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  1. logs show it was down for 63 seconds ending 15:48 (utc)....I'm such a nerd! Was that about when you noticed it down? Should be all ok now.
  2. I'll have a look at that. Craft names do get sanitized to make them url friendly, but what's happening there shouldn't happen! Yeah, that's definitely a design oversight. I'll make it so you can update a craft that's not yet been published. I'm actually in the process of re-designing the whole upload process to reduce the load on the site, so I'll make sure that's covered in the update. (It's proving to be quite a tricky re-design, so it might be a couple weeks before that's released). The limit to unpublished craft is there to stop people using KerbalX as a private craft storage facility. I think some people would just use it to back their craft up without sharing them and that's kinda against what KX is about.
  3. We just reached..... 20,000 craft on KerbalX!! It didn't seem that long ago that we hit the 10k mark. This really pleases me guys, thanks for all your support of KerbalX and all the great craft you guys post that make the site what it is.
  4. @XLjedi Hangars are ordered so that (on your own hangars page) the first ones are your downloads and favourites hangars (as they as kinda special hangars). The after that they are ordered by the number of craft in them, high to low. I'll have a think about making them sortable by custom criteria.
  5. @XLjedi I'm also seeing a green thumbnail. When you change the thumbnail it can sometimes not appear to change, but this is due to the browser caching the old image and not recognising that it's changed. I thought I'd sorted it so that the browser was instructed not to cache that image, but different browsers do things differently (and I have to confess to forgetting to check on what IE does sometimes!). If you think that an image should have changed, then try clearing your browsers cache (just the cached image and files will do) -> ctrl+shift+del (IE and chrome, FF too?) and then just tick the "temporary internet files and website files" in IE or "cached images and file" in chrome and that should make it show the true current state.
  6. hmmm, actually I just tried in FF again and I just got "Panda Aerospace " (I must have just viewed the file from FF before, rather than saving it, opps). So yeah, firefox handles the filename differently, I'll have a look into that and make sure the name is getting sanitized properly first (ie non-OS friendly chars removed).
  7. What is the file name that you get when downloading that one? I get the full name "Panda Aerospace -Fury- Mk1-A BDA.craft" but the quotes get replaced with hyphens.
  8. The file you sent me actually looks fine, it just doesn't have the .craft file extension, but when I opened it up in a text editor it's content was correct. Maybe the FF dev build has a glitch with not adding file extensions?
  9. I just tried downloading that craft (in both chrome and firefox 54.0) and it downloaded normally (and loaded into KSP fine). I've leant my win10 laptop to a friend for a couple days so I don't have a win 10 instance to try it on, but I don't imagine that would be a factor. Have you got a different browser to hand which you could try? Also can you email me the file that you ended up with (mail it to support@kerbalx.com), might shed some light on what's happening.
  10. Hi @qzgy, can u tell me which craft is causing the problem and I'll have a look. Also which OS and browser are you using.
  11. wow! 10k posts....that's a lot! Congrats V and thanks for all your moderation work!
  12. First make sure you've copied the "direct link" from imgur, like this; On the edit page on KerbalX there is a set of container types at the top of the page, drag the one labeled "image" onto the page and it will open up a dialog where you can paste the image url, then click 'insert image'. That will add a new container with the image inside it and then you can drag that around and resize it. You can also add the image manually to an existing container on the page by putting the image url inside "image tags". For example; [img=http://i.imgur.com/vLaLXm8.png] Which would look like this on the page; When you click anywhere outside of that container it will change to display the image (assuming the url entered is correct!). Hope that helps, give me a shout if you're still having issues.
  13. Mostly on Windows 7 x64 and a bit on Ubuntu 16.04 (I'd play more on my ubuntu setup, but a) I can't get drivers working to customize the extra buttons on my mouse, b) I try to not game too much in ubuntu as that's where I work so try to keep the distractions down!)
  14. High site traffic today brought it down. Sometimes high traffic isn't a problem, other times (I think depending on where the moon is currently *1) it causes it to run out of memory and crash. The site should automatically pick itself back up when that happens, but it doesn't always, but I've also got a monitoring tool (part of NewRelic), which is pretty cool. It has monitoring points in 8 different countries and each one emails me if it can't ping the site. So I get a storm of emails when things go awry. It pings every 5 minutes so sometimes there can be a few mins between site going down and me getting notification so thanks for posting anyway, sometimes that will beat the monitoring tool. *1 - I think....not quite sure, but I seems like if there is high traffic with people viewing craft and also couple people posting craft then that causes the problem. Posting craft is slow and locks one thread for the duration of the upload (10-20 seconds on large craft) so the other thread (there's only 2) has to handle all the other requests during that time. Adding more threads would solve it, but that's a costly option. The other option is a bit of a redesign of the upload process so uploads are handled by a background worker (which are like additional threads, but they are on-demand so much less costly). The downside with that is there would be a delay while the upload starts up a background worker. So uploading would take a few seconds longer (but literally just 2-3 seconds) but it would free up the threads handling web requests. This is something I'm planning to do, it's just quite a bit of work to setup.
  15. This is a very cool craft! (and brought some serious traffic to KerbalX on Friday too, actually crashed the site briefly!)