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  1. An interesting bug that if I remember right has existed for quite some time but just hit me again. If I edit a recovered vessel but add zero or remove some build points as to give a negative number, such as only filling the fuel tanks or removing cargo from a bay, instead of adding those edits to the build list it simply deletes the vessel entirely. I'm guessing KCT isn't a fan of a vessel having negative build points, and BP calculations are relative to the state the vessel was recovered in. A quick fix may be adding a minimum BP to any edit, chalk it up to cost of hoisting it up in the VAB.
  2. I'm taking the approach of just sticking with the last version of Scatterer until SVE is updated.
  3. Are you by chance using Stock Visual Enhancements? I'm getting the same thing on my end but it's likely if you're using a graphics enhancement mod that uses Scatterer it they need to update things on their end to incorporate the new version.
  4. Just submitted a bug report about the Illuminators lights always being on while the light textures always being off: https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/issues/522 But would like to confirm if anyone else sees the same issues in case it's just me.
  5. SONOFA... Of course he hides it in "Editor Settings" and not "Filter Extensions"... That both wasted a bunch of my time trying to get around this and saved me from wasting a ton more. Much appreciated.
  6. I tried using that to get around the issue. Unfortunately it has the issue of not displaying parts that have not been purchased, and I've not seen any way around that. I'd be trading one issue for another.
  7. Confirmed. Just did an exhaustive mod search to determine what was the issue, and it was RPM. Both full mod and core version seem to have the issue.
  8. Sorry, the above "/s" and emote was intended to denote sarcasm. Believe me, you made it clear enough.
  9. Whoohoo! linuxgurugamer does it again! Quick question, what release is this and is this safe to use with my current save without backup? /s
  10. I had tried the experimental version but ran into the bug where reselecting the VAB queue shows an empty window. Tried to revert to the stable version but I'm still getting the same bug. Has anyone else run into this, and is there a solution to at least get it back to where it was?
  11. I was using the experimental build for 1.5, which I thought (apparently erroneously) would be more functional than the 1.4 build was, even if i was incomplete. I guess I could have stuck with the stable release. That has been hit or miss for a while, something hopefully high on the todo list to overhaul since being taken over by westamastaflash.
  12. Thanks for the update. Been waiting patiently with quiet anticipation.
  13. Yeah, I think I misunderstood the original question, still thinking in terms of cooling rather than throughput. Thought there was some hidden mechanic I wasn't aware of.
  14. Is there documentation that states this? Does not appear on the wiki in any case.
  15. Not sure where this lies on the priority list, but on the NF Spacecraft FAQ I see that RPM integration was removed for rework. I'd trimmed NF:S from my mod list specifically because, as great as they are, didn't have RPM integration and went back to using stock pods. I didn't know they used to have it at one point. If you're wondering if it's a desired feature, FWIW I'd be using the heck out of NF Spacecraft if that was returned.
  16. I'm just spitballing here, but I was thinking about how I'd love to be the guy to go around fixing everyone's cockpits to be RPM compatible but I have neither the expertise nor time for it. But a thought popped in my head that VisualViewer has the Toolbar option of having a pop out window that shows what you'd see if it were on an RPM MFD. Would it be hard to add something similar to RPM? Have a window you can toggle on that floats over the display with a MFD for when you don't have an RPM ready cockpit? Or maybe even to use it outside of IVA? It's not nearly as immersive as the real thing but it's a much preferred stop-gap than nothing.
  17. Question, trying to finally delve into this for my modded career save. I know size and density multipliers are randomized and that asteroid classes are rendered meaningless. (A fact I lament but that's besides the fact.) Once tracked, is there a way to check what the mass of an asteroid is without having to visit it first? Having to send out a probe for every rock I find with no indication as to which ones are small enough to actually work with will get expensive.
  18. If you mean a minimum concentration, yes. Except I do believe it's 5%.
  19. I'm trying to reach an understanding behind the general logic of efficiency parts. I get the basic idea, lower tier parts assisting in the production rate of higher tier, I'm wondering about generally how much of an advantage it gives you over having them work independently. Is the point to just consolidate your lower tier production at a 1:1 ratio, or is there a point where adding efficiency parts becomes more advantageous than simply adding more production? AKA, if I ship a Industrial Refinery would it be a waste not to tack on a couple Smelt-o-matics to boost efficiency? Should I be looking to add efficiency parts before adding more Refineries? Once I understand that I can wrap my head around the math much easier.
  20. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.