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  1. Hehe... lol just visiting your profile 

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  2. katateochi

    Ghost Ship

    I'm afraid I took the boring option and terminated it from the tracking station. I really hate having things in LKO that aren't serving a purpose and I was worried that it might end up glitching my career save.
  3. katateochi

    Switching vessels not working

    how far away is the vessel you're trying to switch to?
  4. katateochi

    Lets talk about quicksaving in challenges...

    yeah, it won't let you QS while moving across terrain. You could prob do a QS while going over a jump though. So that makes a whole load of sense!
  5. katateochi

    Lets talk about quicksaving in challenges...

    That would work, so long as in the process of getting to the start line you don't have to switch to any other craft outside of the physics range. Another solution is to use the flight events and have an event (stage) which you trigger before the start of the race, like this: I think given KSP's sometimes unpredictable nature, having an overly strict rule about quicksaving is just asking for people to circumvent it. On a long race, quicksaving at checkpoints seems reasonable to me. To have to redo an entire challenge just because KSP tweaked out, the power cutout, or your cat decided that NOW was the time to leap on the keyboard does make it seem unnecessarily restrictive. I'm totally behind the notion that quicksaving between checkpoints is cheating in the context of these challenges. But if you've got to redo a hour+ of an entire race, instead of being able to redo the last 10 minute sprint, then....tbh with RL time constraints some of us just wouldn't have the time.
  6. katateochi

    I'm looking for 1 more race driver...

    Count me in! Why....I just loving driving fast! and these challenges take you to places on Kerbin that otherwise you might never see. (My only problem is that I keep getting the music from the need for speed games stuck in my head!) As @purpleivan said, short sprints would be better to fit around RL constraints. I think some rough terrain races would be good, but as it's a series of races, a mixture of terrain types would be more enjoyable; some v flat for insane speeds, some rough for careful navigation. I've got a couple suggestions; Set the races as just between two points, and we can get the rover to the start point however we like and have a save at the start. We can try the race multiple times and submit our best time. But time submissions should be closed; ie we PM them to you rather than publicly posting them so we can't see how fast others are going. Then after the submission period you post all the times and declare the winner for that race. The rover should have a part that can be decoupled, and it is decoupled before starting the race. Drivers have to take a screenshot showing the flight progress window (F3) at the start of the race and at the end of the race. Both screenshots should show the stage being separated and that will prove there was no quicksave/reload during the race. I think we need clear rules about jet boosters (especially with the BFC mod out of commision).
  7. katateochi

    A Petition to Add Emojis

    ("I agree" - according to this website) Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but to me the main point of emoji's is to clarify the tone of a sentence ie if something is meant in a joky tone. And I think the current forum emojis serve that purpose well enough. Sometimes is seems like we're stepping back to a pictorial form of communication, which is why I love this forum so much, people here actually talk!
  8. katateochi

    putting images on kerbalx

    As other have said, KerbalX doesn't host images, so you first need to upload them to an image hosting site like imgur Then on the edit page for your craft there are two ways to add an image; Along the top of the page is a toolbar: drag the "image" box onto your page and a dialog will appear: Then paste in the url to your image and click insert. The other way to add an image is to add a "text container" and put the markup for the image in yourself. Click on a container to edit it and add the url to your image like this [img:https://i.imgur.com/KosNoYx.png]
  9. katateochi


    This is a crazy idea, crazy-awesome, but still crazy! Have you got a mod that draws the path you've taken....or have you just drawn those on by hand?
  10. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I.....I'm not sure I'm crazy enough. A couple weeks ago I drove about 150km on Mun and that was the longest in-one-sitting drive I've ever done. Never really been tempted by the idea of a long haul......that being said, the one thing I've not tested on ExplorerX is how far it can go on 1 tank of gas. This might be the opportunity to test that! I see you're driving a solar powered rover, if we used an LF/O-fuelcell powered rover could we airdrop fuel when needed or setup gas stations along the way?
  11. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I can appreciate that! And thanks for running these race challenges, The Dakar and this have been really fun.
  12. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    @Wrench Head props for driving the course at night! I think that should be a bonus category. I'd not seen that when I pm'd him. noted.
  13. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I believe so. In the Dakar rally I couldn't use BFC because my design was weird, so I just set the flaps (or in my case service bay) to toggle on the brake action group and then made sure to hit the brakes as I was leaving the ground and released as I landed. BFC just made that so much more convenient and ensured you never miss the timing. I'd also pm'd him as we were mid conversation about something else, but he's just vanished. yeah, I've got the latest release. The BFC thread says it's licence is GPLv3, and my understanding of that is that it permits others to distribute the work. I don't have the source code, just the compiled end product. I'd be happy to share the latest release version with my fellow racers, do you think it would be OK for me to do that? (I'd like a nod from someone who knows, before I put my foot in it!). I wouldn't setup a thread to post it, just respond with a link to anyone who PMs me.
  14. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Ok! I'm entering two rovers; ExplorerX-S (left)- 100% stock, wheel and jet powered ExplorerX (right) - 100% stock, wheel powered with an RCS booster More details on them if you're interested: ExplorerX-S Flight Start: 00:00:00 Full stop by flag: 00:09:18 Race Start: 00:02:00 Full stop by flag: 08:15 (race time -> 06:15) This uses boost flaps and the (now discontinued) boost flap controller mod, so the rover never gains speed while airborne. I added a boost flap indicator light which you can only see when the flaps are shut to make it easy to see. I will post a vid of flight+race but I have the worst internet ever, so it will literally take me several days to upload it! The judges may want to add 12 seconds to the flight time. I landed and came to a complete stop near the flag at 09:18 (top right pic), but then felt I needed to move forward a bit onto the level ground and closer to the flag to unload. I came to a second complete stop at 09:30 (see this pic) Flight time: 09:18 | Race Time: 06:15 | Total: 15:33 (damage sustained by rover: none) ExplorerX Flight Start: 00:00:00 Full stop by flag: 00:09:29 Race Start: 00:02:00 Full stop by flag: 12:39 (race time -> 10:39) This landing was a little too close to the flag! So after coming to a complete stop at 09:29 I rolled back a little and stopped at the unloading position at 09:39 - see this pic Flight time: 09:29 | Race Time: 10:39 | Total: 20:08 (damage sustained by rover: none) Extra stuff that has nothing to do with the challenge, but was fun to do anyway: Post processed pic, just because:
  15. katateochi

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    nice run @purpleivan and v impressive flight time! I like the way you just punted the flag at the start.