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  1. How can I make my own mods for video games? (KSP)?

    For KSP, to get started you need to have a C# development environment setup. There are some tutorials to get you going on making a simple mod, have a look at this: and there are other references in the plugin development section of the forum https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/29-plugin-development-help-and-support/ I don't have any experience with creating parts, but head over to the modelling and texture discussion section part of the forum and I think you'll find some tutorials there.
  2. Where is this engine from?

    You can search for parts on KerbalX and find out which mods they belong to https://kerbalx.com/parts
  3. Site Update!! => v1.2.0 I've just deployed an update which is a big upgrade of all the core components of the site. Upgraded the language (now Ruby 2.4.1), framework (now Rails 4.2.9) and upgrades to all the 3rd party libraries which the site depends on. This was something that needed doing to keep KX maintainable and should also bring an improvement to performance and stability. Upgrading its foundations resulted in lots of stuff getting broken so pretty much the whole code base has been gone over and tweaked so this is probably the biggest update in terms of code changes, but it doesn't really add and new features or change things (much). There are some changes to how craft are uploaded. The main thing you'll see is a slight difference on the dialog which appears after uploading, and behind the scenes there are more changes. If you upload a large (>2mb) craft then uploading will probably be slightly slower, because large craft are now processed in a background queue. This is slower for the person uploading the craft (as they have to wait for the background workers to fire up), but should reduce the load on the site for everyone else as the main web server isn't being locked up by a large job. Also all the processing of craft thumbnails is now done on the background queue as well as sending out notifications. That should make things faster and reduce load on the site, oh and @Raptor9, that should fix the issue you where having when updating a craft (the site was having kittens and hitting timeouts while trying to send notifications to all your followers in the same request cycle as updating the craft, but now notifications are essentially done in a separate thread so that should solve that problem). I've also added an "update craft" button on the craft edit page which opens up an interface to drop and updated craft file onto. The ability to update craft has always been there, but wasn't very intuitive and was the most common thing people asked how to do, so that should make it more apparent. When you change the thumbnail of a craft you should now see the updated thumbnail on the main craft list almost immediately. That may vary a bit browser to browser but the main difference is that when you change a thumbnail KX tells the CDN cache to purge the previous images for that craft so your browser should get served the updated image right away. @Teilnehmer the issue you pointed out about string encoding should be fixed. Using your example of a craft with "Höllensturm" in the name; the craft name should now display correctly and also it's url won't simply remove the non url safe chars, but will normalize them, so in this case ö will be changed to o in the url. This fix won't change existing craft, it applies to new craft (but to fix your existing craft you should now be able to set the correct name in the field at the bottom of the craft edit page and that should fix both the name and it's url). Some little new things: When you mouse over the different template names on the craft edit page you now get a little preview for (most of) them. (although atm the template list is looking a bit misaligned for some reason, even though it's fine in dev and testing environments, what, will fix). Previously the site used to poll periodically (with ever increasing time delays) to check if you had any notifications. So if you left the page open and meanwhile you got a notification it should appear, but that seemed like a lot of unnecessary traffic. So now the site detects (based on your mouse movements over the page) if you've been idle for more than 5 minutes and when you return it will check for new notifications. As part of that there is also a somewhat experimental feature (so it's switched off by default) which will refresh the list of craft on the main page when you return after being inactive. To turn that on go to settings->Interface and check "Auto Refresh Craft List". It's only a (possibly) useful feature if you're someone who keeps a tab open to KX. What else? Few minor bug fixes and interface tweaks here and there and a fix to correct craft pages where the content of the page was overflowing. This has been a big overhaul and I've tested the **** out of it, but there are probably some things I've overlooked. So please let me know if you run into any glitches, big or small.
  4. Attention profilic programmers! Bobcat is alive!

    That's right! That little cart was awesome. I remember making rovers that used several of them side by side. And around the same time, perhaps even before(?), there was another wheel mod, I think it was called the omni wheel? I'm pretty sure that was powered. you can see it in this vid I made back in 2012. (skip to 5:10, if the link doesn't do that).
  5. Attention profilic programmers! Bobcat is alive!

    strange vid is strange. But to hear that BobCat is making a return is good to hear. That used to be a "must have" mod back in the day.
  6. Is adding wing incidence an advanced technique ?

    Learning about wing incidence was a big aha moment for me, but I found out about it quite late in my kerbaly areo endeavours. I'd say it is an "advanced technique" and as you can get by without it, it's probably best for new builders to focus on the simpler things first. That way they can get familiar with how to balance the craft properly and learn about the other ways to reduce drag first. Then bring it in as a later topic and show, on a craft that's already been well optimized, how much of an improvement it makes. One thing I don't feel like I have a guide for is how much to angle the wings. It feels like a bit of a dark-art and having some guidelines as to how much angle is needed would be very helpful.
  7. @gc1ceo The system uses a voting process to determine associations between parts and mods. If 'part:a' is moved from mod:x to mod:y, it will take 5 different users all showing the same change (part:a now belonging to mod:y instead of mod:x) before the knowledgebase accepts the change. If you've run the PartMapper since the mod changed then that will count as one vote towards reassociating the part with the new mod. The voting system means that a single user can't effect a change, it needs at least 5 users to report the same change via the PartMapper. A faster way of getting the knowledgebase to see a change is to make the mod available via CKAN. KerbalX scans CKAN's repo of mod data several times a week and adjusts the knowledgebase according to that. It looks like Vostok Continued is not on CKAN, but if it was then KX would pickup on that when it next scanned the CKAN repo.
  8. Uncontrollable rover?

    one thing that can sometimes cause breakdancing rovers is part clipping and that usually only becomes a problem after undocking. In the past I've also seen odd things happening if you have a control mod like mechjeb active and having the rover's control point facing up/down (as might happen after undocking). but it's been a while since I've seen that happen so I thought that was cured. The wheels facing the wrong way does sound like it's being controlled from the wrong control point, try right clicking on a forward facing control point (docking port, command pod, probe core, etc) and selecting control from here. Or if the wheels have been "bent" out of shape by jumping around one way to fix that is to timewarp for a second, when you exit timewarp they should snap back into place.
  9. Sorry for slow reply, but I don't quite understand your question. Are you wondering how the system copes with new mod uploads or how it identifies parts on newly uploaded craft?
  10. KSP 1.3.1 will go into "pre-release" soon.

    There doesn't seem to be a whole load of activity in the pre-release sub forum, compared to previous pre-releases. A few things (42) in the bug tracker but again not as much activity as I remember from previous pre-releases. Are we being less involved that we could be? I know I've not been able to do much testing because of my current workload, which is a pity. Is it bad timing for other folk too? Or is there a feeling of there not being a whole load to report?
  11. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    Good point thanks, updated.
  12. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    I've put my current style up on userstyles https://userstyles.org/styles/147582/kat-s-kerbal-space-program-ksp-forum-tweak It's still WIP so somethings will change. Still not totally happy with the like/unlike button. main post content is off-white but not as dark as I had it before, added contrast between content and user section of post, removed border and shadow effects from posts, removed blue from toolbar at the top of list pages....and a few other tweaks. here's some pics; If you have any suggested changes, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  13. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    I was just having a go at making a custom stylesheet to adjust some things and the first thing I did was to change the background of posts from pure white to a slightly off-white and that seemed quite nice. But then I realised that images with a white background really stood out against the off-white background. So I looked back at some pages I'd not reloaded since the forum update and realised that the actual post sections were always pure white. Anyway this is what my style looks like so far. but perhaps it would be better to keep the content of posts as pure white and just make the surroundings darker? I think the off-white looks nice for next and most images, but looks a bit wrong with images which have something like an icon against a white background (although if they were pngs with transparent backgrounds they'd look fine). What do you think?
  14. I think that is a way better trailer, for several reasons, one of which is that it's all in game footage that hasn't been enhanced. I never really liked the 1.0 trailer because it's not what KSP looks like.
  15. Forum Colour Schemes ?

    I don't mind the new layout but... to put it mildly. I take it this is just a style sheet update, and functionality is still the same?