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  1. Personally I just use the muon detectors when hunting for eggs, still leaves a lot fo detective work to be done and that beep beep sound is very addictive.
  2. It's a rover too, just not yours. And it got buried. You can guess which rover would be relevant these days
  3. Of course, the tricky thing is, for that screenshot to exist, it doesn't need to orbit Duna at all, just to be on an orbit that gets close to Duna once in a while (in our case on planetary alignments), kinda like a comet.
  4. The anomaly is at the bottom of a crater and it's pretty small, so it's going to be hard to see
  5. The rescue party are on their way to my first Duna crew, with another, better thought out 3-man lander. Hopefully tomorrow I bring everyone back. (it's an album)
  6. Ah, that's it, I probably switched it off while trying to look at the flight log. Thank you!
  7. In the previous version I used to have, while out of the map view, little on-screen prompts that would show where and how far nearby debris or ships are. It's gone now, however. Is it something that was removed in the latest version or did I somehow deactivate it? If so, how do I switch it back on?
  8. My Duna rocket: My crew stranded on Duna: Help should be there soon, just tested the necessary crewtank. I landed on Ike on the way too, don't have the screenshots on hand but it was nice.
  9. Mine are the first glorious kerbals and Duna since monday - and are stuck there after running out of fuel due to an haphazard launch window and picnic on Ike. But then there was the matter of the rescue team featuring Bill, Bob and Jeb too! So those are hanging out in a module landed on Kerbin so the new rescue team can have different names.
  10. 1) Use 64x64, judging by the example file (size of one of the grid squares). No insight on 2) for now, gotta try that
  11. Shape-wise, I'd suggest funky space probe wheels like Curiosity's. I like rolligon too.
  12. Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your newfound space program abilities! Regarding the jetpacks, when controlling a kerbanaut you can toggle the jetpack on/off by pressing "r" (or at least that's the default key). You'll see the character deploy the jetpack commands and then you can steer him using the same keys you use to steer the ship and its throttle. It doesn't handle quite like a ship, more like a normal FPS, but you'll quickly get used to it. Just try small maneuvers at first, lest you fly away from the ship. Right-clicking on your kerbal will also show you the remaining jetpack fuel
  13. I'm not certain I understand that terminator thing. You just mean aligning with sunrise on the map view or should I be looking for some marker?
  14. I've almost exclusively used Mechjeb-less ships (though not vanilla, I do use things like muon detectors, bigtrak floodlights and the fuel fix) until recently and been able to do precision landings on Mün and Minmus, though not Kerbin (what with the drag). However combined with the engineer redux chip I've found it to be a huge help for quickly testing experimental ship layouts, especially heavy lifters. It's pretty handy to just tell it to fly around and watch instead of having to wonder if the latest explosion was a flaw in your piloting or in the design itself. It does seem to have a few
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