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  1. back in the day we didn't have any landing gear, so you had to land on your engines. My first Mun landing ended with 2 out of 3 engines broken off and no way to return poor Jeb home. The rescue mission landed over 40 Km off target.
  2. I remember seeing a mod that had a slider for part scaling, and it would scale the weigh, lift, thrust, etc. of a lot of the parts along with the size. I think that would be a great addition to the stock game, and would probably make more sense than to just keep adding more parts. Although, I will also say it would be cool to see a new large and tiny jet engine.
  3. So, after playing around with the new mk3 parts and am very pleased with how they turned out. They are beautiful parts that will fit nicely within the game. However, I feel as though the wings and control surfaces that we have now are a little too small for large/long-range spaceplane configurations using mk3 parts. Using the wings we have now, it seems that a truly large number of parts are need to produce a really good amount of lift. I personally like using spaceplanes for long range heavy lifting on Kerbin, and having a high part count can be a pain. Does anyone else feel this way? P.S. I love how much the game has progressed from when I started playing, and congratulations to squad for KSP reaching Beta!
  4. I can't build launch vehicles very well, I usually have to refuel once I'm in orbit. I exclusively use part clipping in the editors. I don't edit without it. I'm 9 parts plane engineer and 1 part astronaut, I probably won't go to space today. I rarely use solid rocket boosters. I have only ever made a single one way probe trip to Duna without refueling. I forgot to add a parachute. I have never traveled to any other planet without cheats. I don't quick save. I like making military things in KSP. I landed on the Mun in my first try, but the engine fell off (this was before we had lander legs) and Jeb remains there to this day.
  5. I'm currently building a 747 replica and I intend on making all the Ground Support Equipment to go with it, Ground Power Unit, Refueling Truck, Pushback Tug, Cargo Loaders and some buses to shuttle kerbals to and from the space center buildings. :]
  6. I managed to land my space-plane back on the KSC runway, after I blew a wing completely off during takeoff.
  7. More realistic aerodynamics, updated landing gear
  8. I remember that sense of achievement when you finally got to the moon. Not even talking about landing there yet, just being in orbit. Back when you had to 'eyeball' a Mun-shot. Then using your three engines as landing gear, hoping to find a good flat area somewhere in your descent path. Hoping you don't tip over or an engine breaks off, so you can go home.
  9. Interesting, how exactly would one go about making a sub?
  10. That's what I do too, but my planes like exploding just after it docks. Have you had that problem?
  11. This has potential. I'm going to start typing my rocket names in kerbish using this format.
  12. Sup guise. Do you bother to refuel spaceplanes once their fuel is gone? I want to have some kind of fuel truck that I can drop from orbit to refuel used airplanes, but I can't seem to make a design that doesn't partially explode as soon as they dock, or will even dock at all.. I also know there are mods for stuff like this, but I would like to do this in stock. Soooo, I was hoping for some inspiration from you guys. How would you make a craft/system like this?
  13. Here is a little bit of my fleet of aircraft. From the top left to bottom right; F-16 Viper, B-1B Lancer, F-4 Phantom II, F-15E Strike Eagle. They are all stock, and armed. I also have replicas of the F-18 Hornet, KC-10, Boeing-737 and a AEW&C-737 Peace Eye, not shown here.
  14. This thread is for those of us who like making military contraptions in KSP. Discuss/show off some of your (mostly)stock weapons and fighting systems! Here is a compact missile design, launched from a small patrol cruiser in orbit. In testing I was hoping the extra mass of the fuel tanks would make it do a little more damage on impact, but still be somewhat compact. How do you guys make your weapons systems? I'll add more photos of my stuff in awhile, but until then, post away!
  15. You all have very nice looking launch vehicles, good work. I have a concept in my head for a cruiser that I am going to build, so I'm looking for an example of something that can take it to at least a 100,000M orbit. I could refuel it after that. I don't know what the weight would be, but it will have around 4 NERVA's, less than 8 of the FL-T800 Fuel Tanks, secondary systems and armor plating. It probably wouldn't be a problem for any of you, but it would be one of the largest things I've launched since 0.15.