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  1. Hi @EndAllFilms, @Anonymous49 is right in that the craft is missing a part, but in this case it's not from a mod, it's from an older version of KSP. The craft you've selected looks like it was built in KSP 1.2.x and some of the stock parts have changed since then. So that's a little harder to fix that just getting the required mod. I can't remember of the top of my head, but I'm sure there are ways to upgrade and older craft to the current KSP version. One thing you could try, is exiting the VAB and then clicking on the launch-pad and seeing if you can load the craft from there. If that work
  2. This was just a delay, not the same problem as before. Sometimes it can just take a little while to generate the thumbs. There is a background worker queue, which processes jobs like making thumbs and sometimes you gotta wait for other jobs to complete. If I had more funding I'd run multiple worker queues, but I can't afford the costs for that unfortunatly.
  3. Fixed!! New craft should be doing the thumbnail thing properly from now on and those which had failed have now got their thumbs back!
  4. So far nothing clear. But problem has to be somewhere between the process of generating the thumbnails and storing then on my image server. I spent a couple hours trying to track it down last night. Annoyingly I can't skip work this morning, so I've gotta put this on hold for a few hours. But I'll try again hopefully after lunch. Bear with me guys, I'll get it sorted!!
  5. @Lady Sean, @miguelsgamingch Not sure what happening with craft thumbnails, but I'm looking into it.....
  6. omg, I was away for a few days and missed a bunch of notifications and totally missed this! This is epic! Thanks so much @swjr-swis This has made my day. I'd actually completely forgotten the anniversary this year (it's been such a strange year!) so thanks for reminding me and for making this. Yeah, 6 years! 41k+ craft and 3.4 million downloads. I am pleased! This has been the most enjoyable coding project I've ever worked on, and that's entirely because of this community. Still got loads of things I want to do with the site, it's just finding the time to do them! And there is als
  7. I only change one thing in keybindings; to enable wheel controls in docking/rotation mode (or as I calling it, driving mode). I use RCS with the IJKL keys so I've got pitch, roll, yaw on WASDQE as normal at the same time. I also bind H/N (RCS forward/back) to thumb buttons on my mouse, that way I can control attitude with one hand, and have RCS forward/backward thrust and camera control with the other hand. I never use docking/rotation mode for docking, I only use it for driving.
  8. I don't really agree about them not being economical, they're a core part of my space program transporting all crew and a lot of payloads (the only real limit on that is if it can fit in a cargo bay), and all they cost is the fuel (also, I find launching SSTOs to be much more laid back than rockets, my main cargo transporter needs 2 pitch adjustments to reach a 100km suborbital path, where as rockets need all that mucking about with gravity turns! ) The re-use bit is more tricky, but definitely not impossible. For one career I did a lot of my tourist and training missions using one SSTO
  9. yeah I'll just play a couple hours KSP....6-8 hours later...and that was much of the first few years If I played an ave. of 6 hours per session, 290 days of the year for the first 5 years that's ~8700 hours. and then in the last 3 years more like ave. 4 hours per session 175 days in the year (~2100). I'm almost certainly over the 10,000 hour mark.....and that's a fairly conservative estimate.
  10. Yeah I'm still here! I've been a bit quiet on the forums over the last year, but never actually left, just lurking and keeping KerbalX running. I've been getting back into playing KSP again which is nice after a long break. Glad to see you're still about too! I'm so happy that vid still gets views. I really want to do something like it again, but I just don't have the time for vid making these days.
  11. Yeah, there is something special about reusable kit. I've been really fixated on SSTO space planes for a while now, infact I built these rockets partly to force myself away from SSTOs for a bit, but still keep some of the reusable aspect. I wanted reusable, but also fairly cheap to launch which is why I went with engine clusters rather than more powerful single engines (also I was aiming for something based on the Falcon 9 design). Mostly Pizza! I have a rule that crew are only launched on space planes; they tend to be a smoother ride and also when things go wrong they can mostly
  12. I'm looking for some tips and advice on which software to use to create and then host high quality gifs. I mostly want to create short clips from KSP footage to post with craft, just to showcase a certain feature or show a pan around of the craft. So nothing long, just around 10 second clips. First, should I be creating .gif or .webm? I've used a program called Wondershare Filmora to create both file types and it produces pretty ok quality, the webm versions have significantly smaller filesize. But which ever I create, when I upload them to imgur the end result is much more compre
  13. The LV series are a set of Stock and Stock+DLC launch vehicles that are all built around a common design; A recoverable core stage with a pair of LFO boosters. The engines on the core stage fire from launch to orbit (no upper stages) and, on all except the 03 and 09, the engines are clusters, rather than a more expensive single engine. The core stage has a small fairing-enclosed section just behind the main fairings containing all the components (probe core, reaction wheel, batteries, antenna, solar panels and parachutes for recovery). All the fairings are set to clam-shell mode. The
  14. Considering the scope of this game and how long I've been playing it, there aren't too many things that really annoy me.....but there are some I would put memory issues as the worst offender, but others have mentioned that already. This THIS This bit of UI design makes me irrationally angry every time I see it, It offends me on several levels. If I accidentally open the contents of a science container (especially one with that many results in it) I then have to click through every single result just to close the window. It's actually easier/faster to do a quicksave and r
  15. You can! right click on a tag in the tags list and click Exclude in the popup menu. That tag will then have a reddish colour and craft with that tag won't be shown. If you then click on that tag to view the craft, the exclude rule gets removed so you can see those craft again (you'll then have to re-exclude that tag to hide them again...and I admit, that bit of the UI is a bit clunky, but automatically re-excluding the tag seemed more confusing).
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