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    Gah! Yep, that was it.  I feel dumb now.  It's been staring at me in the face every time lol

    Why is that option there? I can't see why you would want that window to pop up every time...


    That's a perfectly good question.  I added that feature so that I - and I assume others - can easily move my craft to wherever I'm doing my testing, without all the extra mouse clicks.  For instance, I like to build water craft, and I use HyperEdit to put them in the water immediately after launching to the pad or runway.  Having it pop up right away, and remember my previous coords, is very convenient for that kind of repeated use.

  2. 7 minutes ago, xtoro said:

    The Landing window always opens whenever I switch to a ship or go to the tracking station.  I can close it, but the next time I switch to a ship or go to the tracking station, it opens again.  I'm using the latest version on KSP 1.3 and it also did this with the 1.2 versions in both Windows and Linux.

    Also, anytime I click on the "H" in the bar, or press ALT+H, the main window opens, but so does the Landing window.

    How do I get rid of this?  I don't even ever use it...

    You have selected the "Auto Open" option in the Lander.  Just click it again to turn it back off.  :wink:

  3. Yes, that does help, I think - thanks!

    It might be nice to get some knowledgeable authority to confirm whatever we're thinking, but I see no harm in adding this calculation to the list of available sources.

    Now, do I publish right away, or is there more we might like to do first?

    On 9/18/2017 at 9:56 AM, wile1411 said:

    I think Lift and Drag are on a per part value and not single number for a vessel to track in a graph.

    I'd bet there is a way to calculate an average or something, but I'm just speculating.  Perhaps there is already something in the API that we could tap into.

  4. Well, it looks like we have dodged 3 bullets (so far) this hurricane season - I dread when our luck runs out.

    So, I'm preparing to incorporate @wile1411's code snippet, but when I look at it I'm not sure how the results will be more useful than what we already have.  I suspect this is because I'm misunderstanding the function of each thingy we're looking at regarding altitude.
    Specifically, I need someone to explain the differences between these tidbits as they relate to game play, and why players would want to graph them.  I guess I should know all this, but I'm feeling particularly slow and thick today, so thanks in advance. :)

    • vessel.altitude  [What I've called: "sea level"]
    • vessel.heightFromTerrain ["surface"]
    • vessel.altitude - vessel.heightFromTerrain ["terrain"]

    Just as soon as my VS installation is done, I will do a build and some testing.

  5. @wile1411, at first glance, I think you are correct about your code snippet, and thanks for your input. :D  It helps me immensely.

    As for doing more, I did take what I've added in the past from the API documentation and simply duplicated existing code for sources.  EDIT:  I haven't looked at this in a very long time, so there may be more we can add by now.

    Thanks also to @danielboro for your enthusiasm!  It warms my heart that others still find Graphotron useful.

    I'm afraid that I'm going to use hurricanes as my excuse for not jumping on this right away.  Irma, Maria, and Lee have me very distracted.

  6. 58 minutes ago, wile1411 said:

    I'd like to put forward a few suggestions
    One is for an additional data series to the Graphatron to allow for an interesting realtime graph. 
    Could there be a calculated series (area or bar if possible / otherwise the standard dot is fine) for "Terrain Height" (Altitude [Sea  Level] - Altitude [Surface])

    When you plot this along with "Sea Level Altitude" on the same chart, you get something like the below.


    The second suggestion is to allow resource percentage amounts be added as a Graphatron data source? ie showing the values that are in the Narrow band scanner? eg: 1.1%


    Thanks for the suggestions!  I'm not sure if I know how to implement them, particularly because I'm not good with C# - I'm mostly a custodian.  I have added these to our issues in the GitHub repo, where everyone can keep track.



  7. 19 hours ago, Exevium said:

    Thank you for making this mod! This helps me so much when testing different ship configurations. Instead of going out to Duna and discovering there that I forgot a parachute or something, I can just edit my ship there in a Sandbox and try it before I actually send the ship in Career.

    Why does the ship jump sometimes when I press . (timewarp)? I uninstalled and reinstalled and it was all good, but it was a bit weird.

    Welcome to the forum!  :)

    I'm glad you find HyperEdit useful.  It was built by The Creator, and I happily care for it as best I can.  I like to change Kerbin's stats to match whatever planet I'm headed for, that makes testing even easier.

    Sadly, the jumping in time warp is somewhat common, and I don't have a fix for it, but all my tests work if you simply change scenes (such as to the Space Center) and then back to flight.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Unistrut said:

    Give me a moment to fix the broken link and you'll be able to make your own with the original GIMP file I used to make the Kerbin system ribbons.  There's a color layer that's separate from the texture and bevel on the edges, so you just need to pick the two main colors of your planet and bucket fill that layer.  If it's a satellite of a planet then you fill the end with the planet colors and then repeat the process with the satellite's major colors.    

    I've got Version 8 of your images - the latest I know of - on Kerbaltek here:  http://www.kerbaltek.com/ribbons
    Look for the "download the raw images" link in the first paragraph.

  9. 7 hours ago, MrWalrus123 said:

    A version for some planet packs would be nice, such as GPP

    This has been suggested once or twice, but I haven't planned to do this because of a few reasons.  For one, I personally only play vanilla (stock).  Also, I'm not the person who made the ribbons or the rules that govern their use; that was the illustrious @Unistrut.  I only built the generator and host the images for Kerbaltek members.  Then, there are questions about what packs to include, and how to arrange them, with or without the stock planets, etc..

    I would suggest posting in the thread for the images and rules below.  If anyone has input on this, and/or artwork, I'd certainly consider it.  :)

    EDIT:  Oh yea, and I'm no artist either.  Don't look to me for artwork, sorry.


  10. 1 minute ago, Targa said:

    Just a quick note to all the mentions of not being able to download and getting an error. If you have cookies disabled, you can't download the file.

    I don't recall any such mentions recently.  But yes, like most sites, mine does require a session cookie, and, if no session cookie is found/accepted, it will clearly display a large, red error message saying so.  :wink:

  11. Just now, iiDogeWave said:

    I dont know what the default settings are

    To reset your settings to their defaults, there are a number of ways.

    • While in-game, before loading any save, click "Settings" and then click the "Reset Settings" button at the bottom-left of the Settings view.
    • Or, before starting the game, you can delete, move, or rename the "settings.cfg" file from the game folder.
    • Or, completely delete and reinstall the game.
    2 hours ago, Galileo said:

    It may not happen with the stock system. It may be an conflict between hyperedit and kopernicus. 

    The best way for you to replicate the issue is to install kopernicus and hyperedit to anywhere. Sometimes it does it, other times it does not, but most of the time it does. 

    With how popular kopernicus and planet packs are, I'd say it's definitely worth looking into.

    I do appreciate your input, but I'm afraid that I just don't have the know-how to troubleshoot this interaction.  Perhaps the developers of Kopernicus can be of more help.  I am sorry.  :blush:

  12. 1 minute ago, iiDogeWave said:

    Two more things, does it delete any files, because steam said i have 1 file missing  and only happended when i got hyperedit. 


    Last: is any of my graphics doing this:



    Again, HyperEdit does NOT alter any KSP files - of this I am absolutely sure.

    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking, with regard to the images of your settings.  I highly recommend you keep your settings at their defaults - at least while testing this issue.

    I would need the requested file(s) and information to help any further.

  13. Just now, iiDogeWave said:

    I have ONLY hyperedit installed. No visual mods. Just hyperedit.

    Every test I've done works perfectly, but I do appreciate your patience and continued efforts.

    Please post a copy of your ship and/or save file, along with a step-by-step sequence to reproduce the issue.  You can upload a file with your message on our Contact page, but any method is fine, such as PasteBin or similar.

    Thanks for all your help!

  14. 16 hours ago, Galileo said:

    That is something that only happens with hyperedit. 

    My guess is hyperedit is too fast, and the celestial bodies do not have time to fully load the planet. It doesn't break anything and a quick trip to the tracking station and back to the vessel fixes the issue, but it happens quite often and can sometimes destroy a vessel if you run into one of the not-so-fully-loaded sections of the body. It indeed has something to do with hyperedit though. It been like that since 1.2 

    Fair enough.  I will do some testing.

  15. 1 hour ago, grafdog1138 said:

    Yes, neither the button or the alt+H ways work. The Kerbaltek folder is inside the GameData folder next to the Squad one. When will the issue be fixed?

    It sounds like you have the wrong version.  Double check which of each you're using - KSP and HyperEdit.  You will find that the correct version of HyperEdit will work with the version of KSP that it's meant for.  :wink: