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  1. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Head over to your settings on KerbalX (https://kerbalx.com/settings) and there you can change your username. Note: Changing your username will change the urls of any craft you've already uploaded (so if you've shared those urls in the past they'll no longer work). Also you can't have a space in your username, but you could change it to 'DoveAgency' or 'Dove_Agency' FYI: I won't make changes to a user's account for them, unless you send me a support email request (to support@kerbalx.com) from the email account that was used to register on KerbalX (otherwise I can't verify account ownership).
  2. katateochi

    Any interest in a "badge aggregator" service?

    I like the idea, although I think having gifs in signatures might become annoying and distracting, but if you have more sigs that you have space for you could just have a random subset that's generated on each request. Should be quite simple to implement too. The bit that concerns me would be the server load/hosting costs. If it was just a static image then that could get served from KerbalX's Amazon S3 bucket and with CloudFlare for CDN and caching (which is how the current KX sigs are served), then the S3 costs won't be too bad (but they won't be nothing either) and that traffic doesn't touch the KerbalX server so load isn't a factor. If it's an image that gets changed on each request or periodically, then that would put a load on the KerbalX server and this forum could generate quite a lot of traffic. TL:DR, I like the idea, I'm just worried about the hosting costs and server load.
  3. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    @Torn4dO hey, sorry for the slow reply, the hols have left me with a huge backlog of work and I've slipped on paying attention to the forums. Yeah i'll increase the limit. won't be for a day or two, but I'll let you know when I've done it. Sorry again for the slow reply. @Kerbalwerks This is actually one of features I most want to add, but it's a little complicated and currently on hold. But I do intend to add it. I want to have it so that, like you've suggested, you can post variations of the same design, post new versions and keep the old versions, ie: post a 1.5.x craft then post it for 1.6.x and promote the 1.6.x version to be the primary, but still keep the 1.5.x there as part of the same page. And the other thing I'd like to do is enable other users to post a modified version of your craft and, sort of like a github pull request, request that you accept their version to be added to the sub versions of your craft. Right now what I'm working on is overhauling the moderation interface as KerbalX now has a moderation team! There's 6 of us now, and the current interface for moderators is clunky and lacking some functionality. So that's a change that most of you won't see, but it's still an important one. Once that's out of the way I may have more time to add more interesting features!
  4. katateochi

    Mechjeb as cheating?

    This question keeps coming up and really it's totally up to you, it is after all a single player game that is often heavily modded. My view is MJ is a suite of tools that provides information and features that are missing from the stock game. I expanded on that in this reply to another similar thread:
  5. oh wow. 1.6....I've not had a chance to play 1.5 yet!! *shakes fist at RL Thanks for the update @SQUAD!
  6. ok! New version (officially) released. 1.x.5 has been out (available on CKAN) for a few weeks, as I wanted to roll this out a bit more gradually. The biggest change is that Craft Manager now requires you to have KXAPI installed too (installing via CKAN takes care of that automatically). KXAPI is a mod that handles everything to do with making requests to KerbalX, authentication etc and is now a common resource used by both Craft Manager and the older KerbalXMod. There are also a few fixes and requested changes. You can now adjust both the width and height of the main window so you can have a full screen interface if you want. The issue of craft with localized craft names has also been fixed. Various other minor fixes and tweaks. The previous versions 1.x.4 and lower will still work, BUT are scheduled to sunset on the 31st of January 2019. After that date those older versions will no longer be able to connect to KerbalX's API, so upgrade to this latest version that uses KXAPI before then.
  7. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    @Klapaucius that looks like the site had crashed and was in the process of restarting, and at the same time the KerbalX mod tried to login and hit a timeout error. So bad timing really, I'd guess you won't see that error again (unless the same set of events happen), but let me know if it happens again. Just as a heads up for everyone using the previous versions of Craft Manager and KerbalX. There are new versions out (but I've not updated the forum threads yet) and you will need to upgrade to the latest versions by the end of the year. After 2019-01-01 the previous versions won't be compatible. Over the next few days if you're on the previous versions you will get a message saying that you need to upgrade. (and I really need to update the forum threads!).
  8. katateochi

    Your KSP Folders

    So my active installs The archive folder has full installs, just being shuffled off, but not quite willing to remove in case there was something important in there Then after a while I just keep the saves folder and remove the rest I've always used git to keep saves in version control. In the past I'd just copy the saves folder out when archiving, but now for my main career I keep the origin repo in my archive folder and just push different KSP save versions to different branches. So I end up with fewer folders now.
  9. katateochi

    KerbalX, plagiarization, and Downvoting

    I've updated the banner, so it's more noticable now and in the case of the particular user who'd reposted a bunch of craft, that's earned them a locked account. I do still plan to overhaul the report system, but that will take a little while (hopefully not too long though!). And I am still keen to get some of you guys to pick up the staff of +1 moderation and become KerbalX moderators! So if you think you'd be interested then send me a PM. But also just carry on doing as you do and reporting craft and I'll do my best to keep up! @Jestersage your reports have been the most useful because of all the extra info you include about the differences, so thankyou for doing that!
  10. katateochi

    KerbalX, plagiarization, and Downvoting

    Hey guys, So getting right to it. Here's what I'm going to to. In the short term: The banner that says a craft is based on another craft will become more prominent (top of page, alert style colours) How about this: Catch up on the backlog of repost reports. I'll try to get that done in the next 24 hours. Longer term: I need help! Time is something that im struggling to find enough of lately, RL has become somewhat tricky this last year. So I need help moderating the site. I've already built the facility to elevate someone to moderator status and have a sort-of "admin" panel which lists all reported content and enables a moderator to take various actions. The reports admin panel is pretty simple and it was adequate to start with, but it is now in need of an overhaul to meet the new demands. The main issue with it is if a moderator removes someone's craft, that's it, the craft is gone and there's no going back (short of extracting it from a backup, and that's fiddly as backups are intended to restore the whole database, not just single entries). The other problem is that when a craft is reported, the info about the report is stored on the craft object. That means that when the craft gets deleted then all info about the report is deleted too. Having a history of resolved reports would be useful. There's also currently no way to have a discussion with either the person who reported the craft or whoever posted it (aside from emailing them, and that doesn't always get a reply). So two fold; I need some people to volunteer to become KerbalX moderators! Ideally I'd like a group of around 5 including me (and it would be super great if one of those was also a forum moderator). And I need to re-write the report system. Shouldn't be too much work, but I gotta find the time. I'm really sorry that you've felt that. It quite the opposite, I really do care about it. I regard my role as a curator of your work, and preventing plagiarization is something I do take seriously. I am just struggling to cope with RL atm and keeping up with maintenance. This last couple weeks it's been a choice between dealing with moderation or putting my time into updating the KerbalX mods for 1.5....(which I've not even had a chance to play yet!) One the subject of an automated system. There is already one in place and it catches quite a lot of the direct copies. The problem with automated checking is it's either a very intensive operation (and craft upload is already server intense) or it's not very accurate. The system I have at the moment works by generating a 'signature' for each craft. The signature is generated by taking the parts in a craft and the craft's size and generating a SHA256 hash from that info. As a craft is uploaded it's signature is generated (and stored with the craft) and then a single (fast) DB query can be made to see if any other craft have the same signature. If it does match another craft it warns the uploading user that their craft may be a repost and reminds them off the rules. If they continue to publish the craft, it flags it for moderation. That works well for direct copies and handles a direct copies that have been re-saved in KSP (which changes all the unique part IDs in a craft file, making direct file-file comparisons meaningless). But it doesn't pick up on craft that have been modified. Having a system like @Servo suggests will probably have more positive hits (but also more chance for false positives), but my main concern is how intense an operation it would be. I will do some experiments and see what I can do. If I can do it as a single DB select, without having to do any iteration over a set of craft then it's possible to do it without adding to an already slow process. That's easy to deal with. The current system already ignores your own craft when checking for matching signatures. I think the best tool in this fight is you guys and general community vigilance in reporting. It just needs faster response on the moderator side. In the past I've been able to handle all the reports (as the rate of reported content was pretty low). But this last year has seen a spike in reposting and that's coincided with a major life shift for me that's left me with much less time. So that's where having a team of moderators would really help. If you downvote a craft and the craft gets deleted, you get your points back. So yes, it would make sense that if a craft you've downvoted gets flagged, then you should get the points back too. TL:DR: - Sorry for moderation being slow recently! - I need people to volunteer to help moderate the site. - Improvements in the pipe to make the moderation system better - repost banner on craft will become more prominent.
  11. No, it doesn't know that it's newer (or changed), it's just a simple overwrite confirmation. BUT you've given me an idea....but having thought about it for a few minutes, it's tricker than I originally thought! But...basic idea would be to recognise a craft in your save as having the same name as one in your past downloads and checking if the date you downloaded it was before it's last update date, and if so showing an update button. One issue is KerbalX doesn't record when you downloaded something, only that you downloaded it and also the only identifier to go by is the craft's name; which would cause problems if you happened to name a craft the same as one you'd downloaded before.....I'm think about it some more and see if it's doable. Sorry everyone that it's taking me SOOOOOO long to get this next release out. Two reasons; It's a big change in terms of code (not a lot in terms of functionality, few fixes and improvements, but I'm moving all the API related stuff into a separate, dependency mod (KXAPI) which CraftManager and the KerbalXMod will depend on. Keeps things more manageable and it opens up the possibility for other mod devs to use KXAPI to interact with KerbalX. More on that when I release it...which will be....soon.), and 2nd reason...this guy;
  12. katateochi

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    There's been times (when I wasn't working) when I was putting in entire days, from morning till late late night, for days on end. Then when I wasn't doing all day sessions, I was still playing every day and I don't think you can play KSP meaningfully with anything less than a 3 hour stint. Been playing since 2012 (although sadly much less in the last couple years)...I'm sure I'm over the 5k hour mark by now. Never play on steam so I (thankfully) don't actually know, or I might be rather concerned! edit: That's not considering the time I put into KerbalX or mods.
  13. @therealcrow999 & @JH4C That does look like an issue with OS unsafe char in the file name. I thought I'd sorted that; KerbalX ensures url safe names and Craft Manager should ensure OS specific path safe names, but something seems to not be working. I'll look into it. 1.5.x may have issues, I've not had time to get a 1.5.x release out yet (I've not even had time to try 1.5.x for myself yet), but I've got a new release in the pipes which fixes a bunch of things (and also moves onto a new API system for KerbalX). I'll include a fix for this issue in that release and I hope to have it out soon!
  14. katateochi

    Is anyone moderating the crafts on KerbalX?

    Yes it is moderated. But I'm a team of one and it takes a surprising amount of time to review and respond to the reported content on the site. I know the report you made was a few days ago, but the process takes time (and sometimes the pressures of RL mean I'm a bit slow dealing with things). I first have to look at the craft (original and apparent repost) and depending on what I find either request the user makes appropriate changes (add attribution) or I remove the craft. In cases where it's an exact duplicate it's simple and the reposted craft will get deleted. In cases where some modifications have been made it is somewhat harder (and I appreciate you detailing the changes in your report, that helps save me some time). I set the rules on KX to allow posting modified versions of craft because I wanted to enable people to post craft and request other users help them improve it and to enable posting craft components that are intended to be used by others in their designs. But that does make for a tricky to draw line sometimes; is it a change that is meaningful, or is it just a change to say it's changed? But short answer, is yes, moderation is done and I take protecting people's work seriously. In this case I have contacted the re-posted and I'm awaiting a response before I take further action.
  15. katateochi

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    I think MechJeb is misunderstood by the haters. "It's an autopilot and you're missing out on the fun" (and other similar remarks) is, I think, a rather flawed statement. The autopilots for launch, landing and docking are just three features in a tool with so many features it would make a swiss-army knife feel insecure about itself. There is so much to MechJeb and while I consider myself a seasoned user of it, there are still features that I've never tried (or have and am still puzzled by). By far my most valued feature is the SURF feature of Smart ASS, which simply lets you manually set heading, pitch and roll as numerical values and have the craft turn to that orientation. I do most of my craft control using that, because to me, that is way more realistic than aligning a craft with WASD keys and more to the point, it's way more precise. The stock game gives you prograde/retrograde, normal, radial etc buttons to click, this does the same but for any heading and unlike the stock ones it also controls roll (I hate the way the stock alignment buttons will put you prograde, but leave you rolled at some random angle, I want to be rolled 0, 180 or tracking the roll of a target craft). Unlike the stock game it will orient a craft that you're not currently controlling; ie, set your station to radial out and then when you next approach the station, when you get close to it, the station will automatically correct it's alignment. I recently found out that you can also set orientation based on other craft or bodies, ie; set a probe to orient relative to the sun, so it's always facing it. In my view, features like that are just filling in for missing stock features. And that's just the SmartASS (which I could go on about for another page or two, but I'll stop now). In flight and editor info is the other big aspect of MJ for me (ok there is KER which can provide the same info, but why install another mod when I'm already using MJ). I love MJ's customizable windows (and the fact that the settings for those are so easy to port between installs) and I've got my in flight info set just how I like with just enough info that I can perform a launch to orbit without having to switch to map mode. I'm still manually piloting the craft, but I can stay focused on it without having to jump to map mode (faff about with the mouse and AP marker) to check my Ap/Pe. Is that cheating or detracting from the fun....I don't think so, I think being able to stay in flight mode is more fun. There's tools like the flight recorder which lets you record and plot various flight data which, if you're doing experiments to see how one design flies compared to another, is a great tool. The rover autopilot (yeah it's an auto pilot but...) lets you setup waypoints and have a rover potter around your base while you do other things (can be a bit flaky, but it's pretty good). There's the maneuver node planner which is not only a great convenience tool, it's quite a good way for newbies to learn. The landing autopilot can be used as a prediction tool; either predicting aerobraking outcome or prediction landing site. You still manually control things, but that can be some useful info. Ok yeah, you're supposed to have a hardwired sense of atmo braking so you can deorbit and bullseye the VAB everytime, so using a tool like this is cheating. But this lets you do things like work out (roughly) where on a target planet's surface you're going to land impact while your still in orbit around another planet and that's a NASA level of precision that is either very hard (or extremely dull) to work out in the stock game. I also think there is a time and a place for autopilots, that adds some real fun to the game; Docking autopilot; while building your space station, don't just settle for moving one thing around at a time, have multiple construction drones and use the docking autopilot on them. set their target, engage docking autopilot and switch craft and setup another one. The end result is a busy little space port, with several craft zipping around moving stuff, while you work on another part. It looks so awesome seeing other craft moving about adds a bit of life (and the occasional mishap). Landing autopilot (for aircraft); same idea, set one craft to land with the autopilot while you manually pilot the other one (great if you've got a craft that's separated mid air, ie glider and tow plane). But my personal favourite; using the Smart ASS to control two craft during assent or descent; By setting heading/pitch/roll and having MJ hold to those values, you can very reliably fly a couple of spaceplanes side by side to orbit or return from orbit to land, just switching between them every now and then to alter the pitch setting. It's a really fun and rewarding experience, that still requires your skill. MJ is also a great instructor for new players; showing them how to launch, land or dock. I much prefer to do those things manually, but MJ taught me a lot at the beginning. So yeah, there are those to hate (or look down on) MJ use. But there are also those of us how absolutely love it.