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  1. Just to follow up on the OKEB 75 solar array high drag bug with FAR. The recompiling hasn't corrected the issue.
  2. I'm getting the same issue. I can't even get it to run on a otherwise stock game. Isn't the co-dependents included in the mod? Correction: I forgot to DL the Sigma dependent. Works great now!
  3. No doubt I reached out and broke your source code. Never underestimate my capacity to break perfectly working things.
  4. Hi. I did have 2.0.1. I downloaded 2.0.2, deleted old IR and install new. The problem persisted. Here's the log. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=49913840113180785233 Made test ship with 12 groups. Loaded into world and all but 2 groups are missing in flight mode. Trying to add groups in inworld edit mode makes no change. Upon going back into VAB the servos from the dropped groups end up all stacked into one of the remaining groups. I left the ship on the pad and exited game.
  5. Is there an upper limit to how many controls you can have in flight mode? If I add more than X number in the editor or edit mode in world a random number will disappear. http://imgur.com/a/06JZ2 I run a bunch of mods and just checking in to see if it's an issue with IR or something I have is interfering with IR.
  6. I'll be using it a fair bit over the next few days and will give you bug reports here if I find anything. Not sure if it's possible, but it might be worth contacting the mods to see if it's possible to take over the thread as well and make a new first post to avoid confusion. Thanks very much for taking it over too, you're awesome.
  7. Real life always has a habit of getting in the way. I went through and replaced a bunch of kspapi, but must of missed one. Looking forward to your update, this is an awesome mod. I use it on every vessel in some form or another, it's so handy. It's really good for automated re-entry into planets with an atmosphere of lander probes when I don't have a consistent RemoteTech connection. EDIT: Got it working again! Thanks for your help!
  8. I found replacing the kspapi dill didn't sort it. Got the missing lines in right-click menu issue. Is this mod on hiatus? There hasn't been any activity fir a while now.
  9. Yeah, sorry I mistakenly thought I had the latest version! Thanks for your help.
  10. Just letting them know what the current bugs are as it stands in it's current condition.
  11. Yes Farrem pointed out that this was an old bug that had been addressed some time ago. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/20451-1-0-3-Ferram-Aerospace-Research-v0-15-3-1-Garabedian-6-22-15?p=2037342&posted=1#post2037342 KSP 1.04 FAR v0.15.3.1 ProceduralParts 1.1.1
  12. Hi, found an issue with PP and FAR. FAR isn't able to calculated the cross-sectional area correctly with the PP fuel tanks. Same problem with the PP Structural element. Works fine with the PP nose cones though. http://imgur.com/a/KeXVS
  13. Hello! Just found an odd issue with Procedural Parts, namely the fuel tanks. it doesn't seem to be calculated by FAR correctly for the Cross-sectional area rule. http://imgur.com/a/KeXVS#0 I run a heap of mods and not sure if it's one of them yet. KSP 1.04 and FAR 15.3.1.
  14. Been using KIS/KAS since updates and have yet to run into an issue so far, except for the version checking. I'm running it on a new save.
  15. I love this mod, it is now an essential part of my graphics mods package. It's awesome with HotRockets by Nazari. I think it was mentioned earlier, it provides glow for the firespitter engines in Freight Transport Technologies by RoverDude. I like the effect, but obviously not meant to be like that.
  16. Think I worked out the kspapi issue. I removed all mods and started reinstalling one by one until it broke ProcParts. Procfairings was out of date.
  17. Hi, sorry to bother. I have the missing tweaks bug in ProcParts. Going through the thread I can see it's a KSPAPI issue. I downloaded the latest 1.7.4 kspapiextensions.dll and dropped that in hoping it would solve this issue, but no joy. Is there anything else I can do?
  18. Looking forward for DRE and FAR again. The stock ones are a bit underwhelming. I've been de-orbiting unprotected ships in stock and they are surviving! DRE would hunt me down and rend me asunder if I ever tried that with it.
  19. I was against the idea of not having Kerbals be able to carry containers in space. I sent a resupply shuttle to replace all the KAS containers and their contents on my station. You can imagine my tantrum when I watch it all just float off when I couldn't grab them! But seeing KospY's view about KSP being about building ships and inventions to solve problems instead of relying on quick fixes made me pause. Now I use those little KAS winch socket thingies on the containers and just winch them wherever I need them. Being able to attach winches wherever I want is a godsend. Just attach a winch nex
  20. What sort of delay time do you have? I find anything beyond a second to be too tedious and just use the flight program computer thingy that comes with RT. As far as SAS I've never struck your issue (Could be an odd feedback issue?), but I always set the orientation in the flight computer and just never had the opportunity to have that issue.
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