and look amazing! Now, my question: How do I get out of the Apollo LEM while still in IVA mode? [You know, where you double click a certain spot and it takes you to EVA.] But yeah, great mod, and I can't wait to see more!
  12. Nice job! I am trying RSS myself and I'm having a very hard time. It's good to see other people are making progress!
  13. Nobody NEEDS it, but I know many people WANT it, and I'm one of those people. I personally use it when I'm tired of the same old launch sequence, and would rather have a computer do it for me than have to sit through and guide it, at least after the 257th time.
  14. Most powerful PHYSICS engine? Can someone check that for me, because I'm pretty sure that's not true.
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