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  1. http://www.twitch.tv/fiatlux64 Hey all! Join me on my quest to land a probe (and eventually more) on Eve! The stream started about 15 minutes ago. Just getting into orbit now. The frame rate isn't amazing and I'm not the most experienced player but if you feel like joining it'll be a lot of fun.
  2. I keep them alive when possible. I actually just lost Bill and Jeb last night (heartbroken) while reentering Kerbin's atmosphere. They were in two separate ships coming down beside each other (long story made short: Jeb's ship was dead in space, the hatch was blocked by a parachute, and Bill came to push him into the atmosphere) and everything was going really well, until I accidentally switched to a piece of debris instead of the other ship, and my two kerbals disappeared due to the game mechanic where unattended ships in the atmosphere will be deleted. I hope they spawn again soon.
  3. Batteries, then struts. I can predict that the next one will be NERVA.
  4. Last night (early this morning) performed my first Apollo-style mission without any problems (even though I forgot to fill the LM's RCS tanks before separating from the CM). It was as authentic as I could make it without actually making the craft look exactly like the real deal; the mission included the launch, the detachment of the CM/SM from the LM and redocking with it, the transfer, the separation of the LM from the CM, a textbook descent and landing, the return to the CM using only the ascent phase of the LM, and finally a safe return to Kerbin. The only thing that deviated from the actual Apollo missions was that I put the vehicle into a highly eccentric orbit around the Mun (a major design flaw... wouldn't have had enough delta-v to get home if I had circularized). So I sent the LM down at periapsis and waited for the CM to complete its [very long] revolution and then rendezvoused with it when it came back to its periapsis, and immediately set about burning toward munar retrograde so I could take advantage of the Oberth effect. Made it into Kerbin's atmosphere with about 12 L of fuel left. All in all, a successful mission and it was very fun and rewarding to do it Apollo-style.
  5. Been around since .15 and I would estimate somewhere between 350 and 400 hours.
  6. Awesome! That's really great. You'll only continue to do greater and greater things from here!
  7. I have a decent-sized station in LKO, with a capacity for 10 kerbals (it only has 3 on-board currently though). Other than that, the only thing I have in space since the last update is a bunch of satellites and probes.
  8. I started playing at .15, but when I see videos of some of the first versions of the game, I definitely notice and really like the palm trees around KSC. I think it would be neat to bring those back.
  9. Your lander stage is exactly the same as Scott's and it's not working? No modifications to that stage at all? At what altitude are you detaching your second-to-last stage? EDIT: May have something to do that Scott starts his descent with about 2/3 fuel in his last tank - he's already burnt some performing other maneuvers. That lightens things up a bit for his descent. Not sure if that's your problem though.
  10. I saw a space station that has a large cylindrical dock component similar to what I think you're describing, called the OASIS station. (HERE) Try looking at how this user launched and assembled the space-dock portion. Sorry if I'm getting the wrong idea of what it is you're building. EDIT: You have to scroll down through quite a few pictures to get to the launch of that particular module.
  11. Does anything you do in-game affect the number of recruitable kerbals that are generated? May seem like a silly question... I only ask because when I started the game I had 4 or 5 in the available-for-hire queue, and after successfully completing several missions the number jumped up to around 12 or 13.
  12. My thoughts exactly. It will probably let you check your records, look at accomplishments, select missions... maybe manage budget or something too?
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