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  1. OK! Thanks. So if I install older version of core it will works?
  2. Hello! I have a problem with your mod. I can't use your tanks, because when I put one of them (I tried service module and tac) to the rocket it doesn't have right click GUI. Moreover I can't remove the tank! I have "Procedural Parts - The next phase of Stretchy SRBs" mod, TAC life support mod. I am waiting for your ideas.
  3. Thanks NathanKell! Honestly I tried it, but its too difficult for me.
  4. Will somebody make a real fuel config for this? This is awsome!
  5. Will somebody make a real fuel config for this? This is awsome!
  6. Will be add deadly reentry plugin to the heatshield? It would be more awsome!
  7. Thanks xZise! Yesterday I read about ullage a lot. I always learn lots of new things, this is what I like in KSP. Playing with the throttle, slowly to avoid draining is another new thing. I met with this (activated engine for a very short period and goes off) but now I understand. Thanks again! Balázs
  8. Thank you NathanKell! This mode is amazing! Keep up the good work!
  9. Maybe I didn't read everything about the engines in connection with this mode, but I don't understand why my engine doesn't work. In the gui I can see "fuel flow unsecure, very unsecure, risky". What could cause it? My vessel is on the 300 km orbit, and now I try to descent, but the engine is dead.
  10. I don't know is this answered yet, but in the map mode impossible to close, or minimalize the ECLSS panel. Are there any solution?
  11. First of all thanks metaphor, this is beautiful. I love it. I made a new install (firstly RealSolarSystem, PlanetFactory, VisualEnhancements(Clouds and City Lights), UniverseReplacer mods) and after that your mod. I don't have: Saturn, Uranus and theese systems, Neptune's system and pluto's. What could be the problem? EDIT: Problem solved, I loaded the sentar expansion and it works properly. Thanks again!
  12. I saw metaphor's Cassini-Huygens mission's pictures, and theese are awesome. What texture pack is used to Jool looks like jupiter?
  13. I had the same problem, some of saved crafd couldn't be loaded, because some parts (all of them were squad's) missed. My solution : recopy the missing parts from the original game zip, and everything will be ok! (it was 4 parts)