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  1. Wait, why would it not load physics? Is there any way to force physics to load?
  2. Okay... Any reason why, when I spawn a craft (in orbit, haven't tried on a planet) it gets stuck in that position with the physics frozen and the input locked? I've tried Alt-L, nothing. Space, nothing. Nothing happens. I can't right-click anything on the craft either.
  3. Welcome back, Skykooler. Here's hoping the project goes well.
  4. Except it isn't. Try again. The actual name of the mod was Extraplanetary Space Centers.
  5. Well, he does actually exist (currently), and he's back on the forums (with four posts, one saying his account got deleted), so... That's good. Guess he's just working on a new thread, trying to scrape together what pictures and stuff he can (assuming they were hosted outside his machine). So... There's hope, I guess. I sent him a link to the cache, in case he needs anything contained therein. Apparently, the old thread has caches up to page 15, and no further. Not sure if that means Google's deleting them or if it just never advanced past March.
  6. I'm not sure, I've been waiting for it to come back as well... Think he abandoned the project and just forgot to tell anyone?
  7. That's exactly what I was looking for. Google's cache on that goes back to April 8, do you know if it continued past that point? Do you remember the author's username? Any way I could contact the guy?
  8. Anybody know if the S2 has an IVA? I'm having some issues with it, if so. Kerbals don't appear in the bottom right, no IVA, that sort of thing.
  9. So, before the forum disaster, I recall seeing a thread in one of the sections detailing a certain addon in development. It allowed construction of ships on other planets from a VAB that you could send to a planet, using resources like molten metal and such. It looked really interesting, and was set for a test release a few days before the forum crash. However, combing through the addons section, I've found nothing of the sort. Google returns nothing, as do Bing! and Yahoo. I'm beginning to doubt it ever actually existed in the first place, and it's driving me insane. So... Does anybody remember that mod? Do you know what happened to it? Is it still being worked on, and can we expect a thread put back up sometime soon? Or am I misremembering things, and it never actually existed at all?