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  1. ill probably send unmanned probes to every planet, then decide later for a manned mission
  2. I have always wondered where the strap on boosters of the Soyuz fall or the second stage. Because they're launched from Baikonur which is in the middle of Asia, do they fall onto land? or do they go far enough to land in the pacific. Just wondered.
  3. the redstone and atlas are looking very nice! i can't wait to use the atlas for other payloads to!
  4. so....where is it? i've carefully looked all over but i got nothing
  5. i think your right, IVA's will start simple and expand to be more complex possibly before docking is implemented, to kind of build a good foundation for space station/ base building where you can float inside.
  6. i can't wait for the Mars Decent Imager (MARDI) footage. A 5 fps video from heat shield separation to touchdown
  7. so far this entire thread is basically planet talk, but not about IVA's will IVA's just be a cockpit view, or will it include floating around inside a ship?
  8. Please don\'t copy our solar system planet for planet, although i do like the mars idea. it just wouldn\'t be as exciting since it would be so similar. Also, i\'d like the throw out the idea of a dwarf planet, since nobody has mentioned it.
  9. it would be cool if one of the rocky planets have a very small moon (such as Phobos, which orbits Mars)
  10. just figured it out sorry, i use photobucket
  11. I decided to go as far as i could and sent an unmanned probe, and i guess it didn\'t take long thanks to 100,000x speed. Kerbol disappeared from sight and also in the map and all I could see was some debris. I got to over 1,000,000 km and 2300 elapsed days! I wonder if its the farthest a Kerbal made object has been away from Kerbin ?
  12. Hello everyone! i finally got a forum account and have been hooked on KSP since 0.15
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