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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s part of the ULA pack that’s stuck in licensing hell right now unfortunately. Pretty sure he couldn’t release it on his own at this point...
  2. It should work when placed anywhere in the game data folder. Not sure why the engines wouldn’t show up. They work fine for me. They might not be categorized correctly to show up in the engine tab but I rarely use it, mainly use search. I make my own part configs because I find it easier to do than have to juggle two config files. I’ll see if I can make some patch files in the next couple days. @Philaphlous the Falcon 9 first stage flies a fairly vertical flight profile, especially for a LEO profile. Helps with recovery. Not sure I even pitch past 70 degrees. GEO launches do tend to have a more agressive pitch down to give the second stage more horizontal velocity from the start. Sounds like you’re using the automated mechjeb launch tool? I tend to launch stuff by hand or using Smart A.S.S.
  3. These are the files I use. Managed to fix the fairing this evening without using an invisible sep motor like I used to. A bigger pain then I expected. The decouple force might still need some tweaking but I didn't have any issues with it in my testing. It also includes my own version of the block 5 textures which are just cleaned up versions of the Block 5 Mod in the OP. If someone wants to use the configs to make MM patches for RO, feel free, or I will get to it when I have some freetime again. Edit: Forgot to mention that I also use the gridfins and legs from Kerbal Reusability Expansion. Think I included configs for the KK gridfins and legs but I don't tend to use them myself.
  4. @Philaphlous if you want, I can give you (and anyone else who wants them) my config files which should be fairly accurate. They’re separate part configs instead of modifying the original with a MM patch which is why I’ve never sent them in to Realism Overhaul. Also note that you have to calculate burn times based on when they throttle down for max-q and in the case of block 5, the constant 845kN they throttle to during the whole flight. It’s better to get the weight to volume ratio and then calculate how much kerosene and LOX you need from the weight than by burn time.
  5. It sounds like the RO configs that change the SpaceX parts into "realistic parts" are just broken. Can't imagine that the fuel part of the config would be the issue but it might be. This is part of the reason I make my own part configs instead of making a MM patch to change preexisting configs. Don't know how familiar you are with config files but I would look at them and see if anything seems off. Might even look at them myself if I get a chance in the next couple days.
  6. You’re staging way too early. The TESS mission didn’t have MECO until 2:29 and stage sep at 2:32. You also can see that the Falcon 9 throttles down during Max-Q which I found to be very important for the higher thrust versions of the Falcon 9. KSP will power through it but you will probably have some drag losses and not be able to burn nearly as long. I also tend to throttle down when approaching MECO to stay under 3 to 5 Gs. You most likely need to change your fuel load to more appropriately match correct burn times. Flight profiles are very important IRL as margins are much smaller than in stock KSP. Also, don’t be confusing meters a second for kilometers per hour. KSP shows your speed in m/s and the webcast shows it in km/h.
  7. Little hard to understand what exactly you’re trying to do... there are many factors that change the speed of a rocket; amount of fuel which changes both burn time and wet mass, engine power and ISP, empty weight of the rocket, payload mass, even flight profile. Without more info, its really hard to say what exactly your issue is and to be honest, this isn’t a RSS/RO thread so this really isn’t the place to discuss troubleshooting. Would highly recommend trying RO and then seeing if your issue is fixed.
  8. You CAN make your own configs if you know what you're doing but can be rather time-consuming. You usually end up finding yourself messing with configs more than actually playing the game with those configs. If you want to just play with fairly realistic configs, just get RO. I'm somewhat masochistic and do make my own configs, mainly because I'm not the biggest fan of how RO does things and enjoy doing the research to figure out how the different rockets work. Think you're thinking of RSS Visual Enhancements. RO, or Realism Overhaul has fairly realistic configs made by the community. Some are engine and fuel tank related, others are life support related, maybe even some are visual-related.
  9. I've been meaning to try a "Falcon Medium" setup with Falcon 1 strap-on boosters with flyback wings but haven't gotten the chance yet. I'll have to look at my fairing config again but I know that I use an invisible engine that KK used to use in his fairings to get them to separate cleanly. I'm sure with some finagling with the config and maybe node placement, you could do so without that engine.
  10. The KRE ones stay stowed and don't move until you deploy them and then they rotate. They also have titanium-styled gridfins which I prefer.
  11. Not really an issue per-se as much as it's just how they work. They work like stock airbrakes. I use Kerbal Reusability Expansion gridfins and legs because I find they work more like the real thing. edit: grinfins to gridfins. They do tend to cause a lot of grins though
  12. Not only mass but flight profiles, which has been the hardest info for me to find so far. Thank you so much!
  13. I know that the configs I made up are fairly outdated now... I need to update them, just been busy with IRL stuff and other rockets. I'll attempt to get in contact with one of a RO devs when I get them updated. Not sure what all is required when making configs for them though.
  14. I've been having the same issue but it's definitely a mod conflict as the texture is fine with a clean install with only this and other required mods. I think it might be real fuels or another mod related to a RSS/RO install but I haven't proven that yet. I'm about to dive into troubleshooting it and see what I come up with. Update: It would help to have everything up to date I traced it back to Texture Replacer Replaced. After updating it to the newest version, 0.5.4, and this mod to the newest versions my problem seems to have disappeared. Now that's not to say another mod doesn't cause issues but definitely make sure ALL your mods are up to date.
  15. Being someone who deals with one of the companies that makes up ULA; this is just how they handle stuff like this. There's probably a lot of back-end stuff going on that we don't see, a lot of red tape and whatnot. I think I remember EJ_SA mentioning ULA was good to release but there were some suppliers they were still getting "ok"s from. You can also say they are busy launching rockets but there are divisions that are specifically made for dealing with stuff like this. All that to say though, it's best we wait for everyone to give the ok then to get this awesome mod and then have to taken away because someone got upset, possibly even getting ULA in trouble. I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait