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  1. . A good question and something I've been wondering about this ever since the announcement! I'm currently going on the assumption that the structure of craft files won't be change too much and will still use the XML-like ConfigNode structure they use currently. (If not then I'm going to have a whole load of work in figuring out how to read the new craft). If they are basically the same sort of thing, it makes sense to me (from a what's simple and efficient point of view) to keep all craft, KSP1 & KSP2, all together in the same place and enable them to be filtered. Creating a whole new site, or a sub-site will be a lot more overhead for me, so I want to try and keep things simple to maintain. KerbalX already lets you filter craft by KSP version, so from KerbalX's point of view it's just another version, so the existing filter should already be able to handle this. But that's probably too lose a separation from a user point of view. What I'm currently thinking is that going to the site's front page will show you content from both KSP1 and KSP2 (and KSP2 sounds like it'll also include buildings as well as craft) and then you can apply filters to switch between them, but then there will also be a new KSP2 page (ie https://KerbalX.com/KSP2) which will automatically apply the KSP2 filter and show you just KSP2 craft and buildings (and there'll need to be a new filter to limit the results to just craft or just buildings). So so far what I'm envisioning is that https://KerbalX.com will show you all content from all versions and from there you can switch on/off filters to show what you want. But also have https://KerbalX.com/KSP1 to show KSP1 craft and https://KerbalX.com/KSP2 to show KSP2 craft and buildings. Maybe also have https://KerbalX.com/KSP2/craft and https://KerbalX.com/KSP2/buildings. Those routes will all take you to the same page, but just set the filters automatically (and may include extra KSP2 specific features if necessary). That's the plan so far. But there are quite a few unknowns about how KSP2 will handle craft and how mods will work (that could be more of a significant issue if mods and the way they are hosted change drastically). I would like to talk to the folks at Star Theory Games and see if they are willing to help me, but as yet I don't know who best to contact about that.
  2. I'm super excited about KSP2, but also worrying about what this means for KerbalX as currently there is no info about how craft files will be structured. My hope is that they will stick to the same basic structure and that buildings will follow the same format. My goal will be to add KSP2 content into the same site, rather than setting up a whole new site (that would be too much overhead, both in terms of hosting costs and development/management time). The filtering system I've built is really flexible, so assuming I can treat KSP2 craft as just another variation on the current craft, then it'll be fairly straightforward (at least in principle) to just have a filter to switch between KSP1 and KSP2 content. Ideally they'll all just be craft in a big pool, with filters to separate the content. That will give the option of having all the content in one place and you can choose which filters to apply, or have separate pages (which will actually be the same page, just with a different url) which just applies the relevant filter. So maybe it'll be that the route url https://KerbalX.com shows you all content (craft from KSP1 and 2 plus buildings), then https://KerbalX.com/KSP1 and https://KerbalX.com/KSP2 just shows the relevant craft and https://KerbalX.com/buildings for the buildings. As far as having v2 craft with the same name goes; that will be possible, you can already have two craft that have the same name (the 2nd one just gets an _2 appended to it's url). This might also tie in nicely with the feature I'm (slowly) working on right now, which will enable having multiple versions of the same craft under one post. I'm going to try and make contact with the folks at Star Theory Games and see if they will be open to working with me. The best outcome would be to get tighter integration between the game and KerbalX, but at the very least if they'd be up for bringing me under NDA so I could get a look at some craft files before it's released that would be great. I shall see what I can arrange. Their website doesn't provide much in the way of contact details, so if anyone knows who I can contact that would be helpful. Thanks @Klapaucius, I really appreciate the support!
  3. yes, the craft file contains everything needed to load the craft (assuming the required parts and mods are present in the game). It's essentially a list of each part in the craft and for each part it defines how that part is linked to other parts and what settings need to be applied to that part. So all the stock settings for each part are there (including advanced tweakables) and also any settings that apply to mods. The .loadmeta files are totally disposable, ie you don't need them to share and load a craft and you can delete them without any loss of changes to your craft (the game will just recreate them). They just contain a quick summary of craft info so the game doesn't have to analyse each craft in detail every time you open the craft list.
  4. As @DeltaDizzy said, the .loadmeta files are only info about the craft, not enough to actually share the craft. So KerbalX only accepts .craft files. Drop those on the site, or do it all from in game with the Craft Manager Mod.
  5. When your Falcon-9 style ascent stage runs out of fuel in orbit but you told the marketing division that is was absolutely 100% recoverable. #RocketRoofRack Landed (somewhat surprisingly) safely. The CT-Heavy was already in orbit after delivering a payload, but the rocket stage wouldn't fit in the hold, so....why not just strap it to the roof (with KAS linkages). Main problem was trying to stay lined up while attaching the links on EVA. Couldn't get it perfect so the rocket was slightly over to one side which made staying level during approach a little tricky. I find it an odd querk with aircraft; it can take ages to get the design of a plane just right, little tweaks here and there to get the CoM and CoL set right, but then in the end; hey, why not just slap a shuttle on the roof or precariously attach an unbalanced and totally un-aerodynamic rocket stage, and somehow it just works.
  6. back when I first started playing (0.16 ish) I didn't know of any mods for hacking something into orbit, so lander testing just seeing if I could make it hover above the pad for a few mins. I figured, if it's got enough TWR to hover on Kerbin, it'll have enough for Mun and if I can make it hover for a few minutes then that'll probably do. Back then I didn't know anything about the different efficiencies of atmo vs vac for engines....actually, back then was there any difference? It was an approach that mostly worked, but yeah, I did spent a lot of time flying something all the way to Mun, just to test it (and that was in the days before maneuver nodes, so Mun transfers and rendezvous were all by eye....and I still think everyone should try to do rendezvous without using nodes at least once, just for the practice and the understanding it brings). Back then it seemed like that was the only way, and I had so much fun doing it that....well, I'm still here! Also all that mucking about was darn good training. These days, yeah, it does seem just a bit too much hassle to haul all the way to another planet, just to test the finer details of your rovers suspension settings, but I can imagine how someone playing for just some casual fun can still get a lot out of it.
  7. yeah I play with them enabled (and plasma black out too, although I never experience that one). Mostly because I enjoy doing a sharp pitch or bank before approaching the runway to give enough Gs to knock out all the tourists but keep the pilot conscious! I also like it because it will rip a space plane apart if you try to pull overly sharp turns during reentry.
  8. I'll be honest, asteroids in KSP kinda freak me out; something about the way they loom at you out of the darkness as you approach them. So coming across this asteroid that actually had a face really left me feeling uneasy. The red "targeting" light on my AstroHopper craft didn't make things any better It was just, a little on the nose At 3000+ tons, I think this is the biggest potato I've ever captured. I've got it into a highly elliptical orbit, but it's going to take quite a few more orbits to gradually shunt it into a nice circular orbit around Kerbin. Fully fuelled, without an asteroid attached, the AstroHopper can put out over 3000m/s dV, with this thing attached it can do 38m/s dV. So it's case of mine and slight shunt then repeat.
  9. main problem with building a space center on Gilly is once you've built the space center there'd be no room left for the car park.
  10. actually, the current way is more broken than I first thought. If you have a topic open in another tab (or possibly just if you've recently been to that topic), then new notifications that come for that topic are styled as followed links (not bold). So they look like things you've already seen, which is misleading/confusing. Can we have the old way back please! ie new notifications are shown in bold text when you first open the notifications menu. when you close/reopen the menu (or reload page and reopen the menu) then all notifications are not bold.
  11. You can press F3 to bring up the flight log (gotta do it just after or during the crash, once you've switched back to the space centre I don't think you can get that info). That'll show you what impacted with what and what exploded. on a whole craft Katastrophe it's a bit of a mess, but scroll to the top and that should show the first things to go Kerboom. I would suggest taking all mods out and making a fresh stock save to determine if it's mod or core game related. Also, 1.7.1 or 1.7.2? prob not helpful now, but you can enable the surface features without creating a new save, this post explains how
  12. In the past when you clicked on the notifications icon it would show the new notifications as unfollowed links (ie bold text links). Then if you closed the notifications and re-opened they'd all appear as followed links (non-bold text). I kinda liked this behaviour. If you have 15 notifications, those 15 would be bold and if you chose to ignore them all, then when you next got say 2 notifications only those 2 would be bold. That made it easier to see what was new. Now all the links in the notifications remain bold unless you actually click on them. I see that this is more semantically correct, but I find it less useful. Was this an intentional change? anyway to get the old behaviour back?
  13. This started off as a question and plea for help, but as I made notes in here I gradually worked my way to a solution, so I thought I'd post it anyway incase it could help anyone else. I wanted to have a station on a solar orbit with almost the same orbital characteristics as Kerbin (except it is inclined by about 4.4 degrees). So the station basically trails just behind Kerbin, staying just outside of Kerbin's SOI and oscillating up and down relative to Kerbin (I might get into why I wanted this in another post!). Anyway, after some careful manoeuvring I got the station almost perfectly into place, it has almost the same Ap/Pe as Kerbin and the it's orbital period is only off my 23 seconds. By setting a maneuver node and advancing it in time I could see that it would gradually shift closer and closer to Kerbin, but wouldn't re-enter the SOI for a couple hundred years. So I was happy with that and left the station with it's two occupants and went to do other things. ok, that's the preamble, now for the problem. Around 200(ish) days after placing the station in orbit I went to check on the station. Moments after switching to it the game slowed right down and then the station vanished and the altimeter went red and all 0s; a tell tale sign of NaN errors. And sure enough when I opened the debug console it was just haemorrhaging NaN errors. Like this, but for all parts and constantly repeating. [ERR 22:50:29.289] Infinity or NaN floating point numbers appear when calculating the transform matrix for a Collider. Scene hierarchy path "cupola (Midas Array)/model/Squad/Parts/Command/cupola/model(Clone)/collider_base" On returning to the space station all the buildings were transparent and I had to restart the game. So I reloaded a save from before I switched to the station and tried again. same result. Then I thought, maybe some time related calc is resulting in the NaNs, so perhaps if I let some more time elapse it'll sort it self out. So waited around 20 more days and tried again. same result. I then decided to crack out hyper-edit and see what else I could see. I tried hyper-editing another 'test' vessel along side the station. This time the station still vanished and the logs were full of NaNs but I was able to revert flight on the test vessel and KSC wasn't effected. So at least I could keep trying things without restarting the game each time. Next I tried putting the test vessel in Kerbin orbit and using HE to bring the station alongside the test vessel. On clicking apply the station appeared and all seemed fine, No NaNs in the logs and no vanishing station. but various other things are screwy; some parts are misaligned and (very oddly) if I took one of the crew out on EVA I could control their thrusters, but they had no effect, so they'd just drift. Also EVA crew's power reading was NaN.....and this was the clue that lead to a fix. I reverted to a save before any hyper edit mucking about and opened the save in an editor (vim), a quick search found that several (but not all) modules on the station had `amount = NaN` for their electric charge resource, so I did a global find and replace for amount = NaN to amount = 5. Saved and then reloaded it in KSP and joy of joys, I was able to switch to my station and all was fine. Still not sure what the cause was (I have a suspect, but no proof) and I'm not sure if this will be a recurring problem. Part of the station's mission is a long term life support study. I'm running with TAC-LS and the station has parts from Universal Storage II that do recycling of LS resources. TAC requires a background processing mod to process LS usage while the ship is unfocused so my guess is that it's some part of that process that's resulted in NaN values. TL:DR Had a station that would cause NaN errors when switching to it. Found that several of the stations batteries had NaN power available, so edited the save file and replaced `amount = NaN` with `amount = 5` across the whole save and that fixed the problem.
  14. suggestions are very welcome, I can't promise that I'll be able do implement them but if it's a good idea I'll sure try! Here is the best place to suggest so other people can way-in on the idea too.
  15. Hi @Orky Kultur, I'm very sorry to hear that. There currently is no way to block/silence a user. I will send you a direct message to discuss this further.