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  1. Check your career difficulty settings. There is option that enables/disables launchpad selection
  2. I think you need to have packageID of 25643 in Steam to be considered early adopter. You can check this with opening Steam console (steam://nav/console) and typing licenses_for_app 220200 to the consolew window and it should say "License packageID XXXXXX". So, if you have it say 25643, you should be getting it automatically. If you have different number, you might need to send Squad email after the update releases and explain the situation. For example I tried to transfer my purchase to Steam while they released 0.24 and Squad's servers were getting hamnmered with downloads. Automatic transfer process failed and I had to send email to support and they fixed it. Too bad the key they generated gave me packageID of 244717. Most likely support guy didn't check out the purchase date and just generated standard key.
  3. I think that stock remote tech file has an error. It gives Surveyor landers dish antenna with 300 GM range and dish angle of 0.01 degrees. Since Surveyors were used for Moon missions this is a bit overkill (and that dish antenna cone needs micromanaging).
  4. Hi! Would it be possible to add support for Bluedog Design Bureau launch clamps? They are same clamps as in FASA, but their name has BDB_ in front of them. So "FASAlaunchClampApollo" becomes "BDB_FASAlaunchClampApollo". I made patch myself but I am not sure if I can post it since BDB has that ShareAlike clause in the CC license and this uses GPL 3. Or does it not matter since we are patching it via MM and not distributing other mod's files?
  5. So, I have been playing KSP with SETI+Unmanned before manned and I have problem going back to crafts that are outside of Kerbin's SOI. I can fly around Kerbin, Mün and Minmus without any problems, but once craft is on Kerbol's/sun's SOI, I can't go back to it via tracking station. It starts to load, but after it loads flight scene game shows craft for a half second and then scenery goes black and navball shows that it's speed is NaN and altimeter is blank. I have installed SETI-Rebalance and Unmanned before manned to this installation (and their recommeded) via CKAN, so it has lot of mods so I am not sure which mod is causing it. I can reproduce this by taking unmodded install of KSP, installing CKAN and then checking SETI-rebalance and Unmanned before manned there. Then just Apply, install all recommendations and then start KSP. Go to sandbox, build a craft that can go to sun's SOI and launch it. (Since it has RemoteTech, you might want to first put some random comm-rover next to KSC) Once you have craft in sun's SOI, just go back to space center and then try to go back to that craft via tracking station. KSP is version 1.1.3 Here is my output.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8j1hhzh0bg3rxod/output_log.txt?dl=0
  6. I did some testing and managed to do it easily (I did in 1.1 pre-release, but it should work just as well in 1.0.5 since there aren't really anythiung game-changing in the update). Cabin section: 1 x mk1 command pod 2x mk1 crew cabin 1x 1,25m heatshield 1 x mk16 parachutes 2 x radial chutes Upper stage: 1 x FL T-400 fuel tank 1 x FL T-200 fuel tank 1 x Terrier Lower stage: 5 x FL T-400 Fuel Tank 3 x MK-55 Thud 3 x AV-1 winglet Thing handles like a wet noodle until you stage to upper stage. Perhaps adding more fuel to lower stage and putting 4x thud might help since then they aren't in triange configuration. Reducing gimbal limit might also help. I managed to get into ~93x73 km orbit with about half of T-200 left and did somewhat slow re-entry by putting periapsis to 30 km. One radial parachute showed temperature gauge few seconds but it stayed in the middle so not really problematic. When you are using 1,25m parts those normal engines are bit lackluster compared to 2,5m engines. You could cluster them but since you do not have those fitting palte thingyes it is easier to just use Thuds since they can be just put into side.
  7. Ah! We are just going to drift a loop around the station and continue onwards to full release!
  8. I guess pre-release guys need to jump off at speed. Just remember to land on your heads. That is the safest way for a Kerbal to land.
  9. It is coming guys! Few more minutes. Can hype train take it to the station?
  10. I am sorry to say but pre-release is only for Steam users. If you use KSP website you need to wait around 2 weeks for real 1.1 release.
  11. Dear Princess Squad, today I have learned that these hype threads are absolutely crazy! HYPE!
  12. We had good streak at experimental branch updates but now they have stopped. Why Squad?
  13. But that just means Hypetrain is going to continue after small stop at the pre release station!