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  1. katateochi

    Orbit info on the wiki

    I was looking for some orbital info on the wiki and it seems like some of the information is either wrong or out of date (or I'm being stupid). For example on the page for Mun it lists it's Ap and Pe as 12,000,000 m (12Mm), shouldn't it be 11.4Mm? And Kerbin's Ap & Pe are shown as 13,599,840,256 m, but as far as I can tell it's 13,338,240,256m. If it is the case that the wiki is out of date then where is the best place to get the accurate orbit info? Oddly enough, I'm not sure how to get really accurate values (down to the meter) out of the game! I can get Ap/Pe values as Mm or Gm to accurate to 3dp using mechjeb, but that's not good enough, hyperedit can give a precise value for "altitude", but that's not enough for non-circular orbits (and HE's value for semi-major axis is I think out of date too, plus I don't know how to use that to calculate Ap and Pe!).
  2. katateochi

    [1.4.x] Transfer Window Planner v1.6.3.0 (March 18)

    I can't thank you enough for this mod! Getting transfer windows was something I always struggled with (and other mods seemed to disagree about the best times). Not only does this make finding optimal transfer windows easy, but lets you make decisions about the cost of going at less than optimal times. Nice interface and it's integration with KAC is fantastic. Thanks for making this!!
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I'm having an issue that I think is to do with scatterer and SVE. It doesn't seem to happen with either mod installed on it's own, but it's present with both together. I also think that it might be a issue with the stock game and that these mods are just exacerbating it (just a hunch, although it's not apparent in a pure stock install). I'm getting really violent z fighting of textures (at least I think that what it is) when on the ground at KSC (it happens when landed in other locations but less intense). When a craft is on the runway it is almost flickering; it most apparent at the joins between parts, around clipped parts and on flat textures (like flags on cockpits) but shortly after take off (after getting about 300m above ground) it suddenly stops. It's not just the textures on craft, sometimes the whole of KSC is flickering. Here's a frame of the runway mid-flicker; I have seen it happen in space, but only a couple times, it mostly only happens when on the ground. I'm wondering if this is a known problem and if so are there any config tweaks/settings that can alleviate it. Thanks!
  4. katateochi

    How do you upload craft on the spacecraft exchange?

    ^^ what he said! (there's a link to KerbalX in my sig) KerbalX will also list any mods your craft uses.
  5. katateochi

    How to fire a Kerbal

    oh! doh, now I feel stupid! I actually did not know that! I hardly go in there because I hire most new recruits with training missions from Tourism Plus. Right, Phosen is now dismissed!
  6. katateochi

    How to fire a Kerbal

    It just seems that some Kerbals bring bad luck to missions. Some pilots can fly and land craft that have the aerodynamics and fragility of a greenhouse while others seem to manage to crash anything they get into. In my current career I've got one pilot who's flight status has been permanently revoked as they've crashed (and somehow survived) almost every craft they've flown, included some really tried and tested craft. Yes I know, it's got nothing to do with the Kerbal on board, it's all my fault, but whatever, I'm placing the blame on Phosen. Phosen Kerman is a menace to my space program and I want to fire them, but how? Obv I could literally fire them; out of something, into something hard, but I don't want the rep hit....I err, I mean, that's not morally right. I could just park them in a craft somewhere, but I'm playing with life support so then I've got to keep feeding them, or leave them with a huge silo of Life support resources, but a Kerbal at rest is basically an immortal. One option might be to set up a self sustaining base (greenhouse, airfilters etc), but I'm not sure if a single Kerbal can run a base like that, needs investigating. So what do you do with Kerbals who cause problems or who you've taken an irrational dislike to?
  7. katateochi

    Returning Player - So how is KSP doing?

    and if you want to really cash in on tourism, the Tourism Plus contract pack is great. Doesn't rep influence which contract become available? or has that changed?
  8. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    This is what I call a "partless mod" and like with mods such as tweakscale, dck, etc I can add a rule into the KX mod detector that checks for a specific module/values being present in a part. If you can let me know what changes (that are unique to your mod) are made to a part in the craft file then I can see about adding a rule to detect that.
  9. katateochi

    Reminisce with me! Holding down F.

    ah yes, the "nailed in place" era and the F revolution....those were dark times. When SAS got upgraded to respond to input without needing to toggle it off (or hold F) it seemed like greatest thing ever, something that's now pretty much taken for-granted. I also use it on descent, just to let the plane setting into it's natural pitch. yeah, exactly. This is the reason F is still a thing. I also use it quite a lot on rovers; if your SAS is holding the rover in a slightly rolled position after jumping over something, holding F lets it's settle back onto all wheels. it's most apparent on aircraft (or things with control surfaces) as you can see all the control surfaces return to their neutral position.
  10. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    There is a trick, and now I think about it, it's not that obvious (I've just been using RedCarpet for markdown for so long it's just innate, so I didn't think to explain it). The trick is ending the line before the new paragraph with 2 spaces. "some words. [newline char]next sentence." - will produce: some words. next sentence. where as "some words. [newline char]next sentence." will produce: some words. next sentence. The only difference is having two spaces after "some words." The 2 space thing is also important when putting a bullet point list directly after another sentence. make sure the sentence before the bullet point list ends in 2 spaces. Hope that helps! I'll try to add an explanation of that into the markdown help when I get a mo.
  11. I think your site is down

    1. katateochi


      I got an alert that there was a brief outage in Brazil. But it remained up everywhere else.   All is green now.  

  12. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Your action groups on the craft will be just as you set them for anyone downloading the craft. What that bit means (although now you point this out I can see it's a bit poorly worded) is that a human readable description of what each action group does isn't read from the craft file. KX reads various things like crew count, part count, mass, etc from the craft file when you upload it, but although I can see what parts are assigned to action groups, it's almost impossible to convert that into a meaningful human-friendly bit of text, so it's best to just add the description of each action group manually. (There was a part B9 info drive, don't know if that's even a thing anymore, that let you enter action group descriptions into the part so you could read them ingame, and if a craft had that parts KX would take the descriptions from it).
  13. katateochi


    As you have Dmagic and ScanSat, I'd also really recommend RemoteTech. I think those three go really well together and not only does it add extra challenges but the flight computer feature it has it really great (it lets you execute maneuver nodes, or manually set burns and activate stages/action groups at a set time, so you can program the FC when you've got comms contact with the probe and then watch helplessly as it follows your instructions once it's out of contact and you can't do anything about it). I also really recommend IndicatorLights not only do they look nice but add useful information to parts, If you're interested this is a fairly up-to-date list of the mods I'm running with in 1.4.3 - https://kerbalx.com/katateochi/installed_mods
  14. katateochi

    Do you ever chuckle at your old missions or concepts?

    I look at some of my early youtubes and my ascent profiles make me shudder, not just inefficient, just darn stupid; like, what gravity turn. And then there's my early Mun landings where I landed by killing all horizontal speed at 40-50km up and dropped straight down....what a noob! ....oh I just read some of the other posts, at least I'm in good company; the 50k drop club!
  15. I noticed this when running in windowed mode. In full screen it was fine, but when windowed, as @ianyikos said, the mouse needs to be offset (by about the height of the button) to be able to click it. I'm guessing the height of the offset error would equal the height of the window title bar.