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  1. It has been a while since I've been to Dres, (tbh it's been a while since I've left the Kerbin SOI, mostly due to lack of time than anything else), but yes I also like Dres. Why? That canyon. That massive (somewhat spooky) pit that I completely failed to Evel-Knievel over. It's a great feature and, if you've ever tried to land a craft inside it, one of the few places that offers a long descent below the planet's surface. Mun's canyon tis but a scratch compared to it, but still is a notable feature, as it encourages you to do daft things like jump rovers over it or fly through it at almost orbital speeds. That's what we need. Not more planets, more stuff on planets. Mun has more terrain features and easter eggs and that's what makes Mun a great repeat destination. But a lot of the other planets are very homogeneous and one landing site is like any other. Duna used to be a fav destination for me, but then they attacked it with a steam roller and took all the interesting features out, a sad day for Dunians. We need geographical features that add interest and challenges; places where it's almost impossible to land (without some cunning designs), places that are hell to all but the most ruggedly designed rovers, places that make you think...hmmm, Imma jump over that or hey, a bridge would look real nice here, more mountains (of the sort that threaten low orbiting craft or awake your inner Edmund Hillary), some caves etc. Basically, I think the terrain is too tame, the only real challenge it presents is how fast you approach it when landing. We don't need more planets, we need more detail on the existing planets.
  2. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    GDPR and KerbalX I had hoped to be on schedule with a release of a privacy policy today that reflected GDPR requirements, but RL has been heavy on me this last month, so please bear with me! I'm working hard to get this sorted ASAP. I'm also a bit confused as to what exactly I need to do, so I'm going to explain a few things and see if you guys can help. I have always regarded user data as sacred and something that belongs to the user. The site has been designed with that in mind and as such the only PII (personally identifiable information) that KerbalX stores about each user (those who sign up) is their username and email address. It has always been stated (in the terms) that at no point would your email address ever be shared with a 3rd party. Your "right to be forgotten" has also always been present. I've always believed that if a user creates something, that user must be able to delete it too and that has been built into the structure of the site from your User object (which stores your account settings, username, email) and every object you create (Craft, Comments, Hangars, ModPacks etc) is owned by your User object and inherits that right to delete it. Deleting your account (deleting your User object) deletes all your associated objects; it utterly nukes you from the site. But what about backups? This is my first point of confusion and one I can't find any relevant information/guidelines. The database is backed up every day and backups are retained for a month. If you delete your account, your data is instantly removed from the site, but it will remain in the backups (and fyi, I am the only person with access to those). So....I'm not sure what is required in this aspect. Your craft are your craft. Yes, I do sometimes joke that I own the largest collection of KSP craft in the known universe, but they are your craft. I own the database that contains them, I am the curator, but you have the right to change and/or remove them whenever you want; they are your intellectual property and you retain all rights over them. The only right I reserve is the right to delete a craft if it goes against the rules of the site. One thing I might need to state is that in cases of craft that throw a bug/edge case situation or are an example of something new (ie use a partless mod which I've not supported yet) then I will use that craft as an example test case in my local development environment. A handful (4-5) craft have ended up as part of the site's automated test suite as they represented a particular feature that I didn't have in my own craft, but most of the craft in the test suite are my own. Now here's a edge case thing. What if you are really stupid and put your credit card information (or some other personal bit of data) into a craft's description and upload it. I may not know that you'd done that (although I do try to review most craft, I can't check them all), but now it's in my site's database and I'm facilitating it being shared. Would that level of user stupid put me at fault? Google Analytics. KerbalX uses GA and it has been tool that has enabled me to understand how you use the site, what pages take the most traffic and most importantly enabled me to see current traffic levels, which has let me adjust the time of day that I release updates so as not to update the site when traffic is high (and to know when I need to panic due to the site getting overloaded!) Over the last week I've been going over my google analytics settings trying to understand the details and switching off anything that wasn't absolutely necessary or that could be considered PII. I've never used any of the of google advertising features (which is where the majority of PII could be found) but I did have user demographics enabled. That is now switched off. Remarketing, Ad reporting features, are also off. Under data sharing; Google Products and Services" (which would "Share Google Analytics data with Google to help improve Google's products and services") is switched off, Account Specialists (which would "Give Google marketing specialists and your Google sales specialists access to your Google Analytics data and account so they can find ways to improve your configuration and analysis") is switched off. Benchmarking ("Contribute anonymous data to an aggregate data set to enable features like benchmarking and publications that can help you understand data trends. All identifiable information about your website is removed and combined with other anonymous data before it is shared with others.") is switched On, Technical support ("Let Google technical support representatives access your Google Analytics data and account when necessary to provide service and find solutions to technical issues.) is also switched on. As far as my reading of this goes, that means that my use of GA does not push any PII to google, it just provides me with info about site traffic, traffic origin, average time spent per visit, types of device, OS and browser used and a few other things which help me improve and maintain the site. I think....that means under GDPR I don't need to say anything about the use of GA or get consent for GA to be present in that form. If users could choose not to allow GA that would really detract from my ability to fine tune the site, so I hope that isn't necessary. The consent to cookies things has always bugged me, it's like having to confirm that you're ok with each car you get into having and engine. of course a website uses cookies, and html, javascript, css and everything else that makes a website a website. So yes, I've been a bit lax about cookie consent in the past (it is mentioned in the terms), but I'll rectify that and add an annoying cookie consent banner. sigh. Also, everyone talks about cookies which you can pack a max of 4kb of data into. No one mentions "HTML-5 web storage", which enables a site to write upto 5mb into the browser's data storage. I guess because unlike cookies it isn't included as part of each request (and probably because rule makers don't have a clue about it). KerbalX uses web-storage to speed up loading when you go back to a search/list page. You might have noticed that if you click on a craft on the main page and then hit the back button you jump back to the main page very quickly and also retain the same scroll position as you had before. That's because the content of the main page you were looking at before you clicked on a craft gets cached in your browsers web-storage and then reloaded directly from there, rather than requesting it from the server again. schneeky, but I don't think that's something that GDPR requires any action for. Anyway, that's me being as transparent about data usage as I can be and the privacy policy that I'm creating will reflect the key points from here. I am still somewhat unsure if I need to have an "I consent" checkbox for the use of your PII (which again, is just your email and username which are required to let you login) or if just stating what it's used for on the sign up page is sufficient. Sorry for the bit of a brain dump here (just writing this has helped me colate the key aspects), but I'd appreciate any thoughts you guys have about this and if you think there's anything I need to be doing.
  3. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    That's really odd. You should not even be able to get that particular error! But just incase I've added an extra double check around the line that threw that error, so it shouldn't happen again. Also odd! Chrome is the browser I design in so it's the least likely to be the cause of issues (but any webkit browser is also fine). Clicking the link shouldn't open a new tab....unless you have a setting (or an extension?) that might be causing that to happen. Are you able to try downloading on a different (fresh install) of another browser, ie Firefox? Sorry you're having these issues, I'm kinda puzzled why they are happening! I've not added Vimeo support yet. Youtube and Twitch videos are supported and I will add Vimeo when I get a chance (RL has been rather hectic recently!).
  4. katateochi

    KerbalX points system

    Sorry for the slow reply! So there's points and popularity. Points are pretty straightforward and linear, popularity is a bit...squiggly. You get a point for each craft uploaded and a point for each upvote a craft gets. You don't get any points for posting comments, but if a comment gets upvoted then that's another point. You can also get points if you submit mod data via the Part Mapper tool (actually, I'll be honest, that's such an old part of the site, I can't remember how many points you get for that....or even if points for Part Mapper data is still switched on). You can also "spend" points, if you ever downvote someone else's craft it will cost you 5 of your own points (which you'll get back if the downvoted craft is subsequently removed), really that's just to discourage aggressive downvoting and only encourage downvoting for really bad (rule breaking) craft. I could also in theory dock points from a user for doing something bad, but you guys are all so good I've never had the need to do that! Looking at your account, right now (several days on from when you posted this question), you've got 8 craft with the following points [5, 3, 3, 3, 1, 2, 1, 4] (that includes the initial point each craft gets), so that's 22 points, and you've made 9 comments and 5 of them have been upvoted giving you another 5 points. There are no point adjustments on your account, so you've got 27 points total. "Popularity" is just a per craft thing and it factors in number of views, download and points the craft has had. (if you're interested, this is the formula; download_count*1.2 + view_count*0.1 + vote_count*5). Popularity is only used as a way of sorting craft, it doesn't influence the points your account has. Hope that answers your Q!
  5. katateochi

    KerbalX.com - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Thanks @Klapaucius! Hangars are an area that I really need to spend some time improving. Currently there isn't any search functionality built into hangars and that's something I really need to remedy. I'd not noticed the load more button didn't give a remaining count, I'll add that to the list of improvements that hangars need! KerbalX does have a slightly unusual approach to serving downloads. It prevents script kiddies/bots from scraping content off the site (there was a problem a while back with people downloading craft on mass to setup mirror sites), while still allowing users to download without having to login. Basically if you go to the download url directly as an http GET request (as it looks like you have in the screenshot) it won't serve you the file, you have to let the craft's page make the request for you (as an ajax POST request) which puts the download behind some javascript and the site's CSRF protection.....erm...in less nerdy terms; opening the download url in a new tab won't work, when you click the link it should start the download on the same page. The problem with this method is that it does cause a problem if you are using a download manager or some other tool that's intended to perform the download for you. To use the mod to download craft (aside from your own craft) you need to switch on "deferred downloads" in your settings. Go to /settings > KX Mod (that link will take you there if you're logged in) and click "switch on deferred downloads". Then when you click download on a craft it won't download the craft, but instead it will add it to your "download queue" which you can then access via the KX mod or Craft Manager. OR you can favourite craft to make them accessible to the mods for download.
  6. Hey

    Back in '15 u mentioned your asteroid mining system, i am looking for a basis for a mining system and although I found your asteroid capture craft, i didn't find the drills and the refinery. If you did post them do you know where and if not, would it be possible to post the files? Thank you.

  7. That's definitely buggy/undesirable behaviour. I'd not noticed that, good catch. That's also buggy/undesirable, will fix! Yes, I like that suggestion! Yep, I could make it an option to either have a list of checkboxes, or a dropdown, that's doable. ah, you know...I think the whole Quick Tag window doesn't have click through protection enabled, I forgot to switch that on! I rather like the oversized load/close buttons, as regular sized buttons they look rather odd and lost at the bottom. They're also the right size to match the height of the activity indicator (which appears on the bottom left whenever any requests are being made to KerbalX). I could shrink the buttons, but whenever the activity indicator is shown it would need to make the footer taller (or the footer just has to remain the same height anyway, in which case shrinking the buttons doesn't really achieve anything space wise). Smaller activity indicator; makes it unnoticable. and I don't think it really would fit anywhere else. I'll see what I can do about making it movable, but it is supposed to be a modal window (but for some reason that still allows interaction with the toolbar icons). It needs to be modal so there won't be a change in state while it's open. excellent!
  8. Update! 1.0.3 & 1.1.3 are released Group Actions: You can hold down ctrl to select multiple craft and then do bulk actions on them (Tag, Transfer, Move/Copy, Delete). If you have one craft selected, hold shift and click on one further down the list and all the craft inbetween will also be selected. ctrl+A will select all the craft in the list. When you have a group selected their total mass & cost are shown in the right side panel as well as the tags shared by the group. If you select a group of your craft on KerbalX you get the option to download all selected craft. There is a pause between each download so this feature doesn't end up hammering the site. Quick Tag: Press ctrl+T or click the tags icon in the toolbar to open a dialog that lets you quickly add/remove/create tags for the currently loaded craft. The primary name for craft is now the internal name (rather than the filename) and renaming will allow non-OS safe chars (which will be replaced with _ in the filename). (This change might break some existing craft-tag associations). Thumbnail in the list is very slightly bigger (tbh, not by much though), but there is also an option in settings to show the thumbnail in the right side panel at a larger size. The height of the main UI is adjustable in settings. Width is not adjustable (yet), that's more complex! Various other tweaks and fixes, for more details see the Change Log When updating replace all existing files with the new ones. New setting options will get merged into your existing settings file so you don't need to wipe that when updating. Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions!
  9. Awesome, that's exactly the use-case I was thinking of when I thought of the download queue idea! I've been working on the requested update, plus a few bug fixes and some tweaks. Just need to port the changes back to the 1.3.x branch and make sure everything is happy there and then I can release the updates....so anytime between tomorrow evening and next month!
  10. sorry @Gargamel, I'd meant to reply to you yesterday and then I got side tracked. I think the thing you're looking for is the auto-tag feature. When you create a tag you can click "Use Auto Tag rule" and setup a simple rule to automatically match certain craft. A rule is made up of an attribute, a comparator and a value. For this example select name as the attribute and then you can choose between 'starts with', 'includes' or 'equals' as the comparator. If all your KSS ships have KSS at the start of the name use 'starts with', otherwise use 'includes'. Then set KSS as the value and all ships with KSS will automatically get that tag (and when you create a new KSS ship it will also get tagged automatically). I have to confess, I didn't really understand what your super-tags idea was. The legwork should be a bit less with the updates I'm working on now as you'll be able to select multiple craft and tag them all in one go. Don't know why I didn't think of that before, seems obvious now, as it really makes setting up your initial tags much quicker. I don't have the C# (or KSP API) skills to add something into the existing description box that appears when you enter the ships name, but (in next release, soon) you can open a "QuickTag" dialog with ctrl+t (or icon in toolbar) and add/remove tags to the current craft. btw, one of the current features is it should auto focus the craft list on either the last selected craft, or the currently loaded one. So if you open CM, load a craft and then reopen CM, the craft you loaded should still be selected. If you open CM a click on a craft, then close CM and reopen it the craft you clicked on should still be selected. Then if you deselected that craft, closed and reopened CM it should set focus back to the currently loaded craft.
  11. It looks like you have almost all tag filters selected; which means it would only show craft that have all of those tags (assuming you've not changed the tag mode). Unselect all the tags and your craft should appear.
  12. katateochi

    Star Mods: Craft Manager!

    ah, gotcha, yes that would be nice to have. I also really want to have sorting and grouping in the astronaut complex; have all astronauts of the same type grouped together and sorted by their rank....and all the gazillions of tourists (I use tourism plus) in a separate (maybe even hideable) group. Unfortunately I've got exactly zero idea how to modify an existing list object.
  13. katateochi

    Star Mods: Craft Manager!

    If I understand you correctly, then set your course for a Munar intercept! Persistent sort is already a feature; it will remember what you've sorted the craft list by and if you've reversed the sort direction. That will persist over visits to the editors and over KSP restarts. It also persists if you've chosen to show/hide the stock craft that come with KSP, which tag filters are active and if you've switched to 'compact mode'.
  14. katateochi

    What if you rub sunscreen on a kerbal?

    You say this like it's something common-place and with a known outcome. Maybe I've missed a craze, but I'm not sure what the results of rubbing sunscreen on plants are (I can't imagine they'd be overly enamoured with it).
  15. katateochi

    KSP player learning curve

    Fooling around is what taught me the most. Forget missions and contracts, nothing takes you to school quite like setting yourself a crazy goal and belligerently setting out to achieve it (although this approach may result in severe sleep deprivation). I don't rate missions/contracts as a learning tool, in fact I've found them rather stunting. I would play in standbox, pick an RL mission (Apollo 11 is a good one) and attempt to recreate it. At first purely based on aesthetics; what did the RL rocket look like? what key parts/features did it have? and build to that. Then attempt to fly it, fail, contemplate why it failed and tweak the design, repeat. I think the trial and error approach is a great analogy to the RL process.