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  1. Anyone know how to access any hud elements? Perhaps changing and/or adding more waypoints in the navigation ball?

    So, without reading every word of every page of this ungainly thread, has anyone responded to this or have any info on the HUD components and how to work with them? I've not seen any plugins do this, nor anyone discussing it, but I'm still rather new here.

    I'm planning/hoping to create a Heads-Up Compass, that shows which way the player's view is facing, as opposed to just the vessel's heading. Also, I'd like to be able to modify the existing HUD display components and/or make them individually moveable/zoomable. For instance, moving the gauges to a secondary monitor would be very nice - like good flight sims.

    I'm an experienced web (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS) programmer, but I'm just now learning C#, so any tips that anyone can offer would be awesome. :cool:

  2. khyperia,

    Do you have the latest source code (1.2.1) posted anywhere? It seems the GitHub version is old (1.1.2).

    I'm very interested in this plugin from a programming point of view (I'm an old-school programmer finally learning C). I use HyperEdit all the time for landing my water craft at the KSC beach, etc., and I see the need for other features that might fit in well with it.

    I'm trying to decide whether to make my own plugin to accomplish what I want, or just offer it to you as an addition to HyperEdit.

  3. What fun! So, it turns out that racing boats is another awesome aspect of KSP. Here's my attempts at a pure speed record. This ship is called "Water Speed 4". She's not as pretty as her sisters, but she cruises comfortably at 250m/s, and can survive - and maybe even maneuver - at 266m/s. I've had her to 273, where she promptly explodes. The speed in the image below reads "266.3m/s".

    Consider the gauntlet thrown, brethren. I claim the record! Yea, I said it.


  4. Hi, everyone! :)

    I've been playing KSP for a bit now and feel like I can finally post w/o feeling a complete tool, so here I am with my requisite social graces and whatnot.

    So far I find KSP to be thrilling, maddening, awesome, and terrible - of course, I love it. Playing and thinking about KSP seems to get my brain jazzed up to the point where I can't seem to focus on other things. Ah-well, it can't be any worse than my Minecraft addiction... right? :wink:

    I love to help others with tech-stuff and whatever, so feel free to ask me anything, about anything.

    Cheers, Kerbs!