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  1. Hello. Are you interested in updating your inflatable heat shields mod?

  2. How nice! I'm looking forward to that then. I might not know how to code, but if you need help with 3d models for some reason, I might be able to help out with that, free time permitting.
  3. I know this is a tall order, but your excellent mod opens up the possibility for something I would like a lot: Make it possible to spend both time and money to train your kerbals. Right now the only way for them to become good at what they do is through sending them on missions, which kind of defeats the purpose of an astronaut training complex. Kerbals should be prepared to handel a lot of situations. Basically what I'm suggesting is that kerbals can be put into training(making them unavailable for missions), and after a certain time they get experience. The higher their level the more the training costs, and the longer it takes. Since they get paid more during training, the player has to decide whether he's willing to send green crew or cough up the money and invest the time to send kerbals out. I think It would be a good idea to set a cap for the amount of exp the kerbals can earn this way. Well, just thought I write this, I have no idea how hard it would be to implement it(I'm guessing hard, but your mod seems to go in that direction anyway), and I'm not the least bit qualified to do this myself.
  4. Wrong forum, this needs to go into 'Add-on Development'. And you should clean up that black and yellow band, you can see where the textures intersect. Looks good otherwise.
  5. Quick reply: I won't be able to do any work on KSP for the next couple of months because I work on rock festivals. There's no good computers, decent internet or free time. The solar array in the video won't ever be released because KSP doesn't like having 4 simultanous animations. Sorry.
  6. Great mod, this makes building rockets way more fun. Couple of suggestions I'd like to see if you get around to making them: Make a texture type slot that's keyed to the fuel. Make it possible in the .cfg to have an empty fuel tank. Add TAC Life Support support. That's it.
  7. Awesome looking prospecting truck! I'm thinking about removing the collider from the lid of the central body. That should solve your problem and possibly kiwiaks launchpad explosions.
  8. v3 release: New science part(Multi-Lense Camera Array), some minor bug fixes & corrected typos, slightly adjusted science values. The name of the head transform is Cube.009 and I don't understand what cannister transform refers to.
  9. Could you write a module that allows deployable RCS?
  10. Sadly, I'm no plugin developer. I only make models, so I can't for example make "some kind of solar plasma, or dust collection apparatus".
  11. I should not have posted those pics, now I'm busy refining the model, and I still have no idea what it's going to be Right now I'm going for drying rack...
  12. Thank you very much, I'll fix that for the next release. And yes, that drill was originally designed for another mod. Since that mod has gone nowhere, I started using the parts for other things. No idea where to go with this though: It was supposed to be the construction part for the orbital construction mod, but now... no idea. Some sort of atmospheric scanner maybe?
  13. It doesn't take surface samples. It takes core samples, which can be taken while landed, yes, but they are distinct from surface samples. I even wrote new science texts for all the biomes.