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  1. That's just what I wanted! Thank you
  2. Thanks for the comments I'll probably just live with the jsi camera for now.... Tried shortly to see if I could make it "stageable" but it just made the engine activation sound I'm guessing its a bit deeper in the code than just the parts.cfg....
  3. I guess it would be more of a visual/hardness thing, rather than a realistic thing. But I think it would make the game harder, as I find myself very reliying on the 3rd person camera, which you would not have IRL. But that might just be me. IVA is only available during manned missions. This is mostly meant as an idea for probes/satelites.
  4. Hello I've been playing for quite some time now, and find myself wanting more of a challenge. So I thought of something I was not able to find any mod that does. The idea is basically a hardcore camera mod, where the player would not be able to use the 3rd person camera the game mainly uses. Even when firing probes that does not come with IVA view. One would have to place cameras (or simply launch it relying on information from HUD) like in real life. I know there are mods that comes close to this. Where this would differ from others, is that you "stage" the cameras. Ie: 1st stage has burnt out and you stage to your 2nd, the camera would "automatically" switch to the camera you placed to check that sepration and ignition went to plan. At launch you would be looking through a fixed camera at the launchpad that would focus on the rocket until it reaches XXX height. Then it would automatically switch to the camera activated in the 1st stage (if any). I have no idea how modding works, if this is even possible or whether or not I would be able to do this. But I have done a bit of modding in other games and have allways wanted to learn a bit of programming. But first, I want to pitch the idea to the community, asking a few questions: Is there a mod that does this already? (I dont think there is, but correct me if i'm wrong) Do you think its a good idea? Is this something you would use? If you have any suggestions expanding on the concept, they're welcome. Have a nice day!