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  1. Sorry to bother you, but im not sure where to post this... RSB seems to be broken on CKAN and returns a 404 error when trying to update. From my limited knowledge, it seems the problem is a space being used in the URL? Any help appreciated, as the same error is occurring when trying to update Tantares.
  2. Okay, so at this point I have nothing to show you guys, only the concept and the means to make it. With that in mind, wall of text incoming. And remember, this is just at the concept stage! The end game idea, is to create a super in-depth multiplayer grand global strategy game, that anyone with a browser and an interest in role-play/strategy can sign up for and play. Potentially it would be based on the Kerbal world, however at this point it could be based on anything at all. So please let me know if you have any ideas here. Planned features. Graphical user interface In depth complex regional combat system User driven diplomatic interaction Detailed user customization; make your country, yours Advanced player driven economic features Technology progression system More features in future... The regional stage. The user interface would primarily consist of the world map, which within would be clickable regions on the map. These regions would represent the borders of their region visually. At the moment a map the size of Kerbin would have an unknown amount of regions, but I expect there to be anywhere from 200-500 regions. Each region would have these stats like this: Size of region: in square KM (For the time it would take for a unit to drive from one region to another, take the square root of this number and half it, do the same for the region you are coming from and add those numbers together and boom. Rough travel distance.) --- Terrain: Plains, Hills, Mountains, Desert, Tundra, Arctic, Coast, Ocean. (Each region will have a combination of some these with a % number next to it, this is how much of that region is covered with that terrain type. For example: 25% Plains / 75% Hills.) Terrain will have an effect on the speed at which units move through that region and their combat efficiency (Attrition, attacking, defending ect.). --- Features: Jungle, Marsh, Forest, Snow/Ice, Rivers, Cities/Towns. (The same as terrain, except these add more detail to the terrain. Rather than blank boring plains, you can have plains populated by a marsh which will make a difference on unit performance too.) Features will also have an effect on the speed at which units move through that region and their combat efficiency (Attrition, attacking, defending ect.). --- Natural Resources: Iron ores, Aluminium ores, Copper ores, Coal, Oil, Uranium ores, Gold ores, Rare earth ores. (If a region has any of these resources in it, they will be displayed with a number next to them which is the size of the deposit in metric tons or for Oil, Billion liters. For example: 103,000t Iron ores) All of these must be refined before use, except for coal. This will be covered later. Rare earth ores are a collection of resources that are widely used in construction/manufacturing but are less common/less important than Fe, Cu, Al and U. --- Region Fertility: 0-100 rating (The ratings will also be named in segments of 10. Example: 0-10;Sterile / 11-20;Wasteland / 21-30;Barren / 31-40;Fallow / 41-50;Arable / 51-60;Productive / 61-70;Lush / 71-80;Rich / 81-90;Affluent / 91-100;Shangri-la) The more fertile a region, the better the yield from farms and fishing will be. Can be lowered by nuclear attacks and things like brutally large industrial projects. --- Population & Age: Age brackets with the number of people in that bracket listed. (Under ideal circumstances the age rage for enlisting in military service is 18-30 males. You can change this to include women, and expand the age of service to include pensioners or children in desperate times. Obviously there will be dire consequences if you go to extremes. However if you just expand to use men and women, you will have doubled your available for service population with little drawback.) You need people to man things. Like factories, so if you decide to require all 18-30 men and women to serve, you will have a huge pool of manpower, but problems finding workers for factories; and may find yourself working factories with children or pensioners! --- Region Improvements: Things like improved road networks, factories, farms and airbases. (I will cover these in more depth once I have expanded the concept.) As you can see, there is a crazy amount of depth here. This doesn't even get into the combat simulation. Here are some pictures of what the concept looks like currently on paper. Here is the concept draft of what a region would/could contain. And here is the resources refining flow concept. The square [] brackets mean the resource is usable or useful for constructing things. More coming soon! Please let me know if you think you would play something like this, and leave any feedback as to what you like or what features you'd like to see!
  3. I'm impartial, whatever floats my boat at the time of wanting to upgrade is what I will go for. Early 2014 I got a 290x due to it being powerful and affordable. Early 2015 I got two 980s because power efficiency awesomeness with crazy overclocks, while still competing with 780ti. Both teams have their merits, just pick what you want when you want it.
  4. I guess I could've gone with more SSD space, but SSDs are expensive and RAID 0 means I had to get two to begin with, so I went with 240s with a total of 480GB once in RAID. So far it seems to be enough.
  5. I wish it was tiny, I've lugged some beasts to lan parties before... But holy crap this thing weighs near a 100lbs So, gone are the days of bringing my prized pony to lans
  6. Workstation/Overkill Gaming rig recently completed. Haven't seen how KSP runs on it yet though. Full specs: i7-5960X @ 4.5GHz 1.26v Corsair H100i ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme mobo Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 @ 3000MHz EVGA GTX 980 SC x2 in SLI Corsair AX1200i PSU Corsair 780T Case Corsair Force GS Series 240GB SSD x2 in RAID 0 WD Blue 1TB HDD Mass storage WD Green 2TB HDD RAID 1 over all drives X99 is amaze ballz, and the 5960X overclocks amazingly well. I did win the silicone lottery though, 1.26v is very low for 4.5GHz on this chip, so i'm very lucky with that.
  7. I perhaps will in future but as of now I am too heavily invested in most of the flight games I mentioned above.
  8. You might want to rephrase that, you are discounting everything else including Xplane, DCS, FalconBMS, Rise of Flight and possibly even FSX even though time has told it was pretty bad.*Edit: Never mind, I can't bring myself to say FSX now that I think about it.
  9. Don't get me wrong, warthunder is a good game but it is not without major problems. (Below is talking about Historical battles, since I dont play Arcade) 1) In it's current form, you can get to tier 5 using nothing but paid currency, although there is an absurd amount of money required. 2) Alot of the game mechanics are broken, like G-lock only effecting a limited number of aircraft giving the ones not effected a HUGE advantage. 3) .50cals are over-performing like crazy ever since the waves of 'MURICA patriotism on the forums forced the devs to buff them a lil' too much. As a result german 13mm MGs which are larger caliber, and fire faster than .50s, do less damage than even some 7.5-7.92mm guns. Have fun playing it guys, but don't go calling warthunder 'realistic', it is a pitiful simulation of air combat and is horrifically simplified for the mass casual gamer market. Not to say though it isn't fun, because I thoroughly enjoy playing it, enough even to unlock every plane xD.
  10. Unfortunately these were made in .20 and I have long since lost the craft files, so all I have to show is the pics, sorry.