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  1. Tip: When using HyperEdit's Land feature, the ship falls very slowly until some part of it contacts the surface. Setting the Altitude higher will give you more time to right the ship with flight controls before it touches down. Thanks for all the detail! So, it's not the rover's panels but another ship's. Can you do a test in steps to isolate the moment the panels get broked? Land habitat, then check that panels are OK. Change scene to VAB/SPH or another ship, then right back again. Panels still OK? Change scene to get rover launched (using HyperEdit here?), then back again. Panels still OK? Change scene to put rover around Duna, then back again. Panels still OK? Change scene to land rover, then back again. Panels broked now? [*]Have you tried retracting the panels before leaving the habitat's flight scene? [*]Are any other parts affected, like ladders, legs, lights, etc? [*]Does it happen with panels on a habitat that was landed without HyperEdit? I know this takes a long time, but it might help.
  2. Benie, Thanks for the report, and I'm sorry you're having trouble. First off, what do you mean by "HyperEdit a rover" specifically? Which HyperEdit feature are you using? What do you mean by "gone"? Are they removed entirely or just broken like from G forces? What is the exact sequence of steps required to recreate the issue, from starting the game to the problem? Have you tried a different rover-panel combination? Can you send us a copy of your .craft file? You can paste it into our Contact form on our website. Does it happen on other planets like Kerbin? Just a reminder. Solar panels must always be retracted before moving a ship, AFAIK. Even RCS docking maneuvers can break them off. I realize this probably doesn't help much, but it's a thing. I'm sorry I can't be more help at this time! I'm still more of an administrator than a real coding expert, but I'm learning. I have however put this on our list, and I'll make sure that somebody helps you, one way or another. I fully expect that someone else will jump in here and save me, like always. In the meantime, you may be the best one to do further testing on it. Please tell us if you learn anything more.
  3. Oh, I'm sorry I confused you. I'm good at that. However, I say so much in the hope you can pick out something useful, and you have, so good! But... no, silly. Don't write the coords down (caveman), use the "Save" and "Load" buttons. I expect there is a minimum resolution at the surface (known in the military as "clicks"). Meaning, that not all points on the surface can be teleported to, and so you'll snap to the point nearest the coords. This is only an hypothesis, and I haven't tested it at all. It could be that "Set to current position" is actually rounding out the numbers. MechJeb and other plugins can give you your exact position with fine precision, if I'm not mistaken. That might help you to refine your waypoint. This kind of thing is what I intend to iron out. I like an interface that people just "get", ya know? It should be intuitive and do what the user expects in as much as possible.
  4. Oh yea. As you may know, you can press the "Set to current position" button to show and save a location. The notation of those values may give clues to the inner math, as could looking at the source. The default saved coordinates file, ".\GameData\Kerbaltek\PluginData\HyperEdit\landcoords.txt" contains these two locations: Airstrip Island - Wet,-1.498,-0.72088h KSC Runway Beach - Wet,-0.435d,-0.7439h You'll notice the lack of cardinal directions, the negative values, and the "h" and "d" suffixes, which seem to just confuse me. If (big if) the coordinates are mapped to a Merkator projection (rectangular atlas), then as you move away from the equator, the scale increases to infinity at the poles, which would drastically affect the meaning of these location values (and may not be possible, I'm just spit-balling). So, other coordinate system and projection would likely also make huge differences, so the seemingly bizarre results we see might be explained by the answer to which KSP uses. After all I've written, it'll be funny if the answer is just a one-liner.
  5. I probably should wait until Devo, sirkut or another HyperEdit expert responds, before I say something stupid (too late! ), but I believe - and there's a short blurb on this in HyperEdit's "Help" screen - that all units are standard "Si units", and instead of degrees N/S/E/W, surf coords are represented as +/-, x/y. Now, I take that to mean: (N = x>0), (S = x<0), (E = y>0), (W = y<0), but I'm not confident about this. Also, the numbers have multiplier letters (d/h/etc., days/hours/mins?), and that's where I get lost because in my brain (not fluent in Si units), degrees should be in there somewhere, and none of the multiplier values I try for those, even from the Si list, seem to work out like I expect. While writing this book/post, I got to thinking about the various "projections" used to make a global atlas fit on a 2d map. So, question for the community: Which coordinate system does KSP use for planet surfaces? Is it one of those listed here?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coordinate_system Admittedly, I haven't taken the time to study all this much, but I do think HyperEdit's interface could be more intuitive. "The Maker" (of HyperEdit) did the hard part for us, now I'd like to pimp it up a bit. Changing and/or clarifying the input units throughout HyperEdit is high on my personal priority list, but others may consider other tasks more important. On that note, setting up our task list priorities according to the community's priorities for each task is another task that's also high on our soon-to-be prioritized list of tasks. Someday, I'd like to add many more interface aids, options and go-fasters to all the features in HyperEdit -such as making "Refill resources" variable and tank/batt-specific, including and not limited to: sliders, up/dn/lf/rt incrementing via arrow keys and mouse, auto-complete/history buffers, customizable/trigger-able hot-keys and presets, and even GUIs where possible. Like if MechJeb's ascent path plot image were draggable. I'm not "qualified" as a coder yet, but I'm hoping that this type of thing isn't too difficult. Regardless, it's almost certainly pretty low on the priority list. In this particular case, the holy grail fix (IMO) would be a 3d graphical representation of the planet's sphere (is it possible to add another scene to KSP or mimic/use MechJeb's "Choose target on the surface" feature?), with an adjustable grid/scale, and one or more draggable pins to mark positions. Of course, with a readout/input to show/enter coords and make other tweaks like "Slew __ clicks N/S/E/W", "Snap-to-grid", "Nearest coast", and whatever else is awesome. It could even evolve into a waypoint based navigation system of some sort, even though I have no idea why that might be useful for a teleporter, but hey.
  6. There is also a "Help" button in HyperEdit, that shows some useful info, and directs to external resources as well, like Wikipedia for orbital components. However, that info isn't very complete IMO, so I'm adding it to the list for fleshing out. I'm a big fan of comprehensive internal help systems.
  7. I honestly have no clue, just heard of Unity, and know almost no C#, but since you're still waiting for a reply, and I'm interested, I'm going to investigate. Don't expect much. :|
  8. I use the land feature a lot and I've never seen it activate engines or stage that I can recall. I assume you've tried various ships and whatnot. I appreciate the info. It is certainly a problem, and I hope we can work out a solution.
  9. Hmmm... I seem to think that's not caused by HyperEdit, since it doesn't touch RCS, but I'm no expert. If anyone thinks this is a HyperEdit issue, I'll add it to our hit list.
  10. I'm glad to find out that I wasn't imagining this. I will add this to the list of things to investigate. Are you able to reproduce this consistently? If so, can you provide any more details of when exactly it happens? If not, that's cool, but it might help.
  11. Hey sirkut! Loving the company name! I've been so busy that I hadn't even played in the last week, but this makes me want to go rebuild my space station better.
  12. The question was asked about a previous license for HyperEdit, and for the sake of transparency, I went digging for it and found nothing. In fact, so far I see no evidence that the creator designated any particular license at all. If someone is aware of one, please point me to that info. Since, as Mr Shifty pointed out, the law states that a work's originator retains all rights by default, that means that without any explicit designation, HyperEdit was not legally open to being forked by anyone. So, I've taken the step to add that explicit statement to the project, in writing. I'm not saying that the creator didn't mean for it to be this way all along, just that I do now.
  13. I'm sorry you're upset, but I'm confused as to what else you expect me to do. As for my rights, I've asserted only those given to me by law. If you feel differently, please let me know where I'm wrong, specifically, and I will correct the matter immediately, as I've done so far. By all means, the GPL license I've granted you gives you the right to fork this project, and I encourage you to do so if you wish.
  14. I appreciate your concern, and I understand. I assure you that I do have complete ownership, and that I'm respecting all applicable laws, as well as the rules from Squad regarding Add-Ons. However, if anyone thinks something is missing, please speak up and I will do my best to address any issues that remain.
  15. I want apologize once more about my "Why do you care?" comment. I know exactly why you care, and they're the same, excellent reasons I and others do. Furthermore, you all have every right to question me about every detail of the project, and it behooves me to offer information freely. DYJ and 42undead2, Not only was my comment rude, but it was disrespectful to members of the community who willingly share in the well being of HyperEdit. I'm sorry and I will do my best to never react that way again.
  16. For the record. As the new owner - rather than a licensee or 3rd party - I'm not legally obligated to do anything, other than to honor whichever license I choose to use. My website has contained a credit to HyperEdit's creator since before its existence was made public. I've never suggested that I created HyperEdit. The creator of HyperEdit has conveyed their strong wish to have nothing more to do with this project, and only begrudgingly allowed the credit I've already given.
  17. Sorry, not yet. I think that falls under the "make all settings persistent" item on our todo list, though, so it will happen eventually!
  18. No, you're not "supposed" to be using anything. It's a standard .zip file like all others. ANY standard zip archive tool will work. I just RECOMMEND 7-zip because it's free and good.
  19. But I recommend 7-zip instead. Free is always better, and 7-zip is better for other reasons too.
  20. Questions about WinRAR should be directed to them. The .zip file provided is no different than most. Just follow the directions for whichever software you use to handle .zip files, or use the Windows explorer to copy the contents into your KSP game folder.
  21. If anyone experienced with HyperEdit would like to punch up a FAQ, I'd be very grateful. I'm working on our website at the moment, and the FAQ is on my todo list, but there are folks here that are more familiar with it than I. I'll start it here, then each of us can add whatever we think of to it.
  22. Why do you care? This is the only official HyperEdit plugin for KSP, so why would a license from its past matter? EDIT: That was rude, and I'm sorry. The license is GPL, and I've added that to the readme ("HyperEdit_ReadMe.txt") along with basic unzipping instructions, added the readme to the .zip file, and uploaded the new .zip to the SpacePort and our site. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.