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  1. Alt + L is to turn off stage lock, now go blow stuff up! Make sure you aren't time warping as well, I somehow forget that sometimes.
  2. Harbas: "This is SR-111 to tower, SR-111 to Tower." Tower-Ground: "Copy SR-111. Cleared to Alpha beacon after takeoff. Flight level 10." Elby: "Wait for me! Waait for me!" Wilnie: "Maybe you should take the bus next time, eh?" Elby: :pant: :pant: shut up." Harbas: :sigh: "Cleared for takeoff roll, Tower?" Tower-Ground: "Copy that, SR-111. Cleared for takeoff. Handover to ATC." Harbas: "Acknowledged. Beginning takeoff roll. Switching radio to ATC." Wilnie: "And we're away." Harbas: "See you at Booster Island." Tower-ATC: "Roger that, SR-111. Give the old parts a wash, okay? Tradition, you se
  3. Not sure if this was suggested before, but science in sandbox ode. I don't care if it doesn't do anything, I want the reports for my story
  4. He took off, but the ship ran out of fuel before it achieved orbit, and was still on a suborbital trajectory. He used the EVA pack to finish circularisation.
  5. Can you hear me Mr. Jeb? Can you- -Here, am I floating in my space suit. Far across the Mun... Planet Kerbin is blue, and there's nothing we can do... Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  6. Mulbin, I noticed that a "guide" (more like a RP) on Steam is using your banner. Link to it here. I've asked them about it twice but they seem to be deleting my comments.
  7. This would be extremely hard to implement. For one, you would need interior models and textures for things such as engines or fuel tanks if they get split, and it would require a new hitbox for both parts.
  8. I wouldn't term it pic heavy just yet. But anyway, nice job. Any more coming soon?
  9. I wonder if you'll find any [formerly] living creatures on Bop *wink*
  10. Welcome to the forums! And read this => http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/36010-Introducing-the-Ability-to-Embed-Imgur-Albums%21 for your Imgur worries. Anyway you've done this and, I haven't even got to Duna yet
  11. I joined a year or so ago but only really started posting in the last few months Anyway welcome to the forums!
  12. Does the flour in the ice reduce it's melting temperature? Like adding woodchips?
  13. Tower: "Intakes?" Bill: "Check." Tower: "Tailplane?" Bill: "Check, tailgear lookin' good." Tower: "Engines?" Bill: "Check, gimbals in line." Bill: "I'm climbing back into the cockpit now, Tower." Tower: "We read you, switch to cockpit radio. Radio name V-K, Victor Kilo." Bob: "Copy that Tower. Radio switched, engines spooling up, brakes on." Tower: "Victor Kilo, you're good for takeoff. Are your passengers secure?" Jeb: "Yup, they're buckling up in the back right now, actually." Tower: "Well, you're good. MET starting now. Don't be late for dinner!" Bob: "Tower, we've cleared the groundsp
  14. Is it just me or does the save not load when leaving the SPH?
  15. Holy Cravola YES. YES, YES, YES.
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