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  1. From what I recall of what a developer said, they mentioned that Laythe is envisioned as radioactive with volcano's. Currently Laythe looks friendly, but that's only because they havent fleshed out the other planets yet. (I could be wrong about the volcano's but I definitely recall the dev saying that it is going to be radioactive)
  2. I detected some kind of liquid near the poles.
  3. Or just have the "science over time" based on the real life clock. This would stop any "exploitation" and also allow the timer to count even when you are not focused on your station by just playing with variables in a table or something.
  4. Id love to see a science thing combined with a "remote tech" type system.
  5. It was landing on Duna. It took me AGES to finally get there (maybe a few hours due to my derps). Eventually I was able to get an intercept and I almost screamed like a little girl. I JUST got done building an Stock SSTO VTOL for use on laythe. Now I just have to set up a mothership for transportation and hopefully I will have a new "proudest moment".
  6. Its a fictional alien race. The Kerbals resemble males because we are comparing them to our species. As a species that evolved via a completely different tree of life, comparing humans to Kerbals is just silly. Whatever Squad wants to do is what I am completely happy with. If they just want to give kerbals "eyelashes" and leave the rest of the physical appearance of Kerbals alone I will be entirely fine with that. Until we get an official response from Squad the Kerbals reproduce however you want in your sandbox universe. I respect the artistic vision of the team and I look forward to seeing whatever it is that they produce.
  7. Single Stage To Orbit. Doesn't count if you detach them, otherwise yes.
  8. I came here to possibly post something... but it seems harvester read my mind! Regarding the space labs, I think it would be interesting if you had certain modules that could only be used for certain technology types (Aero/Command/Electrical/Engine/Fueltanks/Structural/Utility/Wheel). Having more of these modules would allow for greater science data collection in those fields (or reduced chance of experiment failure) Example; a space lab with 5 Electrical Modules will produce data 5x faster for electrical tech than what would happen normally when an experiment is delivered to the lab (or the chance of experiment failure is reduced by X amount). Or you can have a station with all the modules (8 modules to cover all tech types) which would reduce all experiments of all types by X amount. You get the idea. Either way you would require getting data to KSC. So unless you had a satellite network set up you would have to wait for KSC to into your antenna's range. A buddy had an idea for a permanent space port in orbit once you get a certain number of specific parts into space. He finds creating launchers to get something into orbit to be laborious. I kinda agree. Anyway just some ideas for you and others to discard. Have fun
  9. For bases on planets, I think it would be neat if we could transmit electricity from one part to another over vast distances. Example; You have 4 solar panel farms on the surface of the moon, but only 1 main base. Now no matter where the base currently is, it will always have power. Power from the solar farms would be transmitted along the surface to other farms and ultimately power your base. Now you may ask "why transmit?". Basically it would save on having to code in graphics for cables and the like. Although with recent innovations in technology, actually transmitting power over long distances isn't actually science fiction. (this could even be done where power is reduced the greater the distance). I dunno. But this kind of system would make for more fun moon bases. You wouldn't have to have so much stuff "connected" in order to have power. You could have those power facilities off site. Just a suggestion. I apologize if this has been raised before. I DID search. TL;DR Power that can be transmitted like WIFI signals to power your parts.
  10. I successfully built a SSTO space plane. While there isn't much fuel left to get it back to the ground, it is at least able to get into orbit, which was what I was aiming at. In theory my Kerbal can get out and push it back into the atmosphere. THEN there should be enough fuel left to get it back to KSP HQ.
  11. Thats just what a suit would say! If you really are a cool guy then you will give us all pictures of kittens or at the very least answer this question: Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle. Which one, and why?
  12. Are you gonna be a good PR person or are you going to pretend you work for microsoft or something?
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