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  1. I've updated the package to include the new folder structure, so just unzip the .zip file into your KSP game folder - the one with KSP.exe in it. I just noticed that the ReadMe.txt didn't make it into the final package. I'll fix that right away.
  2. The license is GPL, and I need to add a copy of that to the package. I believe the ReadMe.txt does say that. EDIT: It doesn't - I fixy. What do you mean by "original" license?
  3. I am familiar with that bug, and I've added it to the list. I think the Kerbal that's in the seat just gets abandoned by the simulation somehow.
  4. That sounds mathematically difficult, but I love a challenge, so it's on the list.
  5. Actually, I don't see why we can't make it an option to change the GUI to either of them, or even more layouts, and/or a custom layout configurator, like MechJeb has. Added to the list.
  6. OK! I look forward to your ideas. Maybe we'll have a design contest and offer something cool as a prize. I do have a fallback idea (a site to mimic), but I was hoping for user input so I don't have to go there. Please contact us from our site on this subject so this thread isn't blown out too much.
  7. I need a visual design scheme, including concept, layout and colors. I can build to an example or description, and I can even make the graphic elements, but I just don't have the creative spark to invent the design.
  8. Thanks! But, no thanks. I like my code as it is. All we need is artwork and/or visual design input.
  9. Yes! I'd love that. I can handle the programming - and there's a lot going on behind that boring exterior - but I need help with the visual design. Can you provide an artist's touch and give me some ideas or even some graphic art elements?
  10. I guess that one isn't! I'm sorry you lost your favorite part of HyperEdit ! I don't know why khyperia removed it. I'm not entirely sure just yet, but I think we're planning not to duplicate functionality provided by MechJeb, and their Translatron does this if I'm not mistaken.
  11. All the same features are available, as far as I know (I never used the old version) but the buttons are organized differently. What specific feature are you looking for?
  12. Good idea. I'm inclined to display that as a warning while always asking the user for the exact position radially, and preventing teleport unless the destination is clear of the surface. Better yet, I'd like a visual representation of the final orbit with the precise position of the ship, like a Navigation Node Editor.
  13. Please see the subject of this thread for the version supported. Yes. I'm putting up a new SpacePort Mod page very soon. No idea. Please tell us!
  14. Short answer (my favorite kind): No. The big plan for HyperEdit right from the start is to not mess it up, and improvements will come. What I have done is to repackage the .zip file to include the source files, in the new GameData folder structure. I also added some of my own preset Landing coordinates. It tests perfectly for me, and I hope for you as well!
  15. HyperEdit is the ultimate cheat plugin for KSP. Teleport your ship, refill your tanks, change any orbit, move the planets around, and edit things like speed, gravity, atmospheric pressure, time, and more. v1.5.8, released July 10, 2018 : Works with KSP v1.7, and all versions back to 1.4.1. Kerbaltek Aerospace is proud to be the official home of HyperEdit. For FAQs, official downloads, update notifications and more, visit our site: www.Kerbaltek.com/hyperedit Please feel free to contact us here or on our site with any support or other issues you might have. We'll do our best to address everything in time.
  16. That actually answers some questions for me. Thanks for the encouragement, and for the suggestion (good one! +1). I was also thinking about trying to make the refill process happen over a few seconds instead of instantly. I've had a few watercraft bite the big one from the sudden added weight. This thread is closed, so find us at our new site: http://www.KerbaltekAerospace.com
  17. I don't know if there's a built-in function to do that, but you should be able to iterate through it's children. Did you check with Unity? http://Docs.Unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/GameObject.html
  18. That does happen to me at times as well, when editing an orbit and when "landing". All I can offer at this point is to try restarting the game, and try a different ship or orbit. Some ships seem to have more trouble than others, and it only happens sometimes. "Exploding on teleport" is +1 on our list.
  19. We're going to make that more intuitive and flexible... someday.
  20. That may actually not be the forum here causing that; you may have some hidden or non-standard character in your code that is translating to a whitespace here. I highly recommend you find out what is causing that, as I strongly suspect that that is why it's not working for you. I could easily be wrong, but that's my hunch. << ["His hunches ARE good..."]
  21. No, HyperEdit is activated by pressing Alt + h on the keyboard. As for that code, I have no idea. I'm still very new to C# and Unity, and I'm not fluent in the code yet. But it should be easy to do what you want. If nothing else, you could trigger keystrokes like Alt + TAB or even the Windows key, on a button click. Just have the button load with the view instead of waiting for the hotkey (Alt + h). Suggestion: make the button drag-able, transparent, and persistent between restarts.
  22. I don't really know the first thing about it, but the GUI is what I'm interested in as well. HyperEdit is a non-part plugin that uses the UnityEngine.GUILayout class to generate its buttons and whatnot. The new official repository for HyperEdit source code is here: https://github.com/swifthawk/hyperedit (see Window.cs for GUILayout stuff) I hope this helps. Good luck!