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  1. Would anyone happen to know where the saved paint jobs are stored? I'm just now updating this, and I don't want to lose them!
  2. These look fantastic! I just tested TURD + Stock Recolor + MH-BG_Stable_001. It's working great for MH and BG parts! However, I'm still not seeing the docking port fix that you have on screen here. Did I miss a download or a config? Or is this part of another update you guys are currently working on? Background: ALL docking ports still have blank textures for me as of the 1.12 update, which made changes to the stock docking port models. Everything else works great! Temporary Solution: I've deleted all references to docking ports in the 1110_Standardised_Switching.cfg and 1110_Standardised_Recolour.cfg config files. This seems to just revert the docking port colors and textures back to stock 1.12 without effecting anything else (albeit no sexy modded paint jobs). If anyone is interested, let me know what the best/safest way to post edited config files is!
  3. The Rapier plumes are absolutely gorgeous! But...when I put more than two of them on a craft, my sim-speed and fps DROP dramatically. Looking at the rapier config via the in-game GUI, there are A LOT of effects going on here at once compared to other engines. Like 16 per engine! (I'm guessing 4 per nozzle?) Is there any way to tidy up their effects and/or memory usage? That really starts to add up when some of us have SSTO's that use like 6-16 rapiers at once! I've tried messing with the config via the gui... but I am just a simpleton. Help! For now I've just moved the Rapier.cfg out of the waterfall folder, which reverts the engine plume back to stock. (Giving me back my sweet, sweet frames.) I love the waterfall rapiers', quadruple pink shock diamonds! But I wonder if there's a less graphics intensive way of seeing them, or if maybe they could be reduced to one plume per engine? If anyone has their own guidance, or maybe their own plume config file, it would be much appreciated!
  4. Hey there! Do you think you could link that docking port hotfix you mentioned? I can't find that comment for the life of me! For now I've just deleted all references to docking ports in the TU config files. (It's pretty easy, just search the part names in notepad). You get no sexy paints for docking ports, but they default back to their stock textures instead of being grey.
  5. If you hate mods, consider looking at Bobcat Industries latest realease. It comes complete with 3 crewable rovers, some with IVA, an orbital drop cargo pod for delivering small rovers, and much more. Think Mass Effect's Mako M35. (Known as Bobcat's "Rat") Yeah, they pretty much made that. The mods are getting more insanely awesome by the day OP, check them out!
  6. Guys I love your meticulous attention to detail. You're making things that KSP has desperately needed for a long time. I can't wait to play with the new toys!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  7. There are already a few great rover/satellite mods, as well as a working warp drive mod. Use the search function in the addon release and project showcase thread. Multiplayer is impossible, how do you make timewarp possible for multiple people? Well I suppose you could put the server near a black hole or something...free relativity right?! Also, the game currently makes the player the center of the universe. Something about more accurate physics that way I heard? So obviously you can't have multiple universes. I think the best we could hope for is a co-op mode where you get to ride-along with a friend in a capsule, then tear up duna in rovers or something. Holy crap I just had a brain blast!!! Gonna post to suggestions now!!!!!
  8. Since you're making your own planet op, might I suggest naming it whatever the eff you want? Such as: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Republic_of_Dave Name it after yourself or something? Why not?
  9. At the very least we could start designing the various modules now with existing parts. People hat interplanetary ships ready to go when .17 hit.
  10. I'd be glad to volunteer to identify landing zones and build some landers for ya. Been working in a 3 kerb lander with a small foldable mechjeb'd tosh rover that the kerbs can hop on and ride around. Also I've got an idea in my head for a craft that could launch several rovers from orbit. Basically, the whole ship aerobrakes in the admosphere of a planet, drops rover/s from it's apoapsis, then burns to circularize it's own orbit. The rovers hit the atmosphere and parachute in. Pretty simple, they each way under half a ton I think. Will work on it this weekend for my own enjoyment and post pics/crafts if I come up with anything. Mods used would be Mechjeb (necessary for unmanned rovers), Tosh's cart mod, and mapsat. Maybe the protractor too.
  11. Does it randomly fly apart and/or explode? That could be a throttling issue. Basically what happens is your top stage is so heavy that the rocket stage that's firing is pushing up to hard against it. The acceleration is too great for the structural integrity of the rocket. Try adding struts between stages, throttling back a little, and add control surfaces to keep level flight. 50% of the time, it works every time lol. Make sure you're asping correctly too. I'm serious, one mistake and the whole thing tips over due to fuel imbalance. On average I save about 25% more fuel from asp staging, so it is extremely helpful. Somewhere on the forums, there is a really good guide on how to do it, I'll try and find it. It's more than fuel lines and staging. Edit: Here's that link, scroll down to where it talks about asparagus staging. Cheers
  12. The reason why you're not successful with it is because you forgot a fuel line somewhere and it caused your ship to become un-balanced, fuel emptied more quickly on one side of the rocket than the other. So the heavier side tipped downward and ruined your day. Has happened to me a few times, I was as baffled as you were till i found the solution. Only way I fly now! *If you don't check your fuel line placement and staging....you're gonna have a bad time!*
  13. You honestly don't need all that to get to Jool. As I'm finding out slowly, conservative sized ships can get you pretty far But if this thing is where asperagus staged properly...(boom)
  14. Mine are generally pop-culture references with roman numerals after their names. My current manned space craft series are a refernce to Cowboy Bebop. The "Spiegel Mk I-III", and are designed to go to Duna for example. (since spike spiegel was from mars) I might name my eve craft "Faye" with corresponding model numbers, since Eve is the femme fatal of the Kerbol system imo. The goal is to eventually create a ship that can land anywhere and do a wide variety of tasks, probably named "Bebop". Tried for a while to create a Swordfish II style spaceplane but so far I can't get the damned thing to fly stright. Lol, I am SUCH a nerd! My probes are a reference to Star Trek with the Class I-III and so on probes. Each one has different capabilities, orbiting other worlds, landing, returning, etc. Gawd I am a nerd...
  15. How about the ability to build a runway? My first laythe landing site as it turns out would be perfect for a colony complete with a runway for spaceplanes! I think mining might be a cool feature too based of of the kethane mod. Maybe you could mine materials, then make parts using 3D printers (which are totally a thing, google them). I think an ET VAB is the best option for colony building, but you ought to be able to manually dock and connect modules too if you so choose. Had a huge debate about this in a different thread, I think to satisfy everyone we need both. An ET VAB/ SPH shouldn't be hard to do in the near future imo. I'm thinking some kind of large inflatable structure that is then reinforced with a light truss system. That way it can be decompressed to roll the craft out. Fuel obviously could be mined with the existing version of the kethane mod, but vanilla-ized. Inflatables also bring about the possibility of floating airship colonies. Maybe placed in the upper atmosphere of Eve, kerbin, Jool or Laythe. Could be fun!
  16. I think with Aerobraking and gravity assists you could make a lander/return vehicle with 20-30 tons. It's gravity is similar to Duna no? Just remember to spam your hull with parachutes and struts on the parachutes so that you use as little fuel for landing as possible. Your transfer stage is going to have to be the biggun' though. You'll use up a lot of fuel trying not to crash, or fly off into interstellar space if you get your aerobraking wrong. But still not as much as if you just burn retro to capture. Also, doing your burns to change your encounter perapsis way ahead of time saves tons of fuel. (set your conic patch draw limit to like 3-5 , and draw mode to 3 so that you can figure this out in advance.) Oh, and making your orbits pro-grade helps too. Sounds like a lot, but my first Jool probe was a great learning experience, the forums help a lot too! You're doing good using those nuclear engines though! However, I think you could probably 86 the aerospikes and their fuel tanks to drop your weight. Nuclear engines do pretty well in thin atmo and low gravity. Could be wrong, you'll have to check the specific impulse.
  17. Geeze, all that just to get to laythe? What did you do, aim your rocket straight for Jool and fire?! A lightly modified nuclear duna lander would do the job! (which is pretty much a lightly modified mun lander) Still, I love me a big can o boom!! Must have been quite a challenge! Great work!! As a hint for the future, Aerobraking around Jool can save you a TON (or literally several tons) of fuel. Then use laythe's atmo to aerobrake summore! I managed to do it and just barely hit a small land mass along the equator. Rovers are a lot of fun on the surface
  18. You can move it if you want, just thought it was interesting
  19. Read the full article here: http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2012-08/rough-sketch-camera-takes-photos-100-times-bigger-average-point-and-shoot It's pretty much a sciency replication of a human eyeball, only at 1 gigapixel resolution!
  20. You sir are one DAMN good editor. I'd love to collaborate with you some time!
  21. Why not raise the landing gear Dr. Zoidburg ask's?! Drive your whole rocket around without detaching it why don't you!!??? WHOOOPWHOOOOOOOPPWHOOOOOPPWHOOOPWHOOOPWHOOOOP.
  22. Space kraken is back gents, it sent my ship spinning on the way to Duna today. On a seperate occasion it ate a nuclear engine! (Confirmed: Nuclear Space Monsters exist) It's easily defeated with a quick salvo of quicksaves/ quickloads. .18 needs another dead kraken orbiting one of it's new planets I think guys
  23. I'd buy a KSP T-shirt or pennant to flaunt around The University of Texas
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