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  1. Oh wow. This is great! Thank you. I'll read up tomorrow. I'm looking to do a mission control setup with some friends and it looks like these two mods would be perfect.
  2. I have this working perfectly with .24 x64. Was there any word on camera feeds, or did that feature just not work out?
  3. Having an issue with Dmagic: All science becomes unavailable when installed with mods (currently trying to narrow which mod it is down). I can't click any experiments in the science mode
  4. Not sure if you're running Infernal Robotics, but I've just confirmed that IR definitely causes this behavior.
  5. Dunno if it works in macOS, but isn't the analogue for the control key in MacOS the command key? Option/alt is probably useless.
  6. I really like the rover proving grounds! Is there a way to move it closer or attach a road to it? Have you considered a speed test range? Just a salt flat or something? Maybe a rocket sled-type range?
  7. Not playable for me. On scene change it sends me to the astronaut complex, then to the right scene. When I tab out or exit, I'm stuck in alt-click or right click. Adding mods is an instant crash on scene change to AC. I can investigate further later. I am using some other test code that I forgot to remove. Will do a vanilla trial later. Good find, though!
  8. I'll see what's going on and update. It still seems to work for me, but I think I've been updating for my own use as releases come out. Also, to people asking, I'll do a KOS. How's green sound? Yellow maybe?
  9. If this is the independent, computer controlled thrust control plugin I've been waiting for, I will be very happy.
  10. They are both updated now. Sorry it took so long! I've been using them for play, but hadn't released it. Both now work only with MJ2
  11. A really simple setup for self-contained blimping. The gondola is just a cabin. It would be really cool to see something like this custom designed for your parts!: Or this: Maybe one of these!:'s-Airship-R33-Cabin.jpg It would be really neat to have something specifically designed for these parts that we can do atmospheric science in.
  12. Probably a gondola and some simple stick-on mounts for propellers? I really like the idea of a custom pod for these.