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  1. @alexustas I've been playing KSP since v0.11 and this is the coolest mod I've seen. I never cared for the UI of KSP and always wondered what the point of the IVA was given its limitations. The developers of KSP should pay you to implement something like this in an expansion pack. Well done!
  2. Wow, after using this mod for over a year, I finally took senior design where I made a waypoint following autopilot for a small UAV (without having taken Stability & Control of Aircraft yet). I just now realized that you have a built in derivative calculator and basic sim capability. After toying with building a shuttle with no success, I finally found the design aid and was able to get it working in two minutes. I feel really stupid right now.
  3. Honestly, every time I come back hoping RSS won't be an absolute nightmare to get working I'm disappointed. You all need to cooperate and just release one zip file with everything I need to get working. Having so many separate dependencies and bad instructions just ruins it for me. Either that, or someone who has it working needs to release a full download somewhere else. I got RSS working ONCE in 0.22 and never again. This is more complicated than Solidworks. I might as well go model a Saturn V in there, it would take me less effort than it would tot get this working.
  4. Someone really needs to get to work on this. I can't get it to work and can't get real fuels to work. There's just too many mods to download for this for it to be reasonable to get them all individually. The UI never loads for me no matter what I do.
  5. Here's the link to Ledenko's Apollo CM project. It could be the one you found since he's still looking for an IVA artist. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/48867-WIP-Apollo-like-crew-module-%28Updated-download-28-12-2013%29 The IVA is just stock MK1-2 right now but I'd love to see a good recreation of the original CM internals (within reason) similar to the ALCOR project. The Apollo missions definitely had an impact on me choosing to go into Aerospace Engineering. They never fail to amaze me no matter how many times I watch a documentary about them or recreate them in KSP.
  6. I've been waiting for this! Could there be a possible collab between you and Ledenko, who is developing a replica Apollo CM? That is, would you possibly be able to implement this into Mihara's Prop Monitor for use in IVA?
  7. Actually I wasn't even aware the parachute/docking mechanism was included as a separate part. I just now saw it in the folder. I think I could probably still use that LES with part clipping turned on. I'll post an update of my Apollo 10 mission whenever I get time. Again, love the model! EDIT: I tried to use the included parachute/docking module, doing my own rescale to fit the RSS mod, but was having difficulties with docking. A real pain considering it takes about 20 minutes to get into a transfer trajectory. Going to switch back to the regular docking ports.
  8. Nice work Ledenko! Love the look of the Apollo capsule (whoever said it looks like Orion, NO! Orion looks like Apollo CM!). Here's my RSS Saturn V launch vehicle with C/SM & LEM (in the fairing) replica. Ignore those ugly ullage boosters, I haven't gone in to reconfigure the nice KW ones for RSS. Will we see a complete Apollo Flight computer implemented using RPM? .
  9. HOLY S***! YES!!!! I hope this could be implemented at some point in the future. As far as computation speed goes, what are you running this on and is it at all playable?
  10. I've got to agree. I'd go as far to say as this is one of my favorite games of all time. I knew I wanted to get into the Aerospace engineering field before I even started applying for college. I found it when I finished my freshman year (2011). Now when classes get tough all I need as a little KSP to remind me why I'm doing this. It's also a really intuitive way to understand maneuvering in space; much more helpful than trying to decipher the professor's vector diagrams in Astrodynamics and has been super helpful when reading up on the math behind all of the maneuvers since I already understand how they work on a conceptual level. I've actually been surprised to see that when my Astro professor asks a question, I know the answer because I played KSP! It's amazing to see how far it's come from when it was just Kerbin and the Mun. There's really nothing else like it out there.
  11. Wow, amazing work here! This kind of immersion is what I've been waiting for. I would love to see a CM with a control layout as good as this when you're finished working on ALCOR.
  12. This is awesome! I take it full Mech Jeb command would be possible given you've already done it with the Smart A.S.S. module? I like this much better than having a bunch of different GUI's cluttering the screen. With this, I can just press F2 and view all of my orbital info in a beautiful and immersive IVA and get a good view of the "Star Map" without all the clutter. Can't wait to see what else is done with this.
  13. I've played for over 500 hours without knowing that existed, thank you. 0.o
  14. I haven't seen this suggested or in the "Do Not Suggest" list so here it is. It would be great to have the option to disable decoupler ordinance in-flight, much like reaction wheels in control pods. We've all been there, I'm sure. We finally get that intercept to Moho or some other planet and mid-flight we accidentally swipe the stage button (or someone else does) forcing us to revert to a quicksave.
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